This is the Samsung Intercept Headed to Sprint

The lesser-known Samsung Intercept has just had its beauty shots leaked. The device is heading to Sprint and will essentially be regarded as the step-up from the Samsung Moment. It features Android 2.1, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth 2.1, a 4-row slideout QWERTY keyboard, and Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 interface. It looks like it could also be headed our way in more than one color judging by the different bevels in the picture below.


It’s said that we should be seeing the device July 11th, just four days before Verizon unleashes their latest gift to the world. This device might be ideal for some people, but assuming that the cost of ownership turns out to be lower, would you still pass this device up for the Sprint Epic 4G?

[via Samsung Hub]

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  • Quentin Biles

    Looks like the Epic’s younger, uglier sibling.

  • youwishyouknew

    As a Moment user, I can say IMO that no matter how ‘good’ this device is supposed to be, I’m not at all interested. Its Epic or Evo, most likely Epic.

  • kent

    it depends on what the stats are going to be if the rumors are true and it is the same hardware like the moment it will passed up by alot of people

  • TheTechnophilia

    I would never pass up the Samsung Epic 4G for this lower grade Android device!! Hell Noooo!! Though its a nice cell for the simpletons and beginners thats now coming from Apple iPhone-4-Looser Device and AT&T bad 3G services. LoL. BTW (By the Way)… EVO is EVO-LUTIONARY.

  • dman977

    Sprint passes the Nexus One up, yet puts out this junk. What about those who don’t want a keyboard or to carry around a tablet pc in their pocket like the EVO?! Sprint needs a Nexus One/Droid Incredible equivalent. Like 3.7 AMOLED, w/camera flash, w/o physical keyboard, optical trackpad or no trackpad, and 1GHz processor. What do you say Sprint? If you had had the Nexus One available while people were being turned away or waiting on the Droid Incredible, you would have snatched up those sales.

  • swazedahustla

    Sprint has the EVO….nuff said. *slamming mic on the ground*

  • g1-and-only

    @dmann977, I feel you, I’m on tmo with 2.2 and I don’t get all the hype with 4.3 screens. There nice but I plan on keeping my nexus until it dies, its hella fast and the camera has a flash as well as take great pics. (Or you could come to the dark side) its really not that dark at all, honestly I’ve never had a dropped call but I’m in Maryland

  • SK

    I agree with dman977 completely!

  • echoblown

    Moment has done pretty well, and if this is an improved Moment, then it could be a nice machine. I’m sick of screen keypads, and until Sprint and everyone else gets 4G as the norm, it’s not completely worth paying more for a spotty service. Even iPhone4 is still in 3G. Hoping that the Intercept will have a much faster processor and better camera and will get the Android 2.2 upgrade. Screen size is such a debatable subject.

  • Niko

    I agree with dman977 as well!

  • cnstarz

    good to see that the samsung moment is being retired from beta testing and is now being replaced by a possibly-working version.

  • Daniel S

    I become eligible for an early upgrade on July 1st, and was planning on picking up a Moment to replace my old and dying Blackberry Curve. Now…I might just wait til the 11th to see the pricing and availability date….

  • Irvin

    @dmann977 Sprint does have a android phone with no physical keyboard you ass the HTC hero and soon it’s rumored to have the Hero 2

  • neoxoen

    the reason that sprint passed it up was it was too risky for people to buy also rumor had it that it would have been limited to abysmal speeds on the cdma side at least that the story the higher ups told us employees, also nexus one recovery fee of 150 was just another headache that sprint did not wanna deal with imagine a 350 etf for canceling after 30 days that pisses people off

  • Creighton

    Ok So I have the Moment and would not get this phone for the mere fact that its pretty much the same actually not as good WHY??? did they not include a flash on the camera like the Moment has which works great and is a bright camera flash what a dumb move!

  • http://urm? eerb

    yeah im a touch screen new fangled phone n00b. does the intercept have a flash or no? this shits confusing. and it acts like a computer that has a virus. brand spanking new. i personally think the old phones before all this touch screen hype.. worked much better.