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Gearing up for some good old fashioned American pigskin, it’s easy to forget that for the majority of the world football is a different sport entirely. But that doesn’t mean Sony Ericsson forgot, as they have just signed on to make the Xperia line of Android phones the official handset of the Union of European Football Associations. The partnership will also include an exclusive UEFA app for covering all of the latest soccer…er, football action around Europe. Check out the press release below.

Sony Ericsson to activate global marketing programme as part of Sony Corporation’s existing agreement from 2009 – 2012 with the UEFA Champions League

Sony Corporation’s agreement with UEFA opens up opportunities for the wider Sony family

27 August 2010: With excitement levels reaching a high following yesterday’s group stage draw, Sony Ericsson today announced that it will leverage Sony Corporation’s existing partnership with UEFA to activate a global marketing programme around the UEFA Champions League until 2012. This will see Sony Ericsson become the official mobile handset of the UEFA Champions League, as part of Sony’s UEFA Champions League Partnership.

The programme will have a fan-focused approach and will build on previous marketing programmes that saw Sony Ericsson grant football fans from around the globe greater access to the game they love.

Offering the best possible ‘on-device’ experience will be at the heart of the new programme, which will utilise the GPS capabilities of Sony Ericsson Smartphones to enhance the fan experience, and will include a new mobile application developed in conjunction with UEFA.com. Sony Ericsson is uniquely placed to enhance the fan experience, as regardless of whether fans watch the game in a stadium or in a public place with friends, they will have their mobile handset with them.

“We are delighted to be announcing today the activation of a new global marketing programme around the UEFA Champions League. Using the existing GPS capabilities of our Xperia Smartphones to enhance the fan experience is an exciting part of this programme. This new initiative will build on our other ongoing worldwide sponsorship campaigns” said Lennard Hoornik, Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Marketing, Sony Ericsson.

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  1. Oh man. Sony has good marketing. but bad handsets. I wish Samsung or HTC would be the official one. Because, gosh, the Samsung screens are the killas

  2. They have better hardware but bad with software.

  3. Excellent,Sony Ericsson!

  4. Proper football!

  5. There are tons of really good football apps on the Market, many of which are free. I don’t think the X10 having one exclusive UEFA Champions League app will be that big a selling point, UNLESS IT INCLUDES LIVE SCREENING (at the minimum, live commentary) OF MATCHES, or exclusive video clips of goals that come out immediately after the games.

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