Galaxy Tab Headed to Italy this October


Samsung’s looking to deploy the Samsung Galaxy Tab in as many regions as possible – just like the Galaxy S – as it’s been announced that the device will be headed for all carriers in Italy come first week of October. You’ll be able to get the device on subsidized tariffs starting at 29 euros per month, but no unlocked price has been mentioned.



Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 229€/month? Fail, Samsung, fail.

  2. Is evident that I wanted to write 29, not 229 :)

  3. The unlocked price is 699 euros

  4. 29€/month

  5. What’s wrong with 29 euros? That most likely includes phone functions as well.

  6. What’s included in the €29? That’s the question.

    All Italian phones are unlocked so that’s not an issue.

    You can get unlimited smartphone data for €9 a month or an unlimited all out data plan that you could tether for 20

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