Dell Streak Priced at $299 with AT&T Contract or $549 Without, Dell Aero Launch Details Emerge



The window on pre-registration for the Dell Streak pre-sale is closing today, July 27th, and while an actual street date remains absent from the list of things we know about the Dell Streak’s US release, we can now check off on and off-contract pricing. Those that signed up to be part of the pre-sale will receive an email with a link to pre-order to the phone/tablet for $299.99 on an AT&T two-year contract or for $549.99 without any commitment.

In other news, just when we thought the Dell Aero had fallen into obscurity, details are emerging that suggest anything but this fact. Dell isn’t so coy on a date for this one, letting it be known that it will be available on August 9th for $99.99 on-contract or $299.99 off. So if you want Dell to be the manufacturer of your new Android smartphone, pick your poison. The day is drawing near.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Hmm, AT&T’s coverage, locked out from third party apps (I’m assuming) and 1.6 out of the gate, for $299? Personally, I think the deck is stacked against it.

  2. size, price, ATT – not deal breakers
    Android 1.6, Dells interface – deal breakers

    put vanilla 2.2 on it and im sold!

  3. I will be getting one. Waiting to see if the $300 subsidized one means being locked out of non-market apps.

  4. At $300 on contract and 1.6. I think that is kind of steep. :/

  5. Side loading apps even on ATT phones is not a problem anymore. Go to androidcentral.com and search for Side loading (or something similar). There was an article over there last week or so about a desktop program someone made for Windows/OSX that allows installing .apk files on ATT phones.

  6. on dells site where the price is given it also states 299 for NEW ATT CONTRACTS…. i have no idea if they will allow upgrades or contract extensions at this time.

    I called ATT today and they are mute. Why arent they talking? it just doesnt make sense. they are saying they never heard to dell streak before… (called twice, and tried live chat help once, same answer)

  7. Like many of the commentors above, I just can’t figure out why the subsidized Dell streak is so expensive … I mean does this phone do anything an Evo 4g or Droid X doesn’t?

    And the flip side of this is that the non-subsidized price is actually bit cheaper than an un-subsidized Galaxy S. I guess it might be somewhat interesting if the high subsidized price was due to Dell refusing to lockdown the Streak in thier software, but I can’t imagine that AT&T would let a non-locked down device on their network at all.

    Anybody have any ideas.

  8. Does anyone know whether or not AT&T will hunt you down and change your data plans if you buy the unlocked version of this phone?

    Also, if I’m going to pay that much for a phone, I think I will wait for the red color phone.

  9. Jouten…I’m wondering the exact same thing! Been on the $19.95 MEW1 data plan forever and would have to lose it.

  10. Mike D,
    I have the unlimited family plan for like 10 bucks per family member. I definitely do NOT want to lose that! =)

  11. If you unlock a phone, and currently pay for service with ATT put the SIM card in… nothing will change.

  12. “put vanilla 2.2 on it and im sold” you would be very disappointed since the UI for large screen sizes has not yet been implemented in the base Android platform. Dell had to do a fair amount of work to make the system UI appropriate for this screen size. (The platform does have architectural support for this, allowing third party apps to detect and adjust appropriately for the screen, but no work has been done on the system or standard apps to have their UI adjust appropriately.)

  13. Dianne, isn’t the resolution of the Streak just about the same as most of the other new android devices? If so shouldn’t 2.2 work just fine?

  14. When one sees the prices of all of the newer phones, it makes you wonder if the $530 unlocked US + shipping and tax wasn’t such a bad deal?

    – Perfect size
    – Updates from Google
    – Specs are still comparable to other high end phones (even if they are slowly being overtaken)
    – Lots of mods available now

    Part of me regrets not getting one.

  15. You glue yourself to Ma Bell for 2 years and you only get a lousy $250 off the price?
    This phone should be FREE with a new 2 year plan (or less than $100 atleast)
    For perspective, with T-mobile, the monthly price difference between a discounted phone (Even More plan) and full price phone (Even More Plus plan) is $480 over 2 years.
    I imagine AT$T pricing would be similar if they ever offered a no-contract plan (as if that would ever happen)

  16. Yeah, they wont change ur data plan. I had a data plan back on a Rizr z3 for 14.99… still have it and use it on my Acer Liquid flawlessly ^_^

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