Oct 26th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:03 pm


An interesting report has surfaced from London-based business paper City A.M. that claims the followup to the Nexus One — what very well could be dubbed the Nexus Two — will be released through an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse in the UK as the second Google-branded Android handset. This comes as a new but similar approach to the sale of the original N1, moving away from a single Google-owned site pedaling the smartphone but still bucking carrier obligations.

Other than the fact that City A.M. happens to be a pretty reputable source, we have plenty of reasons to believe the Nexus Two is real. What better way to launch the latest update to Android, Gingerbread, then alongside a brand new Nexus handset? The discontinuation of sales through Google of the Nexus One over the summer and the throttling back of N1 support through the soon to be read-only forums all hint at an upcoming successor, especially after Google bigwigs remain incessant that they haven’t given up on their handheld ventures, only the model they originally used to sell mobile phones.

Questions still remain unanswered, including which manufacturer might take the reigns on the Nexus Two. Google could very well stick with HTC, though Motorola and their top-secret Tegra 2 handset remains a viable option. Heck, we may have even already spied the Nexus Two floating around as a codenamed device. What’s your guess?

[via City A.M.]

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