“Fast Boot” Becoming all the Rage, Now Headed to CyanogenMod

Ever since HTC showed off their new fast boot algorithm on the latest version of HTC Sense (which can more accurately be described as a form of hibernation like you’d see on a PC), everyone’s been craving for it. For those of you who fancy CyanogenMod, developer Steve Kondik’s a fan of the feature, as well, and has incorporated it into CyanogenMod 6.1 (not yet released). It’s not as speedy here as it is on HTC Sense’s ROM, but that could definitely change once he releases a final version. It’s also not THAT much slower – only by a few seconds – but it’s a lot better than the 30 seconds you had to wait before. Check out his blurrycam footage of the feature in action below on his Nexus One.

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  • pieter

    sweet. my g1 is slowly meeting it’s end. every now and then i have to wipe my cache. now it wont be such a chore.

  • B L

    I don’t really understand the usefulness of this. Do people turn there phones off frequently? The only time my phone is turned off is when it requires a reboot.

  • http://youtube.com/emogamer Chris Chavez

    @Pieter I think you will still have to wipe since you’re not really rebooting. You should still power down, or reboot. Don’t use Hibernate.

    And shouldn’t the title of this article be “Quick Boot is all the rage”? Fastboot means something else in the world of Android… =p

  • http://www.jdfroyo.freeforums.com jdkoreclipse

    I love cyanogen and his team. He is keeping my Incredibl up to date with the latest features


  • Techblogger

    Did you see that??? That was unbelievable. That’s quicker than the Windows 7 phone boot up. The guys at CyanogenMod exist in another dimension.

  • Chahk

    Cyanogen said that this functionality is simply putting the phone into hibernation mode, as opposed to actually shutting it off. So it’s not really booting up, but rather coming out of hibernation, which is of course a lot faster.

    The only drawback is that the battery will still slowly drain, but the phone can potentially last a few weeks in that state (depending on the battery level at the time of hibernation, of course.)

  • Alex

    One of the reasons I’m looking forward to this is because this will be good for saving battery power when you’re someplace where you know there’s no signal and bringing the phone back up without waiting for days. Some people think that it’s rebooting from scratch, but this should not be confused with completely shutting down the phone.

  • shabby

    This is such a marketing gimmick, it has almost zero practicality in everyday use. Want to fully reboot? It will still take long. Want to receive data or phone calls in hibernation? Not possible. Want to conserve battery because you are in a spot with no service? Turn airplane mode on. Want to conserve as much battery as possible because you’re stranded on a desert and your life depends on it? Pulling your battery out will use less battery than hibernation mode.

  • Justin

    Really, people cant wait 1 minute for a full boot? My galaxy s takes about 45 seconds for when I press the power button till its useable.

  • thedicemaster

    @Chahk: might be longer than just a few weeks.
    i know it’s not exactly a phone, but theoretically you can keep a PSP in standby for several months, it’s so efficient that it takes almost no power above what would leak out of an idle battery anyway.
    in this case, the same amount of hardware would need to be kept running anyway(just the RAM)

  • Foxeh

    I own a PSP and I assure you it will not last remotely that long in standby, no way. That doesn’t matter because the PSP boots up in seconds no matter what. — Of course I find it a little odd that there are a number of people saying that significantly speeding up an aspect of the device to be a useless feature. I mean seriously.

  • Brad

    @Justin – Really? Hmm, my Fascinate boots a lot faster than that, usually. Anyway, I can tell you that normally the boot time is no big deal, EXCEPT when you’re doing warranty-voiding tweaks that require a reboot, at which point those seconds last an eternity while you wait to see whether the device is actually booting up, or if it just hangs, or gets stuck in a boot loop. ;)

  • SwampFox

    If I can use this “quickboot” when I swap batteries, then it is definitely a BIG bonus for me!

  • Gerg

    If it’s a true hibernate, then it won’t use power. Team Douche is the best.

  • http://android.mikedg.com Mike dg

    Now this would be awesome if it supported walei[ for alarms still.

  • El Guapo

    My phone boots up just about this fast anyway. Samsung vibrant

  • james

    who is waiting 30 seconds now? not Fascinate users….

  • Contraus

    Hibernate + phone = useless
    Who gives a crap? Wake me up when they come out with an IR dongle that plugs into the 3.5mm jack so I can control my Onkyo RX, Samsung TV, and Directv DVR. And maybe even some way to control my PS3 via the Vibrant’s bluetooth.

  • Rob

    I want it so I can turn my phone on/off quickly while I’m flying.

    Whiney bunch you guys are…
    We’re awaiting your amazing contribution to the mobile telephony world.