You Can Now Upload to Flickr Using Your Android 2.2 Browser

For those of you on Android 2.2, Flickr’s looking to make your life easier by eliminating the need to upload via email. Starting yesterday, you can now head on over to from your Android 2.2-based device and upload an image straight from your phone to the hosting service. The lack of an official app was a downer for many, but at least some of you will be able to Flickr until you can’t flick anymore without having to bypass the browser experience. Go ahead and check it out now if you have some cool pictures you’ve been needing to upload.

flcikr android browser upload

[via Flickr]

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  • Omar

    I was going to say that Android already has flickr integration, but then I remembered it was just HTC Sense.

  • Trina Hernandez

    This is GREAT news! Now, if only I had Android 2.2 already…

  • Myrtti

    Nothing beats Upstream anyway…

  • zed

    “You Can Now Upload to Flickr Using Your Android 2.2 Browser” – no I can’t, no 2.2! Damn Moto

  • E.

    @ Omar
    And that is exactly why I love HTC Sense so much. People talk about Sense like it’s just a skin.

    But Sense is a complete experience. It’s not just simple skinning of a few menu’s and icons.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Yeah, but if I log in to my flickr account from my phone, won’t that wipe out my time marker on my group discussions? I don’t like to actually do much with Flickr from my phone besides maybe browse a stream or two. I think emailing the photos to my account is still best. At least if that gets interrupted, I can work it from my desktop too from my gmail outbox and drafts. The browser? SOL.

  • LarryMcJ

    It’s nice, and uploads quickly, but what good is it when download from Flikr to your desktop are relegated to one photo at a time.

  • Shaun Knight

    Does anyone know of an app that would re-size picture file size before uploading to a site like flickr ?

    I often have to send around 50 pictures from my phone , but it eats up bandwith quickly and takes along time when I email them or upload them, I’d just set my photo settings to low quality but often I need the pictures later at the best quality my phone can take them , InfranView type app for mobile would great.