Galaxy S Successor Heading to MWC


Samsung is wasting no time in looking beyond CES and has announced plans to unveil the next generation of Galaxy devices at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress in February.

A Korean newspaper, Chosunilbo, had a small bit that stated Samsung will be in attendance with its new device that has a series of hardware upgrades including a dual-core processor, “updated” gyroscope and NFC connectivity. If you are a fan of piecing puzzles pieces together you have already deduced that the mentioned upgrades can only be taken full advantage of by Android’s current release: Gingerbeard.

At next month’s CES in Las Vegas, Samsung will be displaying their Galaxy Player, a personal media player based on the Galaxy S lineup.

[Chosunilbo | Samsung Hub]

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  1. Why dnt they worry less about a newphone and upgrade their current galaxy s models to the latest software. I mean I for one will never be buying a samsung phone ever again I should have waited for the HTC Shift. At least HTC has great support.

  2. @abrcrmdl it will get them more sales as the phones will almost certainly be higher spec and we can probably expect dual core processors on some of them.
    HTC support isn’t that good, I waited months for my Froyo update and they won’t update it again

  3. Gingerbeard huh???? Lmao!!!! Damn gingers!! A phone without a soul!!!!!! Hahahaha

  4. Samsung needs to start working on getting their current Galaxy S phones up to date with froyo or gingerbread before they start working on other phones.

  5. @Adrian – At least you got an update.

    Crapsung blows. I’ve finally upgraded my last electronic device from them in my house. I’ve told everyone I can to avoid them.

  6. The HTC Evo is hands down a better phone and gets 10X the support and upgrades compared to any SGS phone. I blinded by the phones awesome display, had I known it was going to take this long just to get froyo on my Epic it would have been a no brainer-get the Evo.

    @abrcrmdl – I am with you in that this is the first and last samsung device I ever buy. They need to worry less about new hardware in their phones and not forget about the millions of galaxy S customers who are stuck on Eclair still. We want Gingerbread, now.

  7. @Bill sorry I forgot the US version hadn’t been updated… well there’s an update in the UK and Samsung says they’ll do one for the Canadians so it’s only a matter of time before you get one :)

  8. @adrian
    htc is much better with updates I mean its not going to come out right away and if you have a lower end phone it will take longer. Samsung doesnt update their phones I mean the galaxy s line most of them still dont have froyo. I had the fascinate and wont ever buy a samsung phone again unless its a nexus so updates come right from google

  9. My Vibrant is the first and last Samsung phone I will ever buy. It’s clear that we will most likely never get Froyo (after being promised that we would) and it’s even more clear that Samsung has no intentions of fixing the GPS. I’ll pass on whatever they offer next year.

  10. Let’s be very clear about Samsung’s update involvement.

    They’ve updated every Galaxy S phone to FroYo.

    “But Wait!” you may say. “I haven’t got FroYo on my Vibrant/Fascinate/Captivate!” Of course you don’t. THE CARRIERS haven’t distributed them. However, FroYo has definitely been dropped to all of the US Carriers, and the International versions have already gotten FroYo.

    So back off Samsung and get on the Carrier’s case. I wouldn’t leave it up to them anyway. Custom ROM’s rock! I’m working with one that exchanged the RFS system for EXT4, and it’s smoking fast without overclocking.

  11. Nobody cares about Samsung and their bullshit non-supported products. People, please listen to me when I say Samsung is a horrible company both for software and customer support. If you live in the U.S then go and buy a HTC device or something by Motorola as these companies know how to treat their devices and customers and the phones don’t feel like a cheap toy out of the Dollar Tree store. SAMSUNG HAS ABANDONED THE U.S GALAXY S VARIANTS OBVIOUSLY FOR THE NEXUS S SAMSUNGS NEW FAGSHIP PHONE.

    NO ONE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GIVES A FUCK ABOUT SAMSUNG AND THEIR BROKEN PROMISES. SAMSUNG HAS TAINTED THEIR MOBILE LINE UP PERMANENTLY in my eyes. So why would anyone who knows anything about mobile phones buy a Samsung device when they know what to expect. People, just please do some research before hurrying to buy this product simply cause of th screen.

  12. It’s funny to me how worked up the forum geeks get about the froyo upgrade. 90% of the complaints on these forums are about the late froyo upgrade, what a bunch of ninies. Why are the carriers not so concerned?…..because the phone rocks. It works 1000 times better than any phone most of us gave ever owned, and the screen is still better than any other mobile screen. Stop complaining you babies!

  13. @Craigmier
    Galaxy S beats the Evo Hardware-wise in pretty much every aspect. I feel sorry for all those Americans stuck with 2.1, but you can blame your carriers. The i9000 is already on 2.2.1 for some time, do you think it’s hard for Samsung to port the firmware to the US variants, which are practically the same as the i9000?


  15. @Jon Po “So why would anyone who knows anything about mobile phones buy a Samsung device” the truth of the matter is most of the 300,000 people a day buying an Android phone don’t know much about phones

  16. @Jon Po

    Actually, it is the fault of the carriers that the US Galaxy S variants have not been updated. Samsung have released 2.2 for the Galaxy S, the carriers just haven’t modified it yet…

  17. Enough is enough. Boycotting samsung. Samsung should be banned from selling devices to usa for lying to their custmers repeatedly. My new year resolution is to throw away my samsung epic along with my samsung tv and camera. Never ever buy another samsuck product again.

  18. I’m in agreement with Jon Po. Samsung has lost my trust and I’m going to vote with my dollars for now on by avoiding all their products, including the Nexus Suck. I’m also advising my friends to do the same.

  19. @Ibe you know… I’d take them off your hands, you don’t have to throw them away :)

  20. @ Jon Po – Then how do you explain the fact that AT&T has been sitting on the FroYo upgrade from Samsung since September, and T-Mo has been sitting on it since October? Sprint is finally set to roll out theirs, and Verizon is also setting up the update? All of the International versions have had it for months, and the UK and Canada just announced their roll-out plans yesterday.

    It wasn’t Samsung, it was the carriers. There is no other explanation

  21. @kevin, its 100% samsung shitty software engineer. just compare that with how fast sprint and htc dish out the froyo. its not sprint, its their lack of resource or incompetent android programmers

  22. I really should have known better buying a samsung android phone. But i do take full responsibility after dealing with samsung during their winmo blackjack and jacks. I thought it would be different going to them for android. Guess i was wrong i should have waited for an htc android with a keyboard for sprint.

  23. GPS IS TOTALLY FIXED actually better than my Nokia.
    You noobs who are stuck on 2.1 haha blame your carriers.

    Galaxy S phones hardware-wise beats everything out there right now.

    Moaners, yes go with HTC. I’d rather have a phone made in Korea or Japa than china+taiwan anyday rofl

  24. @darky

    How does it make them a noob because their carrier didnt update their phone? Idiot

  25. Not to be a complete ass, but I’m getting by with a G1 with 1.6 and have no wish to throw it off a bridge and disown HTC.

    I’m patiently waiting for something that is worth slapping down some cash and having with me for the next 2 years. Dual-core soon please!

    You all have great phones, yes they are not 100% updated, but you were not promised anything when you purchased them, unless I missed the “we will upgrade in X time agreement contract”. 6 months seems fair (if the update comes in the next month or so).

    iphone has yearly updates…

    Don’t want to wait, don’t buy phones with outdated OS versions, oem ui, and stay with stock android.

    Hopefully in the future, google will figure out a way to get updates to us quickly and without needing middle men messing up the system. Until then, it is what it is.

    Unless you just got into the android game with the galaxy s, none of this should come as a surprise.

    I’ve been up to date on all android news since the G1 came out and can’t believe so many are caught off guard from what carriers and phone makers are doing.

    It will be okay, enjoy your phones and chill =)

    Soon as 2.2 hits, everyone will want 2.3, and 2.4 or 3 will be showing its pretty little head…. it will never end.

  26. Even with the GPS fix, you still cant use a Sam S for Navigation, it’s too slow. At least on my friends Vib ( offical 2.2 update, Bell ) HTC may always be one step behind in bleeding edge tech, but HTC devices work as intended and dont feel like cheap plastic toys like the galaxy line.

    If you game lots on your phone, then hit the Sam.

    If you use Navi alot, and prefer a quality-feeling device, get an HTC.

  27. Actually what you have in the case of the GSM Galaxy S models (Captivate and Vibrant) is a failure on both Samsung and the respective Carriers. What company would put out such buggy os image without running it threw lots of QA before claims it production worthy. Furthermore what carrier would allow a device with such buggy software to go on sale. If you look at their respective CDMA brethren you’ll find a much more stable os build.

    Consumers have a right to be mad when they pay such a high price (500+ or 199 + two years) for a device and can’t use it as advertised. What your are seeing in this forum is an natural free market reaction.

  28. @ Rob, can’t agree more.
    The people that are complaining about whiners and cry babies are no different.

  29. 4.5″ curved 1280×720+ SAMOLED2 screen, 1.3MP FFC, 1.2Ghz+ Dual Core, HSPA+ 42Mbps ready, FroYo(I don’t give a fuck as long as its got JIT and Flash), and NOT SO FUCKING THIN ANYMORE cuz I don’t need a pencil thick phone as much as I need a day long battery. THAT would be the perfect successor of the Galaxy S IMO

  30. My Galaxy S is toast. I did the upgrade as recommended by the Bell store. It worked for about five days. Yesterday morning it was dead.

    Tech staff tried to get it to boot by holding down all the buttons. It didn’t work. Now I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for a new one. I hope they give me a credit on my bill for all the hassle this is causing.

    I wish I would have bought the Iphone now, but I’m locked in for 3 years.

  31. You should blame the American carriers not Samsung. the international version of Galaxy S has had Froyo for months now. It is all the crapware that verizon, AT&T, Sprint and t-mobile put on their phones that’s holding the US froyo updates up. And that has nothing to do with Samsung.

    BTW, having used Samsung as well as other smartphones from HTC Motorola and others, I will safely say that Samsung’s hardware and software blows everyone elses phone out of the water. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on their next generation Galaxy S with a dual core CPU. So blame your American carriers and their crapware not Samsung.

  32. Vibrant, 2.2 ROM, 200+ Apps, FFC add-on, EXT4 file system, totally functional GPS and Compass, wireless tethering, and 1,500 on the Quadrant scores without breaking a sweat.

    I’m a power user who gets 17 hours of hard use out of his stock battery and enjoys the benefits of Froyo and an excellent hardware profile.

    I’m totally happy with my Galaxy S. If you don’t like it, root it and mod it. Don’t cry about it, because XDA has fixed all of your problems.

  33. I heard the successor to the Galaxy S will have a quad core 1.6 ghz processor, 1 gb of RAM, 128MB onboard storage and will be running DONUT.

  34. @Andy
    That actually sound like HTC and Sony Ericsson decided to make a phone together… and put a Samsung processor in it.

  35. Andy you failed at whatever you were trying to do. Kevin you da man! I got all that except I’m still using the EXT2. Think i’ll look into the 4 right now.

  36. he wrote GingerBEARD hahaha

  37. Hopefully they model the new ones after the Nexus S and give it stock.

  38. I agree with Kevin..

    Samsung makes the best hardware, hands down…

    software, not so much.. ROOT it and get a good ROM and you have the best of both worlds.

  39. Hey, for those who whine about your froyo update, go complain to Tmobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, whatever your carrier are. Samsung makes great hardware, and they have updated their international versions to android 2.2.1. Why, because those international phones are not as bound to carrier crapware and control like AT&T is. Seriously, Samsung is not stupid, and they got fed up with Tmobile’s slow ji6 updating, so they loaded it up on Kies Mini. BLAME YOUR CRAPPY CARRIERS, WE DO NOT NEED MORE WHINNIES BABIES CONSTANTLY HARASSING SAMSUNG AND ULTIMATELY CAUSING SAMSUNG TO DROP SUPPORT. You know why the Behold 2 was dropped, poor reviews and a slew of crappy comments. STFU!

  40. And as for your GPS issues, guess what, Samsung fixed their quality control. Complained to Tmobile about the crap GPS even after JI6, got a replacement, now works like a charm.

  41. rooting and putting a new rom should not be the only soultion to the problems. NOT all user are so eager to break the warranty or technological incline to flash a new rom

  42. And for those who said its not samsungs fault, thats bs. samsung shipped their test rom late to the carrier to begin with and their turn around with new build with problem fix is much slower than htc. i have to agree with great hardware but worst software engineer department.

  43. You all are just stupid!!
    Android is the problem! There dividing the work between to many people and that’s why no one wants to update there phones. First Google needs to update Android, then the phone makers have to make complete new software to go with it, then the carriers have to commit to the distribution of the update. That just sucks.

    I know ill never get another Android. I’m looking into WP7 and you may laugh but at least ill be able to update, without hacking my phone, as soon as the update is available ONLINE!! So if Android wants to fix the issue, they need to fix Android!

  44. OTA’s got to go!!

  45. @LarryV, couldn’t agree with more.

  46. Bought an iPhone today, im so happy!!!

  47. Congratulations! Now go play a game on

  48. This for people who thought I was full of shit! This was the email I received from those fuckers.

    Samsung Customer Support Center to me
    show details 5:27 PM (33 minutes ago)


    Dear Jon,

    Thank you for your inquiry. We understand your distress about the issue on when will the Android 2.2 will be released. Samsung US has not yet officially released Android 2.2 (Froyo), limiting the support for a flashed device. We are unable to speculate when this might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.

    Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. We hope that your future dealings with Samsung are much more enjoyable.

    Thank you for your continued interest in Samsung products.


    Technical Support


    The information was useful to me
    5 4 3 2 1
    Not Satisfied
    * Please do not reply back to this email message as this email address is used for
    outbound messages only.

    * If you are not satisfied with the answer we provided, please click here
    * if you have a question on another product, click here

    This what I wrote to Samsung LOL!

    Samsung Vibrant does not come with android 2.2 nor are you assholes planning to update IT any time soon. STOP POSTING LIES ON YOUR DAMN WEBSITE, ALL YOU FAGS WANT IS TO SELL MORE OF THE SAME SHITTY PHONES. Stop with the constant lies about your horrible products. Samsung is NOTORIOUS AT QUICKLY ABANDONING THEIR PRODUCTS ESPECIALLY MOBILE DEVICES. I SWEAR ON ANYTHING THAT WILL STEER PEOPLE AWAY FROM ANY SAMSUNG DEVICE.

  49. Ha! Samsung changed the website back stating that Samsung Vibrant and other U.S variants of Galaxy S are running android 2.1 instead of 2.2. LOL

  50. I agree with the earlier comments that Samsung should focus a bit more on supporting their current phones, like the Galaxy S line that’s *still* waiting for Froyo updates in the USA. It’s a shame that we’re still running 2.1 and waiting for 2.2 when 2.3 recently came out. And I think many other regions of the world got their 2.2 updates already. Plus, we still can’t get any better timeline than “soon”, or something to that effect, as to when we’ll get 2.2. While this hasn’t completely turned me off of Samsung, it’s definitely making a bad first impression (the Epic is my first Samsung phone and first Android phone) and I’ll keep this in mind when I look to upgrade my phone again. I may look to a manufacturer with more timely upgrades and support for their top-of-the-line phones.

  51. Samsung is good for 1 very late update and then they will say it can’t handle anything newer. I finally had to give my behold that is forever stuck on donut to my son.

  52. So if Samsung is holding off the Galaxy S2 until MWC, then what Samsung phone is Verizon unveiling at CES for their new 4G LTE network? Is it simply another Galaxy S phone with 4G capabilities? I was really hoping for a Verizon 4G Nexus S, but I’ve seen a rumored screenshot of Samsung’s LTE device and it was running TouchWiz, so its definitely not a Nexus S. Maybe it is a Galaxy S2 and it won’t be at CES. I don’t know, I’m confused. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

  53. carriers fault or not for not releasing froyo on the SGS devices, I still blame Samsung. A big corporate company should know if they don’t give their customers the upgrades they wanted and were promised they will lose customers fast, me being one of those customers. They should know they’ld lose customers because of this so they should of pushed American carriers to release froyo, if Samsung is supposedly finished making the US SGS update like you all say

  54. My Vibrant locked up only 3 times today. Twice while playing NFS Shift, and once just unlocking to answer a phone call. Awesome.

    Do WP7, IPhone, BB, or Symbian phones behave in a similar fashion?

  55. Dear Samsung Galaxy S fellow mates.
    Purchased a Galaxy S on 22-dec-2010 in Hong Kong. At Fortress store shopping assistant told me it was Hong Kong version of configuration with OS 2.1 adding free upgrade was available on Samsung “Kies”. And indeed went to and downloaded latest version of “Kies”. After that all was easy and Froyo OS2.2 downloaded and phone upgraded in no time.
    Try my experience and see if it works in your parts of the world.
    Good luck and all the best in coming year 2011.

  56. Thank you, Jon Po! Samsung US has not officially released 2.2 so It’s NOT the carriers fault, It’s Sammies. Chris and Kevin can Stfu now.

  57. @wilco. Are you a moron??

  58. @cutty702, in your stroke of brilliance, you realized that WinMo is the solution and answer to your prayers over Android. Good luck w that. You’ve just proved that WinMo’s latest ad campaign works on idiots, lol!!

  59. My Vibrant seems to lock up at least once a day with heavy usage of navigation/maps. Yes, I know it is TMobiles fault primarily that I do not have Froyo, but I have to say that even my G1 was better supported in the ROM community. My next phone will be either full google (i.e. Nexus) or HTC for sure.

  60. @HA! @Kevin Your suggestion makes no sense for the average consumer. NO ONE and I MEAN NO ONE should have to go to the trouble of root and customizing a device just to get advertised functionality to work.

    Take me for example. I’ve owned several android devices all of which have been rooted and cleared of carrier bloat. In some cases even reimaged to a custom rom (Cyanogen FTW). I’m a geek I enjoy and like tinkering with things. Now take the CEO of my company. He needs a device that he can depend on and that just works out of the box. His not going to spend hours tinkering trying to get advertised functionality to work. He will just take the device back to the store and get something dependable.

    This is fallacy in your arguments.

  61. @ Rob – It doesn’t hurt anything to root. It won’t even void your warrantee because you can always ODIN back to stock if something goes tragic. T-Mo will never know.

    Folks, Android was about openness. Waiting on a carrier to put their bloatware on a ROM before they release it is not openness. There are probably 20 customer FroYo ROM’s out there for each Galaxy S phone. Pick one that you like best, that lists the features you’re most likely to use. Sit back and enjoy the freedom.

  62. BTW, the G1 took hours of tinkering. That was the hard truth of the early Android phones.

    Now, you just run a script on your computer while your phone is plugged in. One reboot later, you have root. Download and flash the new ROM, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO WHEN YOUR CARRIER RELEASES THE UPDATE, and you have a custom ROM. Time taken = 25 minutes. Time it will take for the carrier equivalent release = 20 minutes + 3 months.

    You do the math. Then, do the research. Rooting is EASY, FAST, and great

  63. @Kevin for geeks such as yourself that’s fine but believe it or not most people want their device out of the box. I’m not sure how this concept foreign to you.

    Again I’ve rooted every device I’ve own. I rooted my MT4G the day after I bought it. I rooted my Nexus One. I rooted my wife’s cliq, behold 2, MT Slide. I also spent several hours rooting the droid and the G1. I also cooked my own roms for Win 6.x devices. The ability to customize is your device how you want it is great. This however is an option for only a small percentage of consumers (either because that don’t have the want or don’t have the technical know how).

  64. Rob, what I’m advocating is that people actually look around and what rooting is now, versus what it used to be.

    Sure, it used to be a geek process, full of complicated steps. And there were definite risks.

    Now, it’s fast, simple, and nearly risk-free. Brick your Galaxy S, and you can return to stock.

    It’s so simple, my 55 year old mom did it. Sure, she uses computers every day at work, but she’s definitely no geek. Certainly not a techie by any stretch of the imagination.

    Look, out of the box, it has 2.1. Everyone needs to understand that. What they fail to understand is that the carriers are releasing a CUSTOM ROM. It’s not stock vanilla android, and it has carrier limitations. I’m advocating doing a fairly painless and close to risk-free process that will unchain you from carrier limitations. And the results will speak for themselves.

    Does your phone look like mine? No. Can your phone work like mine? Yes.

  65. Okay I understand what your saying, your suggestion people educate themselves on all available options. I can completely agree with that.

  66. @Manny Unlike you i dont care what the name of my phone is. Give me a phone that does what it says it can do and im happy. Ive owned an iPhone3g, MyTouch3g, and now a MyTouch4g. ALL ARE FULL OF CRAP! i dont even have to mention whats wrong with the iPhone, and Andorid..LOVED IT. MyTouch3g was great untill i downloaded about 5 apps and said good bye to preformance and hello to HELL!.. and now MyTouch4g… well.. it to sucked, freezing, crashing apps, buggy system. Whats so great about it? because its an android? 4g service is a joke..not much faster..

    Have you ever tried out a WP7 phone yet? HTC HD7 Very clean, smooth, and havent experianced any lag, crashing, freezing or anything assoiated with android…oh and updates? no need to worry about OTA’s ill download mine when i want, from the web.

    OOh and last but not least GAMES….
    Android doesnt have any real games…
    WP7..yes xbox people.. xbox


  67. I ‘kinda’ feel bad for my fellow Americans, who feel ‘shafted’ by Samsung. If cellphones/handheld devices are not your forte’, I can see how you can be upset.

    HOWever, I bought mine as an GT-i9000T, rooted it, flashed a non-rooted JPY 2.2.1 ROM on it with the same 850/1900/2100 WCDMA band modem on it, flashed Hardcore’s K12f Cool 256Khz kernel and loaded all tweaks with a 4/3 False setup, (which gets over 21k on QS easily) and then slapped on Zeam and tweaked it a little bit…Now, I’m all good. Thanks XDA Developers!

    Now, instead of being falling into the ‘victim’ role, I am now an empowered Galaxy S owner who basically has a 4″ SuperAMOLED (mini plasma TV) in his pocket with all the latest and greatest software. And to think, before I owned my Galaxy S, I only owned Nokia phones and one HTC Hero for about 5 months.

    Samsung has provided regular software updates, I can attest to that since I am running the currently released AND standard JPY 2.2.1 ROM slightly modified for my model phone (NAM 8GB Telstra).

    Fear Not, the lack of carrier updates! Fear ignorance!

    I use AT&T btw… ducks from flying rotten tomatoes…

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