A Closer Look at HTC Sense-less Froyo for the T-Mobile G2


Earlier today we got a look at the new Google Voice widget for Android 2.2 that would come bundled into the firmware of the T-Mobile G2. It turns out that was just the setting portion of the widget, which will also display the text of recently-transcribed voicemail. One of our readers was kind enough to boot up the leaked Froyo ROM for the G2 and snap some screenies of what we can expect come September 29th. It isn’t anything necessarily earth shattering considering that it looks the same as any other vanilla Android 2.2 we have seen — as it should — but there are a few additions worth mentioning.


You will see that while HTC Sense is not present on the device, HTC Calibrate is still present. We also get a look at the standard TMo apps that will come on the device. This should give Android-purists that love HTC hardware something to get truly excited about. Feel free to peruse the images below at your own leisure.


[thanks to Jason for grabbing these and sending them in!]

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  1. Looks nice, I’m really tempted to get this when my contract with Verizon runs out.

  2. I’m not sure I like this “calibrate” screen… It should not be necessary on a capacitive touch panel. On the other hand, maybe HTC learned a lesson from the issues with the Nexus One?

  3. You do realise that these are amazingly similar to the Google Nexus One?

  4. I really hope they’re using a 2+ input screen. Not like a basic multitouch panel like the Nexus.

    Droid 2 only supports touch points I noticed.

  5. Of course they are simliar to the Nexus One which also runs stock Android. Just like they will look the same as any other phone running stock android.

  6. Not so sound antsy, but… me wantee that Voice widget! I want it! I want it! Where can I get it?!

  7. I still think that the updated Google voice widget and launcher will become available in the market soon after this phone goes on sale.

  8. woah woah woah, seven screens!? wtf yo wtf.

  9. I’m noticing the curved edges on the notification bar up-top. I’ve never seen that on stock Android… only on Cyanogen. Hmm. :)

  10. All I know is “mainstream” America will be less than WOW’ed by stock Android UI. Especially after just about everyone has seen the gorgeous iOS UI.
    This phone should have come out the box with Android 3.0. No less.

  11. I am buying this phone day 1, finally another Vanilla phone. If this goes down in flames somehow before release with a shit skin then I will buy another dev N1.

  12. @Chris Chavez you mean the same iOS that hasn’t changed in three years? Do some research dude.

  13. I prefer the stock UI w/ a fast launcher added (like LauncherPro) over anything from HTC or Moto or Sammy. You can call the iOS UI gorgeous. I’ll call it limiting and too basic for my needs. The G2 couldn’t have come w/ 3.0 unless they held off until the end of the year for release.

  14. iOS doesnt even have widgets, how gorgeous is that?

  15. Stock Android widgets are pretty ugly. Just look at the Google Voice widget!

    Now SENSE widgets… that’s a whole different story ;)

  16. Its great this is stock, and awesome it has sense widgets- great precedent. I don’t like physical keyboards but it gives me hope ill find an upgrade for my stock nexus.

  17. @Chris Chavez Launcher Pro Plus

  18. Man this is awesome!!!

  19. Physical keyboard has it’s advantages. Especially when I connect to my server at home to do some fixing through command prompt.

  20. Ugh how boring. Sorry I’m a fan of TouchWiz 3.0, though I hate the name.

  21. Okay so the top corners are rounded out, theres now an H for signal. And isnt this a Nexus One only live wallpaper? Unless its a stock UI only live wallpaper. because for the droid x i think, only have red lines going accros the screen rather than yellow blue red green lines going accross

  22. @Chris Chavez: Yeah because this phone should totally be running on software that doesn’t exist yet.

  23. was envious when i first heard news of this phone since i just upgraded to the slide, but now i dont care. i dont like that user interface. tried it with cyanogenmod6 and went back to 2.1 with sence

  24. I’ve been holding off waiting for something like this for the past year, my contract is up in September… how convenient. I respect what the OHA is doing and I am all too eager to join in on the Android bandwagon. Goodbye to Windows and I’m so glad that I resisted the iCraze.

  25. @chris chavez-sursly, really?!? Do your homework or get a Sense phone or ROOT or get an iFoney-but good luck trying to make calls.

  26. Can’t wait to see a CyanogenMod rom for this thing. Definitely going to grab it when it drops for T-Mo. Is that voice widget available for Nexus One anywhere?

  27. @ivan h= hspa+ that live wall paper is on most 2.1 devices

  28. Granted 3.0 isn’t out yet but given that the G1 was the first android phone that would have rocked to see the G2 as the first 3.0 phone.
    TBLOW is too fuckin dumb to be that original though.

  29. I like it!! I’d rather have less HTC Sense or whatever sense!! stock Android is fine with me, more free memory the better till I get to root and overclock that processor!!

  30. I’m available for an upgrade in October. Should I upgrade to the T-Mobile G2 or switch to Verizon and get the latest Droid phone?

  31. @Ali Neither, yet. Wait and see if Project Emerald is a reality on T-Mo. It should blow even this out.

    I, too, love the stock-ness of this. Means updates come first. But, I don’t want to commit until I hear more about Project Emerald. Now, if PE turns out to be the hideous myTouch HD, I will gladly purchase this. I am not a fan of cheap looking shiny plastic. blegh

  32. Can someone please rip that Nexus Live Wallpaper out and post the APK? I know they have versions in the Market, but IMO they don’t look or flow nearly as nice as this or the Neural Network on the DROID.

  33. @ivan that wallpaper is on the nexus one,lg ally,samsung vibrant and other phones,

  34. This looks suspiciously like a hacked ROM. Try Cyanogenmod + ADW (almost nexus theme)

    Sense UI SUCKS. The dialer and call screens are like a deal breaker for me, dont get me started with the keyboard.

  35. @ivan, it could be a special version of it just for the Droid X to fit the color theme better (i.e. red and black, so they only put red lines cause green and yellow would look weird)

  36. @ali syed u should switch to Verizon t-moble has horrible service, get a droidx it the best phone out at this moment . The g2 will just be another phone like the original that sucked that bad as in justin bieber bad lol

  37. any shots of the qwerty keyboard?

  38. Does anyone know if this is coming with Swype pre installed?

  39. I don’t know how nobody has mentioned that there are now 7 home screens instead of 5. As a Nexus One user on T-Mobile for the better network stability and the HSPA+ I’m definitely making the switch. And because its stock Android I’d be willing to bet the farm it will be one of the first phones to receive 3.0 later this year.

  40. No Sense UI?

    Finally we have a second choice for a vanilla phone.

    What benefits would having a 3 finger input provide?

  41. For anyone who wants to install the apk here it is:

    I had to also install Download Crutch to get it to install which you can get here:

  42. But think about it there isn’t a lot of stock Android phones on the 4 major carriers and there certainly isn’t any Stock 2.2. phones so This would get an A+ for me and it should gett one for u too. U don’t really need a front facing camera and u wouldn’t really realize its not a 4 inch screen

  43. And I bet u all the money in my bank account that it will be the first to get the 3.0 update. Cuz it may be one of T-mobi Phones le’s star so they will give a lot of attention to it

  44. To all this is a nexus one running cyanogen with g2 launcher + g2 Google apps over it. Launcher is smooth as butter. Ill take it over LP or adw anyday. But I’m somewhat of a purist. (Kinda)

  45. Does anyone know if this will be available unlocked from anywhere? (Will HTC ship an unlocked variant?) Or is it sold only via T-mobile?

  46. No one has questioned one of the most important features on newer Android phones these days…how much internal memory will be included? Are we looking @ 8 or 16gigs? Or…even less? What type of lens is on the 5mp camera? Is the flash xenon? Is DLNA/HDMI equipped? These are the questions we need to ask. If you’re not T-mo and aren’t seriously considering switching over, stay off the post!
    I have been w/ Tmo since ’03’ and have owned every Android phone to date (No Samsung) I personally can’t WAIT for this. Its only…..what, 14 months overdue!! Give us a decent tablet Tmo/HTC and we’ll forgive you.


  47. I have been curious to learn if this device will use the same screen and screen sensor as the Nexus One. I would hope that HTC have learned something from the blow back they received about the N1’s touch screen issues.

    I too have been on TMO many years and purchased an N1 since TMO wasn’t keen to sell high quality smart phones. This device corrects a real design flaw of the N1 in that it is a tad thicker, making it more secure to hold and that while avoiding the wrap around unintended screen touches leading to errors and erratic behavior of the N1. I use a skin with mine to preclude this issue. With the skin, it’s one big pain in the ass.

    I also love the keyboard and prefer them. They are an essential utility just about everyone can benefit by their inclusion in a device, whether they care to admit it or not.

    If project emerald is a touch only device, it’s of no interest to me, regardless of it’s bells and whistles.

  48. I meant to say that “withOUT the skin, it’s one big pain in the ass”. But you knew that….didn’t you?

  49. Youre so correct. Im there with you. Your blog is surely really worth a read if anybody comes across it. Im lucky I did because now Ive received a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this concern was so crucial and so universal. You certainly put it in point of view for me.

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