Dell Streak Now Shipping with Froyo Unlocked for $579, Available in Red and White



A few weeks back we reported both that the Dell Streak would soon be available in a new white color scheme, but also that the tablet/phone would go on sale unlocked carrying Froyo on-board in the US. Dell has formally announced both of these items with the addition of pricing details and the reveal of a brand-new color: red.

The new color variants will ship with Android 1.6, but the separate, unlocked Streak is also now available for $579. For that price you get Froyo installed out of the box, something other US Streak owners will have to wait until November to receive.

[via BGR]

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  1. why it’s still locked on att??

  2. And here in Canada, we can only buy it locked to Rogers on dell.ca. Sigh.

  3. I wonder if they’re still going to release a Streak 2 aka Opus One, with higher resolution.

  4. And the Vibrant falls behind once again in the race.

  5. what a waste of $ that would be :) with Jan-Feb bringing us Nexus 2 and gingerbread on the horizon I’d tell everyone to just wait

  6. Good thing it’s November already, so Streak owners don’t exactly have to wait.

  7. This is really tempting!

  8. Got to play with the Streak at work and I quite liked it. Still nothing in comparison to my Vibrant! :D

  9. waiting for the opus one.

  10. I love how this BS phone gets froyo before the galaxy s does, im so disappointed in samsung. Ughhhhh!

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