Jun 29th, 2010

We expect Verizon to continue the Droid Does train with the release of the Motorola Droid X headed our way in just over two weeks, but it seems the device will get shine in some of Verizon’s other ads, as well. The latest comes from the newly launched “Rule the Air” campaign that Verizon’s dropped the well-known “Can You Hear Me Now?” for.

The Droid X is seen in several instances as a woman makes her commute through the city streets. Even the buildings and other random objects around the area take their cues from the Transformers-esque nature of the Droid X’s aura. Love it or hate it, Verizon’s going strong with their “Rule the Air” image, and the Droid X is just as much a part of it as we expected it to be.

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