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Fascinate 2This is either a sly hint at things to come, or an over zealous website team; chances are, it’s the latter. Samsung’s website is listing Big Red’s Galaxy S, the Fascinate, as being a 2.2 powered device.

While the initial page for the Fascinate will correctly identify the Android version as 2.1, clicking through “See All Features” will greet you with the above error. The same page yields the error again on the right hand side under “Platform”.

Sure, the error in fact checking is fairly humorous to those without a Galaxy S it will only serve to frustrate those with, who have been waiting for the update for months.

[via DROID Life]

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  1. sick of froyo news on Galaxy S

  2. samsung’s f’ing up, they also listed the Epic 4G as having froyo


  3. Come out already….this is unreal!

  4. Sonofamother! Here we go again…..

  5. Same with the Vibrants page…

  6. I will never buy a Samsung product because of this crap, only possible device would be Nexus S but the plastic\cheap build quality stopped that immediately. Hardware may be great, but lack of support kills it for me.

  7. LOL oh Samsung, it was bad enough with the Behold 2 now you do the same thing with your “Flagship” phone. A lot of people said that they didn’t want a stock phone because the Galaxy S line was their flagship phone so there was no way they wouldn’t update it. The problem is that they forgot the Behold 2 was their best phone when it came out so I expect them to continue this even with their Galaxy S2 phones, sadly.

  8. @Matt Yeah the support for Nexus phones does suck but I would rather have a Nexus branded device than have to put up with the manufacturer and carrier controlling my phone. Nexus One support was a joke but only time will tell with the Nexus S.

  9. @jdog25. Agreed

  10. They updated it to show 2.1 again. Lame.
    I been hoping for a leak on it so i could upgrade my frustrated brother in-laws phone.

  11. It also has “Your phone, powered by Google” on the page, with a picture of the Google search bar – no mention of the Bing crapware. I hate you Verizon, I really do.

  12. Why the hell did google choose samsung for their flagship phone?

  13. @12 Sammy blowed google’s weenie.

  14. @11 Being forced to have Bing on our Android is like being forced to suck a dick

  15. @Craigmier
    I don’t know. Maybe they wanted a better display, a better processor, real multitouch screen with proper finger tracking. Maybe they wanted plastic instead of cheap aluminium.

  16. @androidtoy
    no its nothing like that. For me anyway its not that big of a deal and also you can completely remove bing. But maybe you like sucking a dick?

  17. @ Chris nah, Lol it’s just a metaphor for how insulting it is to be an android fan and have to deal with MS lame piece of shit called Bing.

  18. the galaxy s captivate has been listed to have froyo for months now

  19. Maybe Samsung heard that so many people have rooted their phones and put FroYo on it themselves that now they just let us do all the work. I mean hey, I have FroYo on my vibrant already. The bastards.

  20. If I were Sammy CEO, I would have fired myself.

  21. Samsung has changed it back to 2.1 now…..How completely lame!!!

  22. All of you are flaming for no reason. I had 2.2 on my phone for a week. After hearing the update was coming soon, I reverted back to the original stock android Sunday. None of this is new information, htc, motorola, they all do the same thing.

    After installing the new 2.2 froyo, I thought it was very good. There were no issues whatsoever. It does have a small bit of refining to be perfect, but overall it was fully functional. I’m sure there are several new versions of the froyo android OS to come, But there really is no difference between 2.1 and 2.2. If you think the just in time compiler will make it easier, it does not change much. You cannot even tell a difference, unless you go to a flash built website and you can see the flash content. Other then that, the layperson will still believe they run 2.1.

    If you definitely need 2.2 immediately, go to xda and download the new version, which has been leaked. The official Tmobile version, is called JL5. The Epic version is also on their forum pages, as well as the Facinate and Captivate.

    Be more proactive, besides bitching.

  23. @Brian: I mostly want 2.2 so I can dock my phone in the car and listen to music – right now the USB port would just charge it. There are also some 2.2+ apps (Chrome to Phone) that I wouldn’t mind getting.

    Also, there is NO way to get 2.2 on a Verizon Fascinate – the other Galaxy S 2.2 ROMs are GSM, and the Fascinate one is for Telus only – flashing either of these would royally screw up a Verizon Fascinate. Unless a leak comes out, we’re stuck waiting for OTA (or in my case, wait for the awesome people at xda to get the OTA, clean it up and offer it as a ROM).

  24. @Matt – I said the same thing about 2 months ago. Since that time, I’ve purchased about $2800 worth of electronics from other manufactures and have been posting the photobucket links showing me purchasing these other products to Samsungs live chat – Explaining to them how not only will I NEVER purchase any of there products again, my family has been instructed (and a couple looking at a Samsung LED TV at BestBuy) to stay away from Samsung.

  25. This happens all the time. I saw that the Fascinate had 2.2 like 3 different places when I was shopping for a phone in November.

    There are so many android phones that people screw things up in the ad copy. Fortunately, some people have very good databases on phones and specs (like Phandroid). LetsTalk.Walmart.com has an usually detailed phone database, too, but it was also one of the places I saw that listed 2.2 for the Fascinate back in November.

  26. I’ve rooted, and I’m sick of waiting. I’m going to mod. The only thing I might wait for is if someone says he’s going to have a 2.3 mod up next week or something.

  27. I think this update is coming in the following week or so. Uk and Canada have theirs do I assume it is coming. I have a vibrant so I need it. I refuse to root. My G1 is on gingerbread. So I know this is way past capable.

  28. TO EVERYONE: Samsung changed the website back stating that the fascinate is running android 2.1 and they even took the part out that said “upgradeable to 2.2” . Goes to show what this company will do just to sell devices. I mean lie to the mass public? How low can a company stoop just to out sell its competition?

  29. Im just happy I have a phone to begin with. All this high phone are making phone calls difficult! My phone sometimes freezes. What if I have to make an emergence call or someone needed help but can’t call me because my phone froze. Lol. I can’t afford to buy another phone and I don’t want to down grade. Do I’m stuck! To everyone….. So what on the late upgrade! be happy you can work, eat, sleep, drink, and etc. be like chuck norris and don’t care.

  30. Nah, AndroidToy. Chris is a moron who loves Bing and sucking dick.

  31. Hahaha, freaking hilarious! Factory froyo on a galaxy s in america? That’s better than a monty python skit!

  32. Phandroid, stop posting 2.2 or froyo anything until\if it comes out in the USA. I’m about to root this Vibrant fucker.

  33. Samsung will update the device, everyone seems to forget how long it took other phones to get 2.2.

  34. Why is everyone kcocking samsung they have released froyo for their phones its t verizon not sending it out and who cares this phone with 2.1 is way better then my droid x with 2.2 which claims to play 720p vides when in fact playback is not smooth choppy and runs the phone into the ground although this phone plays them great even with high bitrates but yes I to am tired of hearimg about this phone and its pdate thats why I just,grab my froyo 10″ tablet if I need flash and tether it to my fascinate

  35. I don’t see why people bash Samsung. I mean, if they really sucked with updates, then why do the international galaxy s phones have froyo? Anyway, I love my Fascinate. Not only is the screen gorgeous, the GPU is currently the best out there, second only to the Tegra 2. Try playing Dungeon Defenders on a Droid X, Evo, or MyTouch 4G. Then play it on a galaxy s phone. Exactly. And I just rooted my phone to remove the bloatware. I came from a rooted Droid, 2.2, and overclocked. I’m not missing it at all. :)

  36. My fascinate with 2.1 isn’t that bad but has these issues. Will Froyo fix these

    – bluetooth mic stops working when headset port is being used
    – GPS takes forever to lock, even when GPS is always on
    – can’t use some of the recent apps like chrome to phone (i know the answer to this…you have to upgrade to 2.2) but are there any workarounds?
    – poor battery life. I work around this using ATK but will 2.2 improve battery life?
    – nothing against bing but I believe people should have a choice when it comes to search. Its astounding that a google phone does not allow google to be used as default search. It may ship with bing but users should be allowed to change the default

  37. Because the Galaxy S International phones are International, Hans. Welcome to America-usually the last to receive updates or grasp the concept of no-contract rate plans, besides TMO or “prepaid” that’s why, buddy! That & not all Americans are rooted.

  38. These phones supposedly cost ~$400, they’re basically little computers. They were released with a flawed OS, and are not working at their optimum performance level with 2.1.

    It’s perfectly reasonable for people to get upset and Samsung AND/or Verizon for taking their sweet long time to update.

    Yeah, it’s pathetic how much we Americans whine, but, these companies got our money – I wish they would at least publicly apologize for how long it’s taking and publicly assure us that they are working on it diligently and hope to realease either 2.2 or 2.3 for US Galaxy S phones “soon”.

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