EVO 4G OTA May Have Also Addressed Security Concerns


Remember back when the HTC EVO 4G first came out and everyone was heading straight for the hills due to possible security flaws (or security benefits, if you’re on the other side of the boat)? The fact that the device was rooted just a couple of days after Google gave it out to 5,000 developers at IO was the first major hint that something wasn’t right, as well as the revelation of a root-only app working for non-rooted EVO 4Gs.


That app would be ShootMe, and it’s been tested against yesterday’s OTA update that Sprint pushed out to their users. It’s reportedly no longer working after applying the new firmware version, so it’s possible Sprint plugged up more of those potential security holes that had everyone afraid.

[via TalkAndroid]

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  1. I just got off the HTC webiste and the Evo 4g is no where to be found. I wonder why that is. I’m still gonna get one in a couple months. I haven’t seen another phone that matches it’s specifications. Of course I’m not extremely educated with phones either.

  2. huh?
    so does it break root in some instances?

  3. I had my phone using unrevoked when installed the update. Now mtg phone still works. Slightly better than before but unrevoked doesn’t work and shoot me doesn’t work as well. So I installed both until they can be fixed later

  4. Yep, ShootMe is no longer working. Shoot!

  5. damn it, i love that app

  6. i think people don’t know how to install updates. Why install an update twice when its the same update? People are always in a hurry and refuse to pay attention so if they bricked their phones its their fault. Plus besides the fact that most of the bricked phones where rooted!! I mean are you serious? Why update your phone if you rooted it? Duh!

  7. Does ShootMe do anything besides take a screenshot of your phone? Why would they feel the need to block it?

  8. It did break that fake root method unrevoked, but for the un rooted phones, it just closed the loophole that allowed shootme to work. Now you will need root in order to use that app.

  9. @Jnl813

    Please give the URL to the real tutorial, not Gizmodo’s Butchered version…


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