Samsung Galaxy S Pro Gets Specced


It’s easy to assume that the Samsung Galaxy S Pro will be the same phone as the Galaxy S with the added flexibility of having a full QWERTY keyboard. Still, we’re ecstatic to take a peek at what may end up being the phone’s final spec sheet.


The information was sent to Android Central by one of their “trusted” tipsters and it looks like it’ll be just as powerful as the original Galaxy S, if not more. It has the same ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor, a screen around 4-inches in size, 512MB of RAM, 8.2GB of ROM (for now, we’re assuming that a majority of that could be what we know as internal storage), WiFi up to N, a 5-megapixel camera on the rear (capable of capturing HD video), a front-facing VGA camera, WiMax radios (the phone’s long been rumored to be headed for Sprint), and the keyboard, of course.

Their tipster also dropped some light impressions of the phone after getting their lucky hands on it. If you want to take a look at the rest of those details, be sure to jump over to Android Central now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The dumb phones at the phone stores look better than these Samsung phones.

  2. This is the best news ever!!
    i’m so excited about the array of android superphones coming out with physical keyboards!
    now i’ve got a choice between Moto Droid2 and Samsung Galaxy S Pro! AWESOME

    Cyanogen is doing an awesome job keeping my HTC Dream alive and interesting (just flashed CM5.0.8, i really recommend it) but i’m due for a new phone :)

  3. this looks like it’ll beat the htc evo. it’s a shame, the evo was such a promising device but htc really dropped the ball, as always. unresponsive screen, choppy graphics due to 30fps limit imposed, poor battery life, non-amoled display, glass separation issues (yes, mine is affected) and the list goes on.

  4. It looks more like the successor for the Samsung Moment.

  5. Definitely the moment 2

  6. I owned the Samsung moment the Galaxy S Pro is so nice I wouldn’t even put it in the same sentence of the Samsung Moment I’m so glad I got rid of it for the Evo. I have to admit the Galaxy is all around amazing.

  7. Better looking than our AT&T crappy S.

  8. I love the EVO trashing going on… You’ve got the aire to the Moment here for the keyboard lovers, and the aire to the Hero in the EVO. Sure there are some bugs, but firmware shall fix them, eventually. I still say that the EVO met my expectations and is a great phone. Perfect, no, but there’s no perfect device out yet, nor will there be.

    Now I only hope for 2.2 and a few more great entertainment features…. netflix… netflix…. netflix…

  9. Sprint. Why does it have to be Sprint… Especially since the Galaxy S is apparently going to T-Mobile, why would the same thing with a keyboard not be? Come on, T-Mobile, give me a Droid 2 competitor. (MyTouch Slide is not it.)

    We really really need to break this carrier/phone bundling. It’s terrible for consumers and terrible for the market.

  10. Still no LED Flash? FAIL! Nice try Samsung. Just give me the Galaxy S and add a LED Flash and you are good.

  11. Why Sprint? :( that means will be CDMA, right?

  12. The Galaxy S does have flash. In addition to flash it has 16million colors, a sim card (possible world phone) and a better processor than all of the other Android phones that are out currently. Plus it plays Sprint TV over 3G, 4G or wifi!! Yes!!

  13. it needs a trackball. wish HTC and Sprint would work together and make a pop out QWERTY keyboard with android and a trackball… would be brilliant.

  14. there is a flash, lokk at the shots. ;)

  15. @waazzuppp hey man, it’s “heir”, not “aire”. As in, successor. Sometimes bad spelling really does make things hard to understand…

  16. I like that this is an everything phone. Maybe Motorola can pull off their 2 ghz “utopia” phone but will it have a s-amoled screen?
    Here’s another interesting point: “Other radios: EVDO Rev. A./Wimax. Additional SIM card slot points to possible World phone.”
    Even if you don’t travel it’s nice to know this phone ‘does.’

  17. Exactly, @Larry Garfield I’d really *really* like to move on from my rooted G1, but haven’t seen a Tmo phone worthy of it. We’re getting the SMGS, so why not the SMGS Pro in Droid/Droid2(Incredible) fashion? It only makes sense…

  18. Had g1 for 15 months…..got mytouch slide now….not as strong as droid or evo, but way better than my g1. And if tmo does finally get that super android contraption that continues to elude them, I will just upgrade.

  19. this will be one of the best phones of 2010. mark my words…

  20. This is the phone that I have been waiting for! Im hooked on a slide qwerty keyboard but want an android. The question is… Will ATT adopt this phone? Does anyone know if the S Pro is planned for ATT?

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