New Tiered Data Plans for T-Mobile Leaked


The industry is getting there, slowly but surely. New leaks today seem to confirm what everyone’s been expecting: T-Mobile’s looking to go with tiered data plans depending on what type of phone you have with them. Feature phones will be able to take advantage of an afforadble 200 MB for $10 per month plan with 10 cents per MB overage ($30 max). Not too horrible considering feature phones will probably never consume that much data (and feature phones will not require data attachments.) Standard smartphones will be required to have this plan at a minimum, but can take advantage of the unlimited plan, if the user wants to.


The unlimited web plan goes for $30 on EM and $25 on EM+ with the same 5GB speed reduction we’ve heard of before. These will be geared for T-Mobile’s higher-end web and multi-media optimized smartphones (G2, Samsung Vibrant, etc.) Standard phones and feature phones will also be able to take advantage of this one. (It also wasn’t clear if these phones require this data plan, but I assume they do.)

What say you guys on these? You still get to keep your unlimited plans, but are throttled whenever you hit that big number 5. Those who don’t need as much of the web as others can still get an Android handset with the $10 plan – better to have a choice than to be forced to pay $30 just because a phone runs Android. [via TmoNews]

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is BS..!!!!!
    I used more than 5gb a month…

  2. I’ll stick with my $20/month and free tethering on my Nexus, hell with the Nexus on T-mobile its one of the best phone plans you can get on any carrier. Thanks Google

  3. WTF T-mobile? can you get any worse? Just leave your data plans as they are! i just need one more reason to leave, so if they pull this BS im out and Hello Verizon

  4. I’m just glad carriers aren’t going the way of AT&T and eliminating unlimited data. I’m on Verizon but if they get rid on unlimited data, I’ll be switching to Sprint (Tmobile sucks too much)

  5. @EmEffer I seriously doubt this will affect that many people. Youre not losing anything. Your plan stays the same if you have the current data plan. All carriers have tiered plans or will have tiered plans. Dont see how going to verizon helps.

  6. My friend has had a G2 for only 1-2 weeks now and she got throttled at under 2 GB in that period.

  7. If you are paying for unlimited, is throttling back your speed getting what you’re paid for?
    (ignore the fact that it won’t affect most users at 5+GB.)

  8. So how exactly will this affect EM+ plans? I thought EM+ plans were priced as a package (voice, voice/text, or voice/text/data), so what does it mean when it prices data at $25 on EM+? Is this a change from current rates? I’m currently on an old $40/$20 voice/data plan, but I’ve been meaning to switch over to the $60 500/text/data plan. Should I switch before November 3?

  9. They need to stop calling their unlimited plan “unlimited”. If you cap or throttle the connection in any way, it’s no longer unlimited.

    Why don’t they do with data what so many have done with minutes? Roll the unused data over from month to month, and only throttle after that. So if you only use 4GB one month, you won’t be throttled until 6GB the next month.

    But for gawdsake, please stop calling it unlimited.

  10. Yeah if you are a current TMo user your plan won’t change and also it sin’t increasing data plans pricing. in reality just giving more options. So for those who are saying Negative things about this. They need to re-educate themselves. 5GB is a lot for internet. i use it all day and barely hit 2 Gb in a month. you would have to do some heavy downloading and/or tethering for your phone to hit 5 GB and then slow down.

    @EmEffer Verizon is doing the same thing but worse. So good luck with that ;)

  11. Well, they should not force people to buy any data plan. My area is very well covered with Optimum access points, and I’ve been roaming those to sync my phone. They are free to optimum subscribers. So, why should I pay anything to cell provider????? The only option to avoid that fee is to buy unlocked phone that its imei is not listed with provider.

  12. Fuk it im moving to the UK or startying my own phone company Trolz-Mobile

  13. @SavageJeep
    It is technically still unlimited, just after 5Gb is slows down, i coould use 10GB a month if i wanted too. So there is no way to argue that point ya know.

  14. @Aztec
    Technically, if you cap or throttle the connection, it’s not unlimited. Caps and throttling *limit* the amount of data you can transfer.
    TMo shill? ;)

  15. At least Att didnt screw old customers. I still got unlimited.

  16. @EmEffer, T-Mobile’s data plans are way better than sprints 59.99 data plan at 5GB. And Oct 28th Verizon’s will be $10 a Gig. T-Mobile doesn’t need douchebags like you anyway complaining about every little thing that happens with T-Mobile. Go eat a CMS!

  17. What!? My EM plus right now is only $20 more for unlimited web. Is it going up to $25? I’m not too happy about that since I use just under 300 mb per month.

  18. The $10 featurephone data plan is currently unlimited. So, yes, this is a price increase.

  19. I have a MyTouch3G 1.2 running 2.1.
    I have a Verizon MiFi 2200. (Because I didn’t know how to root my phone and upgrade from 1.6 at the time)

    When I went over 5GB on my Verizon, I got raped. They charge 5 or 10 cents per MEG after the 5GB cap, but of course they don’t tell you when you reach your limit, they just keep happily charging. 6.2 GB cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $120, when I’m used to paying $60.

    I’ll keep my unlimited on the MyTouch, and I have yet to notice a throttling back, even when tethering.

  20. Well, I for one appreciate the cheaper option. Now the question is how it translates to prepaid when using pay-as-you-go for voice minutes.

  21. @eric it is not going to change for you

  22. i dont get it i though tmobile unlimited plans were free? im not ever sure how to use data :( how do you check how much you use? im pretty sure i use more than 7GBs per month easily

  23. I’m not with tmo but I say having it throttled is much better than having to pay overage charges

  24. Yea AT&T is looking kinda stingy by being the only ones that dont offer unlimited….

  25. Hahahahaha dis is why have Sprint wooooow

  26. @EmEffer

    How would it be Free? maybe included in your plan but never free unless you have hookups. And it is suppose to be under your tmobile account. under manage i will get back to you on this

  27. I work with EmEffer and he is just playing the stupid role. Hes a douche.

  28. lol alright

  29. As long as there is a $30 max, this is perfect. I have always been forced to get higher plans than I need to avoid paying overages. There’s nothing worse than getting an unexpected $250 bill…when a higher plan would of prevented the overages.

  30. Dude @Eddy i have never met you in my life you may have a co-workers with a similar name but no clue who you are. I work at best buy. you probably work at Fags R Us

  31. @elnene20

    Guess what? Sprint is considering tiered plans too, the question is will it a true unlimited T-Mo style or rape you in overage charges ala ATT

  32. Anyway EmEffer(James D) told me he is trolling. Trying to make people mad with how stupid he is.

  33. I’m glad my N1 doesn’t get throttled until I hit 10GB even though I only used that much once.

  34. While I like Verizon and their unlimited plan, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if they eliminated it. Verizon has the most reliable network in the county and to me that’s the main reason I’ll stick with them. Where I live Sprint & AT&T get horrible reception/dropped calls. As for Tmobile, well who really uses Tmobile anymore?

  35. btw…AT&T CANT offer unlimeted data because their network has a hard enough time keeping their customers connected as it is. If they offered unlimited data, their whole system would crash. Verizon ftw!

  36. @ emeffer …
    I’m Gay & don’t appreciate you using slurs like you do.

  37. @Paul S. I couldnt care less and please pass your man card forward for crying like a B**** is that better? its censored

  38. @ emeffer …
    I’m not Gay & don’t appreciate you using slurs like you do.

  39. I jumped to T-Mobile from AT&T a little over a year back and I’ve been very happy with them so far. I’m not using anywhere near 5GB a month, but I’d still probably stick with the unlimited (at least they’ll still HAVE an unlimited option)

  40. im glad i went to this website. some of u make the most intresting arguments. helps me learn more than the artical :)

  41. This only applies to data streamed over a cellular network right? Not wifi? In that case I don’t care. I doubt I use 5 gigs browsing and do most of my downloading over my wireless network

  42. T-Mobile Doesn’t start throtling untill you reach 10GB not 5GB read their terms of use. Please people stop taking grandiose generic claims about throttling and go to the source and find out for your self. The source, FYI is not a t-mobile rep, they don’t know anything.

  43. I could care less about tiered plans, if t-mobile would come out with 2.2 already, everyone’s phones would be faster since we could save apps to sd cards. Imtired of this 1.6 shit. I don’t want to root my phone and risk bricking it. Hurry up with the 2.2 already! And sprints 70$ unlimited is not unlimited. And u cant get evo w/o paying for it. Rip off!

  44. OK. T-Mobile sucks, we all get it. But you’re missing the point, which is T-Mobile is gearing up for the next phase of the internet when Google and Verizon own the internet and then we will all be paying taxes and fees to use it, which will be on top of the vendors rates plans.

  45. You people crack me up. You get throttled with data features for phones at 5GB. It is in the Terms and conditions in section 10. Dont you people read before you buy. And it only slows it down it does not stop it. Get over yourself. The tiered plans are just going to let moderate uses that need the internet to sync with Gmail and use facebook to save money. This is a good move on T-Mobiles end why is everyone looking at it in a negative way?

  46. great t-mobile. If you are in the albuquerque area and need help switching to verizon computer repair albuquerque

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