Motorola Quench XT5 Specs Reveal It’s a BACKFLIP Without the Keyboard


The Motorola XT5 has long been known as the successor to the Motorola CLIQ XT, but its internals scream “BACKFLIP without a keyboard”. It’ll have the same 5-megapixel camera, 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen, and 256MB of RAM/512MB of ROM. The biggest difference is OS version, though, as it’ll be shipping with Android 2.1 out of the box.


Other than that, what we’re greeted with is business as usual, but at least we’ve got some clearer, more official looking shots of the device. It looks a lot like the Motorola XT502 Greco we saw get GCF certification a couple of months ago. It was once said that this phone would be headed to China, but anything could have happened since then as we still have no official word from Motorola. Once we do, however, we’ll be sure to bring them right to you.

[via CellPassion]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. why 2.1 ? and I hope it is 200 dollar off contract eh.

  2. Definitely a step up from the previous entry-level devices and if this is an actual image of the device, I’m happy to see a Motorola motoblur-less device.

  3. Stock FTW

  4. Isn’t this basically an HTC Magic with 2.1?

  5. Android 2.1? But I am sure the Europeans will get it with good old 1.6 We don’t like change in Europe!

  6. It is not a pure Motorola phone…
    Just like Quench XT3, this will be another low-end ODM device with unknown custom UI headed to Asia.

  7. I dont get how Motorola keeps pushing back the 2.1 release dates due to not being %100 done for these devices, but then releases a couple phones (charm, and now this piece)running 2.1..

    My theory would be something like this: Motorola isnt working on the 2.1 update like they stated. how does it take over 7 months to make an update and at the same time produce a few new model phones (charm, quench) from design to production bringing 2.1 to those platforms and still not have a complete 2.1 update for the first round of phones made. Sometimes its tough for a copmpany to just come out and say “hey!, were not gonna update our older, forgotten about phones. Rather were just gonna forget about those devices and put our effort into new devices”. If they just say that they would lose all potential buyers for future phones. The easy route is to do just as they are doing: every month or 2 they release a little last minute bs post stating that the very very hard working team isnt quite done with the difficult task of making a 2.1 update for a phone that is over a year old. so please wait another quarter why we work on new phones to br released with 2.1 or greater and hopefully the people forgive and forget.

    IDK maybe im coming off the deep end with my thinking but hey, i guess its way easier to design, make, and mass produce the Quench rather than just getting an update to the cliq xt owners…. and so on..

  8. Motorola is full of s$$t. I will never buy another product from them again. I totally agree IIIYo they don’t care about cliq xt owners getting the dragged out 2.1 update, they just care about their higher end models and the revenues they generate. Anyone from Motorola who reads this FU and your stupid company! I hope you guys go under because that’s how you treated your cliq xt customers.

  9. I swear that Motorola has a whole department dedicated to taking good ideas and making them worse.

    Backflip engineers: “Check out this cool form factor we came up with!”

    Motorola executives: “Great! Let’s take that, and put the slowest possible processor in it, give it not quite enough RAM, and load it with an outdated OS and a whole bunch of unremoveable bloatware.”

    (6 moths later)

    Backflip engineers: “The Backflip isn’t selling quite as well as we expected…”

    Motorola executives: “Well, let’s try taking the same crappy hardware, and put it in a more boring form factor.”

  10. hahaha I just got one thing to say for who ever buys this. Good luck waiting for Motorola to come up with any updates for a phone other than a Droid.

  11. So, basically what we have here is Motorola’s version of the HTC Hero, though hopefully with a faster processor. And of course, plain vanilla Android. Tempting, but the 3.2″ screen is a bit too small (currently have a Droid Eris). I’m waiting for the Samsung Fascinate to make an appearance for some 4″ SAMOLED sweetness.

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