Will You Pre-Order the Notion Ink Adam Today? [1:30pm EST, $375]



Pre-order details for the Notion Ink Adam have been published. There are several different configurations to be had at different price points. The cheapest configuration comes in at $375 (cheaper than their initial expectations), while beefier packages will take you past $500. Here is the pricing information straight from Notion Ink’s blog:

The Pricing

If you remember I explained that it’s possible that we would be able to cut the price of one of the variants further. So here is the confirmation! You know we have 6 variants : LCD (wi-fi only), LCD + 3G -900 series, LCD + 3G -850 series, Transflective (Wi-Fi only), Transflective + 3G -900 series, Transflective + 3G -850 series.

Earlier we told you that the first version will start at $399. But now the LCD Wi-Fi version will start at $375.33 and 3G version at $425.33 (for limited period?). Transflective version (Pixel Qi) will start at $499.45 for Wi-Fi only and 3G variants at $549.99 (2 variants in 3G, 900 series and 850 series which takes the variant numbers to 6!). (For specifications please see our website).

The tablet will ship with Gingerbread and will be updated to Honeycomb. It has Tegra 2. It’s really the best tablet experience outside of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But will you buy it? Do you want to wait and see what’s in store from the big names at CES? Or do you just want to wait for Honeycomb before pulling the trigger on it? Take a look at their lengthy blog post where they fill you in on everything you need to know about the tablet. (Including new screens of some of the apps that come preinstalled.)

Update: Seems I’ve misread their blog post. There is no confirmation that this will get Honeycomb. Notion Ink was just discussing what makes their customizations – being dubbed Eden – like Honeycomb. (And Gingerbread.) It’s still shipping with Android 2.2 – and as far as we can tell (now that we’ve taken a closer look at their announcement) – there’s no word on if it’ll go past Froyo.

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  1. Where did you get the time from?

  2. Does it have the android market? If it does I’m buying….if not then no

    Also, any idea on ship date?

  3. very exciting product but debating on whether or not to plunk down that much cash to a company with no track record

  4. The blog post. They state pre-orders will start on December 10th at midnight IST, with everyone being able to order it 6 hours after that. IST is 11.5 hours ahead of CST, so 12:00am – 11 hours and 30 minutes = 12:30pm CST, 1:30pm EST on December 9th.

  5. also no access to the android market is somewhat worrisome

  6. All along they said there will be access to both the Android Market AND their own market, called Genesis. Old news.

  7. Isn’t it a bit risky to pre-order this? It still really could be vapourware.

  8. They said they would get access but google is the one who decides who gets access to android market

  9. Waiting for CES

  10. Yep it is. I’m still thinking about this, but in the end, I’ll order.

  11. @Matt do you think its vaporware because its from some company youve never heard of??? At one point no one heard of Vizio, now look at them. Plus this has been demoed so many times. just check youtube.

  12. I take issue with the comment “It’s the best tablet experience outside the galaxy tab” Based on what?

    The Notion Ink has what appears to be an awesome interface with some heavily optimized tablet apps, has the option of the Transreflective screen and a larger size, Tegra 2, a swivel camera, actual onboard HDMI and USB ports that support keyboards and mice, etc. etc.

  13. I probably will. I don’t want a plan to go with a tablet. It has GPS, market access, and some of the best specs yet.

  14. The FUCK is transreflective lol?

  15. I didn’t say the Galaxy Tab was better @ JC. Simply meant that it’s the most impressive device we’ve seen since the Galaxy Tab, so far.

  16. @PimpStrong it’s the PixelQi screen, makes for painless viewing in sunlight and other harsh lighting conditions. Almost as good as eInk when reading black on white.

  17. I don’t think so, I will wait to see what the Nexus Tab has to offer.

  18. If I hadn’t bought a Tab, definitely. Maybe still a bit later though. I love the portability of the Tab, but from all the tablets I’ve seen, this one looks like the one to get if you put aside portability issues. I don’t see these guys delaying updates either, they’ve been very open and friendly with information regarding the status of the improvements and what not.

  19. @Pimpstrong, go look up Pixel Qi, that’s the screen they are using for their “transreflective” model. Think LCD + eInk in one screen. There are some good YouTube demos.

  20. I will consider buying one after the initial reviews come out. Until then there is no definitive technical information, no estimated ship date, etc. For a company with no track record, I am not willing to plunk down my hard earned dollars on a maybe.

  21. Interesting product, but too many questions…

    – Shipping date?
    – Warranty / service plan?
    – Video of the final product in action? <- Would never buy it w/out seeing lots of these!

  22. @Brandon I didn’t say it ‘is’ vapourware, I said it ‘could be’ vapourware. With all due respect, a couple of manufactured concepts means very little, especially in this business.

  23. I will be. The preorder for subscribers will go for 6 hours, so hopefully I can remember to do it before it opens to everyone else. For people who haven’t been following it I can see how they still want to call it vaporware, but they’ve put a lot into showing off the product, and keeping everyone involved, down to picking what colors it should be. The Eve is proposed for next year, so if the Adam does well, keep an eye out.

  24. Thanx Guys. Transreflective sounds like a win then for some.

  25. The industrial design on this thing looks phenomenal. I’m really interested to start reading some reviews.

  26. Maybe I missed it in the blog but I don’t recall them saying that Adam will upgrade to honeycomb just that the existing features already have honeycomb like features. Did I miss that somewhere?

    What I would like to know is if it can play Angry Birds at full screen and how that looks? :) What applications will be accessible in the Google Market and how they look on the big screen? This makes me hesitant on pulling the trigger and getting one now before I see these things myself.

    Also, no shipping date announced from what I can see. I’m on the fence.

  27. for folks wondering if its vapourware its confirmed! as DHL just confirmed they can ship vapour too

  28. @Keith ah, you’re right. Their wording is weird on the matter. I’ll update.

  29. Hey guys,

    This looks like a truly awesome tablet, but as others have mentioned, pretty pricey for a overseas company with no track record. Does anyone have information on the warranty on this?

    FYI, is a great forum detailing all current and new tablets on the market and the technologies that drive their development. From information there, I’ve noted plenty of indivdiuals who have been pleased with their overseas bought tablets, but plenty who have not due to the QC or support they are receiving for their products.

    Slatedroid also has several developers as members who are very involved in taking a low costing tablets and then modding/hacking/tweaking them to greatly increase the speed and functionality. It would be awesome if someone here, once they’ve received their Adam and kicked the tires, could do a lengthy review of the device over at slatedroid. BTW, the forum is having some server issues at the moment but they should be all settled in a couple weeks.

    Personally, $500 or above is a little pricey for something that is primarily used to eRead, surf the net and stream videos/music, but I understand the pricepoint with the type of components that NotionInk is including in their product.


  30. I will pre-order, but I will also use my AmEx card. If it doesn’t ship AmEx will have to deal with them.

  31. I personally don’t see a point in pre-ordering this when we should see some other options debut in less than 4 weeks at CES. Obviously we don’t know the release dates of those products yet, but I still think it’s worth the wait to see what’s coming in the relatively near future.

  32. Love the tablet so far. Id snag one a few weeks or a month or two after its released to get overall impressions. This looks to be a VERY impressive tablet!

  33. @Quentyn – I believe they did announce somewhere in an older blog posting that it would get Gingerbread. You’ll have to search that one. And I don’t really see a reason they wouldn’t update to that since it is not really a huge change from Froyo. I just haven’t seen any commitment to upgrading the device to Honeycomb. Since Honeycomb is the first Android version to support larger tablets,and is a 3.0 major release, it may be difficult to update to that since the Adam UI was customized to work on Eclair/Froyo. It sounds like Eve is coming out in a year so they may choose to focus on Honeycomb in that release. Just speculating here.

  34. Not preordering one… although i don think its vaporware.. lots of uncertainity…

    No videos of the production tablet… all i can see in the blog are screen shots…

    Don know if it will have access to Android market.. their app store genesis is not even up.. so don know about the support for apps…

    No Shipping date…

    It was supposed to come with a trackpad.. I dont even know if it will come with one now as there is nothing written about it in any specs and everytime a question is asked about it there is no reply…

    Will wait and check out a demo piece first.. or at least a review… Till then no thanks…

  35. Looks promising. I’ll probably order one.

  36. unless I missed it, no Gmail and no Market… I will pass!

  37. @me well you totally missed it. The blog and site shows gmail, and they have stated that both their own custom market (Genesis) as well as the Android market will be available.

  38. I think I will order one, this thing looks awesome and I want to check out the Pixel Qi display, hopefully make the iPad users drool!

  39. Looks pretty sweet… would have preferred a screen size somewhere between 7 and 9 inches…

  40. What about the 850 and 900 series? What is the difference between those and the lcd/ pixel qi models? They claim 6 variations but they really only giveinfo on 4. I just purchased the viewsonic gtab. This thing is a beast running CM6. The tegra chip screams and battery life is amazing but the screen is just horrid. Im interested in the pixel qi version of the adam but id really like to know what the 850 and 900 series are.

  41. I think the ADAM would be highly successful if they advertise the mofo. People would realize that it can be a lot more useful than Apple’s device, of course, they need to advertise it the RIGHT way, not like Sprint did for the Evo when it first came out.

  42. is reporting that they talked to Notion Ink and that Adam tablets will start shipping Jan. 6th. Also if you look through their blog, they do show real pictures of the prototypes and they have been working on and have gotten FCC approval. There’s also videos of the prototypes on YouTube. So all of this shows that it’s not, just vaporware. That said I’m still waiting for the reviews before I buy one, but right now it looks like the best tablet out there so far.

  43. I want to wait, but I’ll probably get one. XD Pixel Qi, Wi-Fi only, for sure.

  44. Just so you guys know what they are launching it with is called Eden. It isn’t really ANDROID, it is based on ANDROID and will support all ANDROID apps and APIs as well as it’s own APIs (for the current versions, while being upgraded for future ones). But it isn’t running ANDROID, it runs their own custom OS that SUPPORTS ANDROID. This OS has all the features of Gingerbread already.

    Anyway that’s what I gather and I hope it clears it up for all you guys.

  45. @DannyMeercat – I asked about that in the comments for the Notion post. 850 is the North American 3G frequency while the 900 is EU/Asia. All versions come with GPS (which was my concern since I am getting this for play and travel overseas)

  46. anybody get the pre-order invite yet?

  47. @dan no email yet

    I’d like to see some videos of it in action. How responsive it is. How apps look full screen.

  48. @dan i’ve received the email about an hour ago but i’m getting a message that to come back after 12pm pst (which it is) or a 503. i think too much traffic for their sites…not prepared for the load :(

  49. latest is $50 shipping and we still have yet to see any video of the production model

  50. Pulled the trigger guys, AMEX will protect me from no-show product, but I believe it will be here soon, I went all out and put a nice Christmas present out there for myself..

  51. I just ordered it on their site. It’s open to all to order for those of you interested in ordering it.

  52. i think im getting it for christmas (yes i know it wont come till after christmas), should be a great tool for university!

  53. Well I? I did! Mmmmmm……..pixel qi screen on top of a tegra 2 powerhouse!

  54. Edit..will I?

  55. CAN’T WAIT for the reviews to come in! Very excited about this…

  56. Pixel Qi is sold out now! :( Tried to order twice earlier but it denied my transaction, said it was unauthorized usage. I then went to sell my iPad to someone and tried again to order one when I got back and the Pixel Qi models are sold out.

  57. Got mine! With Pixel Qi!

  58. Any clue what carriers the 3G is through?

  59. I want one; but, I can’t find out where to order. Someone help me via my e-mail.


  60. Planning on getting a few myself. How do I pre-order these?

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