OpenFeint Bringing 8 New Titles, Over 300 More to Come


OpenFeint’s just announced 8 new titles to be distributed with OpenFeint support. After surpassing over 100 games and 8 million downloads of them, we’d say someone has reason to be happy going into what should always be a cheerfaul holiday season. OpenFeint’s VP of Marketing and Developer relations:

“We love the reception OpenFeint is getting from the Android community. And we’re just getting started; we have over 300 games in development for Android.”


That’s a lot of games. A whole lot. And as we’d expect from games with the OpenFeint tag, the list of available titles doesn’t disappoint, with names such as Frogger and Bomberman leading the pack. Here’s the full list of the new games that have been introduced today:

  • Jet Car Stunts (True Axis) – Coming Soon!
  • MUST.EAT.BIRDS (Mediatonic)
  • Solipskier (Mikengreg)
  • Frogger (Konami Digital Entertainment)
  • Bomberman Dojo (Hudson)
  • aTilt 3D Labyrinth FridgeCat Software – Coming Soon!
  • Word Mix (Greenrift Software LLC)
  • Kilgamore Castle (Hyperbees Ltd)

It sounds like OpenFeint’s taking off just as I had hoped and expected it to, and I can’t wait to see what else those folks have in store as we move toward a more gaming-friendly Android.

[via A&M]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Jet car stunts?!?! OMG they really are releasing a lot of iOS games :D

  2. I have liked all the games they have released. The only sucky thing is I’m still rocking 1.6 so I can’t play some of the better ones.

  3. Nice. I want Frogger and Bomberman, but not for $4.99 each. Phoenix Spirit just launched for $1.99, so that’s more my price. Besides, as far as Feint games go, I still have to finish MiniSquadron (one level and one plane to unlock), Fruit Ninja (the elusive Lovely Bunch) and Abduction 2 (I have a lot to go in that one). Maybe next month…

  4. I started reading this article and as soon as I noticed solipskier I stopped and d/l’ed that! just so everyone knows it’s kinda laggy but I still love it.

  5. awesome games, i will buy at least a couple of them

  6. The only problem with openfeint is that their library seems to be too slow.

    When I press the openfeint icon in a game to check my achievements and leadboard, it take a long time to even show the first screen. This is on a Nexus One.

    I hope they are putting in as much effort on optimizing their libraries too.

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