HTC Bee and Desire for Alltel Launching Soon with Arrival of Dummies

Another dummy unit spotting! Today, Alltel seems ready to showcase the HTC Bee and the HTC Desire in all its nonfunctional glory. Rumors have pegged releases of these phones on the once Verizon-owned network for quite some time, and while we still have yet to learn anything official, this is as much proof as anyone will get. (The dummy units sport HTC branding for whatever reason, but we’ll roll with it.) Droid-Life’s sources also tells them that the Desire will be launching as the Spitfire. Yea, I don’t know either.


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  • Dave

    Umm…not Verizon-owned. AT&T owned. The current remaining Alltel markets are in the process of converting to AT&T. For those who don’t believe me, go to and enter “58103” as a zip code. Mine is one of the 99% of remaining Alltel markets that will become AT&T. Get it right.

  • teckels

    maybe dave id right but all i have heard is that alltell is verizon…if so, is it possible to port bee to verizon?

  • joe

    alltel got bought out by verizon a few years back they do have it right

  • Dave

    Ugh…Verizon bought Alltel. As part of the deal, the FCC required that Verizon sell off select Alltel markets to avoid a “monopoly” in those markets. All Alltel markets that Verizon held officially switched to Verizon over a year and a half ago. There are no more Alltel markets that will be switching to Verizon.

    The remaining markets were bought by AT&T and are currently in the process of switching to them. There may be 1% or so of markets they aren’t taking that either smaller companies will take or will just stay as Alltel. The bottom line is that if you have Alltel right now, you will NOT become Verizon.

  • tim6253

    There are still around a million alltel subscribers that are not a part of vzw or att. The remaining alltel is being rebranded allied wireless.

  • Austin

    Dave is correct. I myself currently use Alltel and am in one of those markets that is making the switch to AT&T within the next 2 months.

  • Wolfton

    I had an experience that confirms what Dave said in post 4. As for Tim6253 in post 5, I can’t confirm.

    I had an Alltel branded wifi device in Georgia. I moved to Arizona and after a month, Alltel cut me off saying that I was outside their partner network. I called and complained and they explained that Alltel in Georgia (at least the Ft. Stewart/Hineville area) was bought by AT&T and in Arizona, I would have to buy a new device and switch to another carrier.

    Interestingly enough, Alltel in my old area worked as well as Verizon but AT&T sucked on my iPhone. Certain times of the day, I had no signal on AT&T, but great signal on Alltlel. When I moved to Arizona, AT&T was just as bad, if not worse, and Verizon was the only 3G carrier in town.

    I went with the MiFi 2200 for my internet and T-Mobile (MyTouch3G 1.2) and I don’t miss Alltel or AT&T one bit. I do, however, think its time for a hardware upgrade.

  • tim6253

    The link I provided comfirms what I said.

  • Gregg

    I would like to point out about half of michigan is still alltel converting to verizon, and verizon to ATT. The government forced it that way.

    like 90% of the rest of alltel will be ATT, and the rest will remain ALLTEL/Allied owned by ATN. So really everyone is correct.

  • JIM

    No dummies, Dave is not entirely correct. Yes, Verizon purchased Alltel, absorbed the majority of its markets, and was forced to sell off remaining markets by the FCC to keep the market fair. AT&T bought some of those markets, but a company called ATN bought a few small markets totalling just under a million subscribers, and is keeping the company branded as ALLTEL. So YOU get it right Dave, there is an Alltel, and no, its NOT Verizon or AT&T. I SHOULD KNOW, I’m one of their customers.

  • MS

    Funny thing is that Dave is not right… his facts are relevant to where he is but not the entire country. I own an Alltel store that has has nothing to do with AT&T and never will, and will never become Verizon. In fact its going to be a new Brand called Element Mobile ( in Wisconsin which will still be using the Verizon network. AT&T is also sold in our market and is garbage.

  • Graham

    MS is correct. I live in central Wisconsin, and that is the case here. Many people in this are had alltel, which will now go through ownership change and turn into element mobile.

  • Rich

    Not all of the Alltels are turning into AT@t and verizons. Some of them are actually staying as Alltels. Do your homework a little better there buddy.

  • Kat

    Just clarification for those still in need. I live in SW MI and when I went to Alltel’s website to pay my bill, the following popped up and still remains accessible on my account homepage. I am still with Alltel, although I hope that they transition soon here because the phone upgrades offered through Alltel aren’t worth looking at imho…

    Received 11/19/2010 21:29:38

    Seamless. Easy. Worry-free.
    Enjoy the best possible service during
    the transition from Alltel to Verizon

    Dear Valued Customer:

    We are writing to inform you that your Alltel service is transitioning to, and we’ve been working diligently to merge the operations of the two companies in your area. Because you are a valued customer, we believe it’s important to give you an update on the progress being made.

    During the last several months, we’ve been upgrading the Alltel network in your area and integrating it with the nationwide voice and broadband network. This will allow us to bring you the best wireless experience available and offer you the full suite of services. When the transition is complete, as a customer you’ll enjoy access on America’s most reliable wireless network and a variety of products and services including:
    Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling with 80 million customers without using your plan minutes.
    Nationwide Calling Plans with no domestic roaming or long-distance charges.
    A leading lineup of wireless handsets.
    The latest wireless data services: V CAST video and music services, navigation, e-mail, Internet access and more – delivered on the nation’s largest 3G high-speed wireless broadband network.
    At this time, no action is required on your part. Your wireless service plan, including My Circle,® and equipment will remain the same, and you will continue to receive your monthly Alltel statement. will notify you, by mail, in advance of any changes that may impact your service when the integration is complete in your area.

    Rest assured, Alltel values your business, and we’re committed to making your transition to as smooth as possible. Please also remember that you can currently use your mobile to mobile minutes for calling any member of our mobile to mobile family at no charge – over 80 million strong, including Alltel and customers. As these customers change to another wireless carrier, standard airtime rates will apply rather than your mobile to mobile minutes.

    For assistance with your wireless service needs, call 1-800-alltel-1 or visit


    Evan Moore
    Director of Marketing

  • maegan843

    Well I think that it would be better to call your provider and see if they are changing or whatever instead of argueing back and fourth with each other that’s what I am about to do!

  • Ozzy1983

    Alltel the name its self and 800,000 customers are NOT owned by ATT. ATT sucks where I live. I have Alltel through the county plan they set up for county employees. A company called Atlantic Tele-Network. They are keeping the alltel name and branding. Its for people like me in small rural towns where all we have is Verizon and no competition. They have great service around here.