ShapeWriter For Android Supposed to be Taken Off Of The Market Today


ShapeWriter’s sent a notice to all of their customers stating that the app will be pulled off of the Android Market on June 20th (that’s today). While the day has yet to fully conclude in most parts of the world, ShapeWriter appears to still be in the market at the time of this posting.


User Notice: We plan to take ShapeWriter off the Android Market on June 20, 2010 for an indefinite period of time, If you have purchased or downloaded ShapeWriter Keyboard on your Android device, please update it to the latest Version 3.0.9 which will not expire as the previous versions do. We thank you for your interest and support.

They have not given a specific reason at this time, but signs are pointing to the company’s recent fortune of being acquired by Nuance – the folks behind the brilliant Natural Speaking software. We’ve contacted ShapeWriter for comment, but don’t be surprised if all we get out of it is a regurgitated statement.

[via Android Central]

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  1. Didn’t like shape writer compared to swype.

  2. Erm… if only you had scrolled down the Shapewriter page you link to..

    “As we bring Shapewriter into the Nuance family, please note that we are suspending downloads of the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile applications.”

    Can it be any more specific on why it’s being pulled?

  3. Yes why is it getting pulled

  4. @SK That doesn’t necessarily explain “why”. I even echoed that sentiment in the original text. When I ask “why”, I’m asking “Why did it get taken down due to Nuance’s acquisition of ShapeWriter?”

  5. I think Shapewriter is FAR superior to Swype , I had swype and uninstalled it , this is far better

  6. @sjcea: Serious question: in what is it superior to Swype? Having tried both, I kept coming back to Swype because Shapewriter seemed to require straighter lines than I could draw.

  7. They’re probably taking it down to rebrand it.

    It’s an unbelievable app. I have a G1, but plan on going sans keyboard for my next Android, which is why I’m preparing. Shapewriter makes me say “No keyboard, no problem”

  8. I found it much easier to use than Swype on my Incredible , and I like its spell checker better and it is also better when you dont want to use a swiping motion and use it like a regular keyboard , Swype was not as accurate and the letters are spaced closer together

  9. Shapewriter and Swype both suck hardy balls. I’ll stick with AOSP keyboard any damn day of the week.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it be adapted to Blackberry in the near future.

  11. shapewriter sucked anyways. Swype is better. Glad it came preinstalled on my mtSlide

  12. shapewriter not working on HTC Hero Help!!!

  13. @Last_European_Cavemen works fine on mine! Although I’m running a hacked 2.1 build, still waiting on the official 2.1. You sure you enabled it in settings > keyboard and languages?

    I used to think Swype was better than ShapeWriter, but since the Swype beta came out I find ShapeWriter has it beat on most fronts.

    Ways ShapeWriter is better:

    1. Double Letters: ShapeWriter has far better recognition of double letters. Words like food, need, mood – anything with a middle double letter requires a crazy squiggle on a tiny one letter area in Swype where ShapeWriter just gets it

    2. Speed: ShapeWriter comes up with the words faster – Swype can get really slow.

    3. Puncutation: ShapeWriter does punctuation without needing to manually add it in Swype style. It just guesses it. For contractions like Don’t/Can’t/Won’t you just write dont/cant/wont, whereas in Swype you have to additionally add in the ‘ or it gets very confused

    4. Capitalization: While Swype lets you put sentence case on things as you type (by swiping off the top of the keyboard) ShapeWriter lets you toggle the case after the word is written, between lower case, Sentence Case and UPPER CASE

    Ways Swype is better

    1. Dedicated comma button: In ShapeWriter you have to choose full stop and then select the comma suggestion. The crazy thing is they have a dedicated @ symbol button and a dedicated smiley button, could easily replace one of those with a comma!

    2. URLS: I live in ireland, where our TLD is ‘ie’. ShapeWriter auto spaces and Capitalises ‘.i’ turning it into ‘. I’ meaning I have to go back and edit any URL I type in. Swype is better at this.

    3. Sensitivity / Button Size: In ShapeWriter, its very easy to type ‘lil’ instead of deleting things or changing the case. The Delete button could be better.

    Overall, ShapeWriter has more points, and more crucial points. The double letters one in particular really annoys me about Swype. On the other hand, the .ie problem is a real pain too. I really hope Nuance listen to the feedback of users, because with a few small changes ShapeWriter would be close to perfect for me.

  14. @roryok settings > keyboard and languages? then what? cant seem to activate.

  15. I’ve been using swype and I LOVE IT.

    i wish i could have compared it to shapewriter, but oh well, it’s already out of the market, but i’ve become accustomed to swype, and it is exemplary !

  16. @cave monkey
    when you’re in a text field press and hold for input method option. Choose Shapewriter.

  17. Here it is… tested it myself. v3.0.9.rar.htm

  18. I used swype and shapewriter but shapewriter understands my sliding better. I didn’t even have to peek at the board to slide.

    For swype it’s more hazzle to type double letter words like “tool” etc. It’s also stupid that you have to go to dictionary and add words because you can’t add it directly as you type.

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