Nexus Two Launching Alongside Gingerbread in Time for the Holidays?



An interesting report has surfaced from London-based business paper City A.M. that claims the followup to the Nexus One — what very well could be dubbed the Nexus Two — will be released through an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse in the UK as the second Google-branded Android handset. This comes as a new but similar approach to the sale of the original N1, moving away from a single Google-owned site pedaling the smartphone but still bucking carrier obligations.

Other than the fact that City A.M. happens to be a pretty reputable source, we have plenty of reasons to believe the Nexus Two is real. What better way to launch the latest update to Android, Gingerbread, then alongside a brand new Nexus handset? The discontinuation of sales through Google of the Nexus One over the summer and the throttling back of N1 support through the soon to be read-only forums all hint at an upcoming successor, especially after Google bigwigs remain incessant that they haven’t given up on their handheld ventures, only the model they originally used to sell mobile phones.

Questions still remain unanswered, including which manufacturer might take the reigns on the Nexus Two. Google could very well stick with HTC, though Motorola and their top-secret Tegra 2 handset remains a viable option. Heck, we may have even already spied the Nexus Two floating around as a codenamed device. What’s your guess?

[via City A.M.]

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  1. I hope that this is true and it isnt a Samsung product…I would love to switch back to HTC and get rid of this Vibrant

  2. Don’t care who makes it as long as it has top of the specs and is 4G ready.

  3. Great! More rumors about a follow up to my Nexus One as soon as I’ve decided to get the MyTOuch 4G/HD! Ugghhh! lol

  4. I’m sorry, hasn’t google specifically stated that they will not be selling any more phones? They have said it when they closed the nexus store, they said it in their blog, RyGuy in the Nexus One forums has stated that there will be no more phones. The end.

  5. For the love of Flying Spaghetti Monster, could whoever is manufacturing the damn thing put a hardware keyboard on it?!

  6. Only news of 2.2.for my hero can make me happier…….let’s gi nrxus 2! Push innovations!

  7. @jstew what’s wrong with the Vibrant? Just the slow release of Froyo for it or what?

  8. @williamthrilliam The initially stated they weren’t making a phone as well. Which they didn’t (at first), they made an OS…THEN made a phone. Now they aren’t selling any more phones (via their store)… at least for now.

  9. @williamthrilliam: Google said they will not be selling phones direct to customers. They never said they wouldn’t partner up with a hardware vendor AND carriers. Basically they’ll have HTC/Samsung/Moto build the device Google specs out, but instead of selling it online and off-contract, they will get it into carriers’ stores.

    Unfortunately this means the N2 most likely will not be an ADP4, and will not be unlockable/rootable off the shelf. It will simply be a kick-ass handset that’s still neutered by AT&T/Tmo/VZW/whoever.

  10. Don’t tease me!!!

    All I want is pure android and updates directly from Google. None of this waiting for the carriers nonsense.

    Also no Motorola, HTC would be great!

  11. Physical keyboard please!

  12. Its probably samsung that will be behind it. Not long ago, there where news of samsung having a vanilla Android handset….

  13. @williamthrilliam
    From what I understood, they were abandoning the distribution method, not the concept of a Google produced phone. However, the question of support is also makes me wonder exactly what role Google would take in a Nexus 2. I figure they don’t want to get in to supporting a handset again…

    Also, the “first” comments are just getting stupid. If you don’t have anything to say, don’t say anything.

  14. YES! EPIC WIN! :D
    Im praying that this comes to Israel:PPPP lol

  15. If TMobile is not a carrier of the RUMORED Nexus 2, it will be of little use to me. I can hope that this rumor is true and that TMobile will be one of the carriers for it.

  16. I would be pumped to see a pure Google phone. I just hope it hits for Sprint or Verizon (if LTE improves the coverage in my area). I always wanted the Nexus 1, but no CDMA version killed it for me. I want pure Android with no extra UI on top and I want updates direct from Google. I would be in for one.

  17. I would be pumped to see a pure Google phone. I just hope it hits for Sprint or Verizon (if LTE improves the coverage in my area). I always wanted the Nexus 1, but no CDMA version killed it for me. I want pure Android with no extra UI on top and I want updates direct from Google. I would be in for one.

  18. OMG OMG, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. If they bulk it with a teen physical keyboard im going to slap someone

  19. Glacier?

  20. I remember hearing about a phone called project emereld. 4.3 inch screen 2 1ghz or faster processors, 1 ghz ram/rom. A physical 5 row keyboard. If we get this it will be AWESOMEST PHONE EVER.Of course stock android.

  21. @quick: I have had nothing but problems with my Vibrant. I am on my third one and even this newest that was sent to me last week has problems. I can have full signal at my house and still cant make or receive calls/text/data. This most recent when I turn on wifi at my house to browse apps that need data…I completely lose cell signal and do not regain it for several minutes until after disconnecting wifi. The lag problems and GPS signal has been fixed for the most part since the update but OTA is the reason my last Vibrant was returned cause it got bricked in the process. All I did was root…no other roms were installed at any point. Where I know every phone manufacturer is going to have their fair share of problems…I shouldve never got so impatient for a “super phone” to come out and just waited for something worthy from HTC to come out. I am at the point of wanting to leave Tmobile from all the problems I have had with this phone and their customer service and I have been an extremely (for the most part) happy Tmobile customer for over a combined 7 years…including a short break up switching to other carries for the better phones many moons ago. (sorry for the novel…) And no the slow release of Froyo has nothing to do with it by any means…but the extremely slow release to receive an update for the first 3 months of problems does.

  22. Google NEEDS to get this phone manufactured. PERIOD.

    Gingerbread (stock, rootable)

    Cell phone providers are WAY too keen on crippling Android to suit their twisted needs. Google has the power to slap them back to a consumer-oriented reality. This phone will do it.

  23. “teen physical keyboard” what the he’ll does that mean physical KB are more professional if anything. I find it funny how when people don’t like something they add teen to it.it’s like how kids nowadays add gay to stuff they don’t like

  24. oh man, i do want. hopefully it’s unlocked because i’ve gotten into the non contract thing. it’s really nice. hopefully it’s manufactured by htc. do not want any motorola crap and will not touch samsung with a 12 foot pole

  25. HTC Motorola and Samsung have all produced solid stuff guys. Pros and cons all around. Samsung with the gps issues. Motorolla and the locked bootloader. Htc and the battery life. So far I like motorolla and their highend builds. But if htc starts putting in a stronger battery I can get on board. I just want stock android. Whoever builds it if is the only stock highend device on verizon. Its mine. I really love my droid og. But I am now looking for a four inch screen or better display. Atleast 1 ghz processor and 1 gig ram and rom. These things are needed in my next device. I can settle for 3.7 inch screen if its high quality.

  26. Ooh I want that, htc’s screens always gives me problems, I hope that it is made by samsung or motorola, they make more reliable phones. I loved my nexus one but my samsung vibrant works a whole lot better!

  27. I really hope they do come out with another Google phone, and that carriers can carry it if they want, but even if they don’t, Google can still sell phones to go through ANY carrier. I love my Incredible, but would have preferred a Nexus One on Verizon honestly.

  28. Here’s hoping there’s a US AT&T version available. The Nexus One AT&T version was only around for a few months, now the developer version is T-Mobile only.

    AT&T, not because I love the network, but because the 3G can work on AT&T US and Europe and Asia (as long as it’s triband 3G, like the Nexus One AT&T was).

  29. If the plan also includes the rumored super-low price Google was forced to reject to keep the peace with the carriers, I’ll be super excited. Otherwise I’ll probably stick with my Nexus for another year or so. Either way, we desperately need more stock devices.

  30. I need this, as long as it’s not made by anyone but HTC or Motorola, if they have to keep it stock and easily rootable/ROM-able/tetherable.

  31. I was waiting for this rumor!its make my day!

  32. Listen up kiddies, 2.2 will not come out for the vibrant!!!!!!!. It is going straight to gingerbread. Why put froyo on this device when gingerbread is 3 weeks out. Think about it.HHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM……………..

  33. believe it or not?

  34. With the exception of motoblur on some models, and the locked bootloaders,eFuses, etc. involved with the DX and D2, moto can make a great phone. The Droid 1 put Android more solidly on the map more so than ANY Android handset to date. Yes, the G1 was 1st and there were obviously others before the D1. But, the venerable D1 was (and still is) a great phone. Even now, almost a year later, I am still very happy with my easily rooted, OC’d, and customized Droid. If Motorola makes the N2, the D1 makes an excellent template. Simply use a newer, updated processor and (my ONLY complaint with the D1) give it much more memory than the D1’s 256MB.

  35. I feel it is too soon for a Nexus Two. I mean, for godsakes, the Nexus One just came out at the beginning of this year. My friends have all migrated to Android phones but always make envious comments about how I always have the latest and greatest updates on my Nexus One.

    It would be nice to have more stock Android phones but I can tell you now, I won’t be buying the Nexus Two until probably another year because my Nexus One can do pretty much everything the other phones can do. Until the Nexus One starts lagging behind the competition and becomes outdated with regards to Android, like what happened with the G1, then I’ll consider it.

    I still use my G1 once in a while and it is always setup to use my wifi and have pandora running. The G1 is one solid peice of phone!!

    I don’t understand why people can’t be content with a good product for more than a year. The sheeple keep feeding and lining these companies pockets. Everyone needs to go get some ADD pills and be content with something for once.
    I guess everyone has endless money supplies to keep lining the companies pockets.

  36. This may be too true but maybe they are planning to reveal it durning January which would be the one year anniversary for the N1.

    I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  37. maybe you have bad luck.because I never had anythong wrong with my vibrant

  38. @GMG – Glacier is HTC’s codename for T-Mobile’s. ‘Project Emerald’ which we all know now as the myTouch 4G

  39. I doubt a Nexus Two is coming out.

    Customer support was a pain in the neck for Google for supporting Nexus One. They probably dont want to add to that headache at this point.

    If anything, its going to be a third party device made by Samsung or the like, sold at Carphone Warehouse and will be “Google Experience”.

    That’s all. Don’t get your hopes up too high. I too would love to see Nexus Two but it just doesnt make sense for Google. It doesnt enjoy the footprint Apple enjoys with its hardware. Microsoft for a reason doesnt make its own cellphones. They have a very capable Xbox hardware team but they know its not in their interest.

  40. Don’t believe all the rumors but if for some reason this turns out to be true. Then I would have no problem replacing my nexus one with a real replacement phone……another nexus….let’s cross our fingers ;-)

  41. Samsung is releasing a new handset nov 8 right?

  42. Might be the rumored Samsung legacy device.

  43. I didn’t buy the G2 because MyTouch HD is around the corner.. Oh no is this true that Nexus 2 is coming??.. uh, but how about the G3 they will soon announc?.. But, MyTouch 3DX is worth waiting.. Duh, Nexus 3 pawns all… Nah, Droid XX is already on the blueprint.. But wait, HTC was thinking of making the G4 they said it will get 4 cores……

  44. @lsxchevelle, the mytouch hd is not the glacier. the specs don’t match

  45. people who put first on first post are so freaking gay. they should be banned.

  46. If a Nexus 2 is to come around you its best to believe tmobile will be the primary carrier as they had the first nexus and AT&T will be secondary.


    That would be the Galaxy Tab that is being released but who knows samsung could introduce the google partnership for Nexus 2 but imo it would make so much sense for google to go with htc again as they were original nexus but a samsung stock google 3.0 phone with samsung’s camera and camera features? wooo boy that is a phone worth buying. Google would be stupid not to.

  47. I bet it’s going to be HTC Desire HD hardware-wise and without Sense UI (look at Nexus one VS HTC Desire).

  48. @bigmerf
    +1 on the keyboard comment.

  49. If it’s not LTE, then I’m gonna have to pass.. :(

  50. How does an unlocked phone work with Sprint and Verizon? With T-Mobile and AT&T, you buy a phone and put your sim card in. But the other two don’t support sim cards.

    The Nexus One is almost a year old, and it’s difficult to buy. It is time for a sequel. And if Gingerbread is 3.0, a new phone is due. (I won’t believe it’s 2.3 until Google makes the official announcement; but I also won’t believe it’s 3.0, or even 2.5, until said announcement either.)

  51. Pshaw. I’m holding out for the Nexus 6 (Daryl Hannah edition)

  52. hopefully its Motorola’s handset running on Tegra 2 and on t-mobile :D and please dont make it CDMA since it doesn’t work for us international fandroids

  53. @jeetu: exactly lol.

  54. Make it a bar of soap specc’d up peice of shi7 like every other bland ghey ass phone on the market so the 16yr olds have another phone they can start hating a week after it’s released. Don’t by any means give it a h/w kybd. That would be so useless unless of course its a slider landscape, those are are the best, my boss tells me all the time how much better his blackberry would be if it was a landscape slider…

  55. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Carphone_Warehouse

    Best Buy Europe

    In May 2008 Best Buy agreed to buy a 50% share of The Carphone Warehouse plc for £1.1 billion to launch the Best Buy Europe joint venture.[20] The first store is set to be open in Thurrock, Essex. [/quote]


  56. I see writing on the wall. Yes, some prefer a physical keyboard for various valid reasons. However, the flexibility and compact nature of having a keyboard-less phone is compelling enough that we are seeing a rise in popularity of this (keyboardless) form factor. To use hardware real estate for a relatively inflexible function (physical keys) seems antiquated when you consider the alternatives.

    And same with the benefits of larger screens and increasing popularity of larger screens. If we are going to be typing on the device, it’s typically easier to have bigger virtual keys and more screen real estate that is not taken up by the virtual keyboard. And if you are going to be browsing web sites, clicking on links, etc., it’s easier to have a bigger screen.

    Of course the drawback at some point is portability. My sweet spot seems to be 4″ or 4.3″. I’m not sure if the Evo is too big for me. It looks like there isn’t a whole lot they could shave off the sides to reduce the bevel. Some room but not much. Definitely some room on the bottom but again, only a bit. The top has a speaker and the video camera built-in so I can see a need to keep that bevel as-is. I’m just thinking out loud about my “dream phone”. Those Samsung Galaxy 9000-based phones are a really nice size with their 4″ screens. Very light and flat, too. But if I’m going to jump from my current Nexus One 3.7″, I want to jump big. Hoping for something like an Evo 2 that has slightly less bevel, higher resolution – although – I’m not sure I would want more than 800×480 on a 4.3″ screen. I know Apple does a higher rez (960×640) on their 3.5″ screen (which yeah, I admit I think of as “tiny”) and people seem to like it – but seriously: remember running 1024×768 on a 15″ monitor? I’m thinking something like 1280×720 (720p HD) MIGHT be easy enough on the eyes on a 4.3″ screen? What do you experts out there think? And I’m willing to hear someone tell me high resolutions on 3-5″ screens doesn’t pose any problems if you design the icons, etc. large enough or scalable … I’m guessing this is what Apple did so that people are not squinting; everything is the right size for that 3.5″ screen; and bonus, very high level of clarity and flexibility for games, photo & movie viewing, etc.? At what point is the difference lost on our human eyeballs?

    I love my Nexus One but the new larger screen phones have me drooling. Here is what it will take for me to jump, in order of importance. I hope the rumored Samsung S2 is it and:
    * Named “Nexus Two”;
    * T-mobile network compatible;
    * No physical keyboard (thin form factor);
    * Android 2.3 or 3.0 (vanilla preferred or I will root);
    * 4.3″ screen w/thin bezzle;
    * At least 2nd gen. Hummingbird-class (or equivalent) cpu;
    * At least 1gig RAM, 4gig internal mem, and card slot;
    * Removable battery;
    * Front-facing camera;
    * HDMI-out;
    * Tiny multi-color LED for notifications;
    * Super AMOLED screen; and
    * Speakers on front or sides instead of back (not a deal killer)

    Basically an EVO with faster processor & super AMOLED.

  57. i’ll put money to the side just in case

  58. I hope it doesn’t have a physical keyboard, yuck, typing is so much more efficient with swype or even the basic android keyboard

  59. Nexus 2 already came out and is called the G2

  60. @anyonethatdoesn’haveasamsung phone. Specifically any Galaxy S variant. Pray with those unfortunate ones that do have a Galaxy (Vibrant here but same applies across the board) that if this rumor is true, that Google has more sense that to partner with the trainwreck that is samsung mobile. RFS file system(google it), shipping with broken GPS (still waiting for a vendor fix though I’ve fixed it manually), No 2.2 after it being released for over half a year. And on, and on and on. The Galaxy S line could have been spectacular. If anyone but Samsung had been responsible for it’s distribution and support. If I could throw mine in a lake without taking a financial hit I absolutely would. Terrible, god awful phone.

  61. Makes perfect sense for Google to partner up with Carphone warehouse. Since Best Buy owns half of Carphone and since Best Buy is one of the biggest electronic (if not the biggest) in the US why not let them sell their phone. Best Buy is all over the US plus online and they are now overseas with Carphone Google would be able to get the N2 in other markets. Why not not just say Best Buy in the first place? Well they are trying to keep the N2 a secret as long as they can thats why

  62. Glacier.

  63. i Sure would like to know more about this and man does it look awesome.


  64. I was waiting for the Nexus One to come to Verizon and ended up getting the HTC Incredible. If Google came out with a Nexus 2 on Verizon I will be getting it right away. I do like the Sense UI, but am willing to use Gingerbread by itself. Make it happen Google, there are a lot of people that wants a new Nexus phone!

  65. I think I’ll keep my current N1 for a long while to come. If there is a N2 coming out it would have to be unlocked and have a larger screen size before I would even think about buying one.

  66. I would love that rumored LG phone to come out on Sprint. That’s one awesome looking phone and IT WILL BE MINE

  67. Man you guys are gullible. It’s known as creating free publicity for “Carphone Warehouse” and City A.M

    There will be no Nexus 2 smartphone launching over the next month. There will however be lot’s of people browsing the Carphone warehouse website over the period just before Christmas.

    If Google release Android 3 it will be on a Tablet Manufactured by Sony Ericsson.

  68. Unlocked phones are good!

  69. Maybe the HTC glacier?

  70. HTC + NO Physical Keyboard + 4.3 Inch Screen + Beautiful Screen Quality = Will purchase.

    Without ALL of the above I will not even consider it.

  71. I hope this one has a keyboard, I have a N1, the screen sometimes get confused during multitouch input, so a physical keyboard can help preventing those kindda mistakes, and something with nice and sleek design just like when N1 came out, it was a mid-sized smart phone and fits in the pocket easily. but they probably have to change the display though, you can’t see anything in direct sun light, and can’t agree more that let’s hope this one has stock gingerbread or honeycomb on it, i hate how operators change android. let it be what it is for god sake!!!

  72. @scotter


  73. im gonna take this with a pinch of salt, but id like to imagine/dream the specs being in line with some of the phones rumoured being release in Q1 2011 like the Galaxy S2 with its 1gb RAM and 2ghz processor. either way i wish manufacturers try and make the stuff that really drains battery like nothing i.e the gps, wifi and when data downloading via HSDPA etc, more efficient. esp when they’re starting to provide smaller capacity batts with the new gen phones

  74. It will happen because Google is always experimenting with new device features. And the latest feature they are offering is video chat. And that requires a front facing camera, something the N1 doesn’t have.

  75. Hopefully it WONT have a physical KB. I don’t like my phones big and bulky…

  76. Well, if they do make Nexus 2 make it works for a bigger phone network then t-mobile like AT&T , Verizon or Maybe Sprint. Also it would help to make an add for it on TV and spot on one of the phone networks site. Let you get two year contract so you don’t need to pay 500+ dollars. Put link to it on Google’s home page. Most of all work on getting the word out . Hottest phone is no good if average person don’t know about it.

  77. Not good for the nexus one user so we have to buy now nexus two hmmm they started the same tactics of NOKIA new mobile with new features no updates, very bad, google we didnt except this from you. very cheap

  78. You know N1 will still get updates, etc, so no need to worry. Still, I doubt N2 is coming, although it would be awesome. I love having a phone that’s supported by the entire Android community.

  79. NO to physical keyboard. Swype does the trick for me (and my wife, who doesn’t use the physical on her G2).

  80. This is interesting. I do believe Google will end up providing another Google Experience phone, and i am sure most people would love to see a N2. i know i would. One thing i noticed a lot reading all these comments is people complaining that physical keyboards will be bad because it will make the phone big and bulky. but i have a G2 and this phone isn’t bulky at all. thickness is just a bit bigger than my Behold 2. But it would be cool to see a same spec phone but with a hardware keyboard for a bit more. N2 and N2 Pro now that would be awesome!

  81. Please have a physical keyboard version!

    Thanks :)

  82. It would be cool if they had like a build your Nexus site. i would def make a 3.7-4″ screen. dual 800 Mhz processor. One gig of ram. 16 of rom. and gingerbread. no fcc. i talk on the phone and text because i don’t to see people lol jk but i wouldn’t use it. google needs to make it a standard where u can have vanilla android just in case u dont like other UI’s

  83. I love my Nexus One and I’m willing to buy a Nexus Two but I would prefer Pure Google nexus two or HTC.

  84. Seems to me the major problem with the Nexus One was it was only supported online via forums. Nexus Two could be supported in person by Carphone Warehouse in the UK and BesT Buy Mobile in the US. You could physically touch the phone, etc. in stores. It could also support GSM and CDMA like the 2 versions of the Nexus One but have stock Android and not be controlled by a carrier.

  85. To anyone who thinks the Glacier could be it is incorrect…the myTouch 4G is the Glacier. I played with one today…device name for bluetooth was ‘HTC Glacier’

  86. I think it will be the HTC Desire HD. it looks remarkebly like the nexus one.

  87. You guys just don’t get it!

    Google phone – flop
    Nexus One – flop

    There will not be a Nexus 2 phone.

  88. @JO
    What’s the difference from google phone and the nexus one?
    Also the nexus one did extremely well if you take into account that it wasn’t marketed, it had to be purchased online. Only came on a 2yr contract with t-mobile (small carrier). I think it was a huge success as a developer phone.

  89. “peddling” not “pedaling”

  90. My ideal phone…

    Vanilla Google software so updates are available instantly.
    4.3″ screen in 16/9 format FWVGA = 854 by 480 or best at 1280 by 720 ultra hi resolution.
    Must have a track pad / mouse that is selectable as a button with LED light around it.
    Must have a rear camera LED flash and a forward facing camera.
    Must have backlit buttons: Home, Menu, Back, Search (which could be programed for other uses)
    Must have a sturdy kickstand for viewing in landscape mode.
    Must have a quality speaker output, very important.
    Separate volume buttons like on the iPhone 4.
    Minimal bezels, so it is as short and narrow and thin as possible.
    5 ounces max weight would be nice, but need enough battery power for a solid days use.
    Camera button and a quality camera lens / pixels for genuine excellent pictures.
    LED notification light, multi-colored.
    Rubberized feel and make it black.
    ROM and RAM +++
    I like the HTC G1, press any button to wake it up from sleep so I can turn it on easily with one hand, then press the red hang up button so I can easily turn it off with one hand.

    Power button top & center best for left handers and right handers.

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