Jun 20th, 2010

Following the news that a new build of Android 2.2 was floating around the Googleplex, we’ve finally gotten the OTA file in downloadable form. The file – which originally popped up on XDA (where most of these goodies tend to come from)  – is about 1.86MB in size and is designed to be flashed over FRF50 (trying to flash it over anything else simply won’t work).


Notable improvements from the new build include a speed bump in the stock browser, around 50MB of increased internal storage space, better flash support, and improved 3G reception (something a lot of Nexus One owners would be glad to hear). If you flashed the first leak of Android 2.2, then those same steps will apply here. You can find those instructions by following this link, but just remember that we aren’t responsible for anything that happens to your phone: we’re only the messengers.

[Update]: Download can be found here.

[via Android & Me]

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