Sony Reader App Coming for Android this December

Not to be left out of the circle its competitors have already helped form, Sony’s looking to join the Android market with their Reader application – named after their line of e-Ink products to help you read without having to carry around a load of books. Bookmarking, note taking, accessibility features: everything you could ask for from an eBook application will be present in Sony’s app. Nothing to blow the competition out of the water, but just another option for folks who aren’t keen on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, and other major players. [Sony via EuroDroid]


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  • Hulk smash


  • Keller Shmeller

    Fuck the bing ads

  • Joe

    pahhh. Aldiko is fantastic – This app would have to blow me outta the water for me to switch.

  • Yamthief

    Is it going to be free?

  • Msgnyc

    More then likely Yamthief.
    Just pay for your books thats all.