Motorola Charm for T-Mobile is Now Available For $75

Just in time for Back to School sales, the T-Mobile Motorola Charm is now available for sale. This follows a series of delays that ended up giving us a new rumored date of August 25th. You can grab the device in two colors – Golden Bronze and Cabernet – for $74.99 after rebates and discounts (and a 2-year service agreement). It’ll run you a cool $270 to buy the phone outright.

motorola charm

If you’re planning on grabbing the device up, why not say so in the Motorola Charm section at It might not be as active over there as other sections, but I’m sure many will appreciate a community of knowledgeable owners of the device to convene with.

[via T-Mobile]

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  • Aaron

    Stay far, far away from this phone. You don’t want a MotoBlur phone after the Cliq/CliqXT/Backflip Android update debacle, which _still_ has not ended. You have been warned! MotoFAIL!

  • Ben

    this isn’t a bad phone at all when considered in the light of mid to low end android phones. And for replying to Aaron above, never buy a mid-end or low-end android phones if you want frequent updates, they will always be last in line for updates, if you want to be on the cutting-edge, buy droid X or IPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S or HTC desire etc. They will always be updated first.

    But a phone like charm definitely has its advantages if you consider it is only 270 dollars off contract which is a good thing. And you can get much better monthly deals for an off contract phone. I only wish it had 2.2 and a slightly better screen resolution.

  • jdog

    @Ben Or a Nexus One which gets updated first before all the phones that you mentioned.

  • Mike dg

    I got it a few days ago and I love it. Great form factor. Not anywhere near as slow as I expected after coming off a Nexus One.

  • Norbert

    I do think it’s a good phone too. For those of us that are willing to do a change to Android OS, but can’t live without tipical Blackberry and Moto Q Smartphone form factor, this is an excellent option. Add it the off-contract price and that it has Android 2.1 ( I know, it’s not 2.2, but at least it’s not 1.6 ) and clearly it’s a winner!

  • mindo

    Ya, if u want updates get an N1- EVERYTHING else is months behind. If you want a true android experience you need a physical keyboard, just like on the G1, you know the original android phone that was what the os was all dreampt up to be. You want a sweet, peppy phone that runs flash and has a keybd comparable to a bb, then get the charm. Blur ain’t so bad, and in some cases its actually got stuff even froyo doesn’t have

  • Norbert

    I do think it is a great phone too. For those of us that are willing to change to Android OS, but can’t live without the QWERTY keyboard of Smartphone form factor ( like Blackberry, Moto Q, ect. ), this is an excellent option. Add it the off-contract price and that it has Android 2.1 ( I know, it’s not 2.2, but at least it’s not 1.6 ) and this Charm is a winner!

  • Josh

    Tried it out in store the other day, a nice little phone. As stated this phone has niche appeal.

  • Malpraktiss

    This phone’s FREE at Radio Shack with a new contract, $19.99 on upgrade/FlexPay I think. As usual, no mail-in rebates.

  • vigan

    how can you get this phone in an unlocked version? the no-contract version does not work for me. live in europe and want to order it.

  • mindo

    You’d have to buy a locked one from tmo or telus in canada and then buy an unlock code from a co on the internet. I used

  • vigan

    thanks mindo. how can I make an online purchase without selecting a “plan” from the tmo website? is the phone t-mobile branded? wish it isn’t.

  • sheri

    I currently have the bb8900. I am considering getting the phone and testing it out. 3g? I love the keyboard of my bb but also wanted the option of touch screen. Never used Motoblur or even familiar with it but I use FB often. Pros and cons compared to bb8900? Anyone?