Dell Streak Now Shipping with Froyo Unlocked for $579, Available in Red and White


A few weeks back we reported both that the Dell Streak would soon be available in a new white color scheme, but also that the tablet/phone would go on sale unlocked carrying Froyo on-board in the US. Dell has formally announced both of these items with the addition of pricing details and the reveal of a brand-new color: red.

The new color variants will ship with Android 1.6, but the separate, unlocked Streak is also now available for $579. For that price you get Froyo installed out of the box, something other US Streak owners will have to wait until November to receive.

[via BGR]

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  • Inspiron41

    why it’s still locked on att??

  • Jim R

    And here in Canada, we can only buy it locked to Rogers on Sigh.

  • Troy

    I wonder if they’re still going to release a Streak 2 aka Opus One, with higher resolution.

  • Pimpstrong

    And the Vibrant falls behind once again in the race.

  • Observer

    what a waste of $ that would be :) with Jan-Feb bringing us Nexus 2 and gingerbread on the horizon I’d tell everyone to just wait

  • Nathan

    Good thing it’s November already, so Streak owners don’t exactly have to wait.

  • Troy

    This is really tempting!

  • swehes

    Got to play with the Streak at work and I quite liked it. Still nothing in comparison to my Vibrant! :D

  • andulas

    waiting for the opus one.

  • Myron

    I love how this BS phone gets froyo before the galaxy s does, im so disappointed in samsung. Ughhhhh!