Froyo’s FRF72 Build Has Been Leaked, Get It Now

Following the news that a new build of Android 2.2 was floating around the Googleplex, we’ve finally gotten the OTA file in downloadable form. The file – which originally popped up on XDA (where most of these goodies tend to come from)  – is about 1.86MB in size and is designed to be flashed over FRF50 (trying to flash it over anything else simply won’t work).


Notable improvements from the new build include a speed bump in the stock browser, around 50MB of increased internal storage space, better flash support, and improved 3G reception (something a lot of Nexus One owners would be glad to hear). If you flashed the first leak of Android 2.2, then those same steps will apply here. You can find those instructions by following this link, but just remember that we aren’t responsible for anything that happens to your phone: we’re only the messengers.

[Update]: Download can be found here.

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  • Gabriel

    Awesome! But is this build only for the nexus one users?

  • phoenix

    with the reports that the previous version was not the official one, i think i’ll wait this time for the roll out.

  • http://? Nick

    Where is the download link?

  • Leon

    I think we all know the official OTA is going to arrive in the coming week and at worst, in the next two weeks. Either to counter Apple or just because the phrase “Comping weeks” issued at the Google I/O will have been surpassed and would need to be changed to “Coming months” :)

  • g1-and-only

    I did it and the browser was acting up so I did a wipe and now it works fine. I couldn’t press home from the stock browser but now
    Everything works fine and fast. I’m just glad I wont need a phone for at lease 2 years. Nexus 1 Tmobile

  • David K

    Anybody know if this works for the Rogers/AT&T version, or the Tmo only again? I suppose if nobody knows, I’ll give it a shot.

  • Andy

    If we update with this,when the official one comes out will it still upgrade ok?

  • 2C

    Updated my phone yesterday and haven’t had one problem other than having to re add some of my home screen icons. Other than that its been running smooth for me.

  • Pedro Rodriguez

    Guess I’ll wait.

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    Sorry about that. Download link included.

  • David K

    Nevermind…. looks like it’s an update from FRF50… back to waiting for that “few weeks” to come.

  • Mark J

    Both downloads were from a google code website. Works extremely well! Incredible speed. Update improves 3G speed. No stability problems. I highly recommend updating

  • john

    The first comment is the best one.

  • just some dude

    I had froyo running, then did the update. Cant really see any difference. Went back to CM Mod. ill wait till the official release hits or till Cyanogen gets his hands on it.

  • olypdd

    Updated….again, and it’s working great. I think there are still some touch screen activations right above the soft keys that go away after turning the screen off and back on. Thought that would be resolved.

  • James

    Updated yesterday. Haven’t noticed any differences other than its more stable. If you manually installed FRF50 then see no reason why you would not want to install this newer updated version. If you want to wait, then wait.

  • Tony

    Is this one allowing protected apps in the market or does it suffer from the same problem as the original Froyo OTA?

  • bolpen

    Updated a few hours ago. More memory (40-50mb) made available.

  • shhon75

    Downloaded it about 45min ago and it’s working perfect for me. i haven’t notice any problems yet.

  • cr0wnest

    Installed the FRF72 yesterday. Overheated my phone after that, left it in my pocket with no background apps running and it suddenly became EXTREMELY hot. However it was ok after rebooting the phone, still ok now, works like normal.

    Anyway i havent noticed any difference at all from the FRF50 build. Whats this thing about 50MB more internal storage space and improved 3G?

  • ned

    I have a Nexus One with 2.2 (FRF50), not rooted.

    I’ve renamed the .zip file to (no it does not say

    When I run the update using the tutorial posted in this article ( the same one I used to install 2.2) I get this error:

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    Verifying current system…
    assert failed: apply_patch_check(“/system/framework/framework.odex”, “…”, “…”)
    E:error in /sdcard/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted

  • I.G. Khan

    any help the native browser not working with 3G after update to froyo 2.2 FRF72, the mini opera is working fine, native browser working fine with WIFI but not with 3G please help thanks

  • Bob campbell

    Does any one know if this update fixes missing apps in the app market

  • Rahul

    Mr Khan – I had the same issue, browser not working with 3G but working with WIFI (with FRF50) and working fine for Opera.

    I guess Opera works on a different port or something different from native browser.

    Not sure which connection were you using, but mine was MTNL Jadoo. I removed the proxy from my network and everything was fine after that. I guess my proxy was wrong. But that not sure why it was working earlier on Android 2.1.

    Try if this helps.

  • Max

    I lost sype functionality with this update….

  • Max

    Also, where is my color trackball that I’ve been waiting for!

  • metric152

    I upgraded to it and now the proximity sensor no longer works when calling someone. Also swype doesn’t work anymore. I would suggest people hold off on this update.

  • Joe

    I got the same error. I redownloaded the update from and it worked fine.

  • HossJT

    I updated and see no issues yet. Browser works fine with 3G and trackball is still colored on certain alerts. I do not use swype, so I cannot confirm/refute those issues.

  • Tosh

    Uninstalling and re-installing Swype fixes the issue. Works fine on mine.

  • jin

    Nothing changed

  • http://XDA nphilly

    I have an unrooted n1. I did the first update frf50 and now have
    frf72. Downloaded both. Do not put change name to “”.
    Just change to “update”. Go to recovery and apply. Reboot, enjoy..

  • Alex

    My 3G signal doesnt switch to edge…..besides that, nothing new. I don’t see the 50mb bump in storage.

  • plano

    I’m getting an ‘Untrusted Site’ when I go to the link for download. What’s up with that?

  • Ronald

    This update is great…just uninstall swype and reinstall our you should be fine..
    I got a 50mb internal memory boost…and a minor google voice update..also the color track ball had been working in many different colors since the first froyo update..
    The 3g reception its better and my stock browser is much faster..I’m running stock N1 2.2


    Tried to update but it keeps telling me the update isn’t signed using amon RA 1.7 recovery, frf50 rooted

  • kyle

    I updated and most things still work. My car dock didn’t work w/ the first Froyo update and still doesn’t work w/ this one. They made some car mode changes that I like, but the inability to make bluetooth work while docked is a killer for me (CA, hands free). I think they are making progress, but if this version is any indication we are far from seeing an official Froyo release.

  • max

    Uninstalling and then re installing swype did the trick but can anyone help me with getting my trackball to change colors

  • Bigscout79

    Having issues with wifi wpa2 tethering. Works fine open and worked fine before on 50.

    Any way to downgrade to 50 without a wipe?

  • Ronald

    I use handcent for my text messages and I go into notification settings and there is a trackball color settings…they have presets and custom colors…and I have been using the colors since the 1st froyo update