Motorola Updates Media Link Software for Improved PC to Android Syncing


medialinkThe need for a slick and useful desktop application for syncing up your Android phone with stored media files on your PC is one of the biggest weak points for the Android platform. DoubleTwist does a pretty excellent job, but for those who haven’t taken to the program in possession of a Motorola Android handset, the phone maker’s Media Link software has received an update bringing some major improvements.

Media Link will now sync with iTunes and other media files easily and get them right onto your Android phone, not bad. You can check it out by downloading it from Moto now. We are going to dive a bit deeper into the update, but let us know your own thoughts in the comments below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I downloaded this earlier today, it works awesome. Much quicker than the copy and paste method.

  2. Also, if you don’t have .net framework installed, you will have to download it (49MB) and install it prior to the Moto software.

  3. No this is not a need. Usb mass storage is the correct way to do this. This sort of crap never works on Non-windows, it never gets updated and in general it sucks.

  4. Just tried it, pretty simple, nothing too fancy.

    It works :-)

  5. Thanks for the OSX support Samsung!

  6. No mac?… :'( Tired of my mac never being supported. Windows 7 here I come!

  7. if you want this on a mac: try mono as platform instead of .net
    not sure which libs they are using, but the chance is there as long as they are not using xaml

  8. Stick with your mac until chrome os comes. Win 7 sucks so bad it’s insulting

  9. @mindo. I’m typing this on Windows 7 right now. Believe me, it rocks. Best version of Windows yet, way less of a hassle than Linux, and way cheaper than a Mac. Chrome will not be a full computing system, it will be a glorified browser. No use waiting for that.

  10. This software works with legacy phones like my Motorola RIZR Z6 as well!

  11. Downloaded this crap it sucks!

  12. I have been using Salling Media Link for over a year after an initial trial of DoubleTwist and MML. It sounds like it may actually be useful if it is user friendly.

  13. Will it sync via Wifi?

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