HTC Selling the EVO 4G Themselves, Too; $549 Off-Contract, Pre-order Now


HTC’s launched their preorder site for the HTC EVO 4G for Sprint. They’re offering three different conditions under which you can pre-order: you can buy the phone with a new Sprint service plan for $199.99 (after a $100 instant online discount), you can buy the phone with a contract extension if you’re a current Sprint customer for $299.99 (after a $150 instant online discount), or you can buy the phone outright for $549.99 without the need to mess with those ugly agreements. Regardless of how you buy it, you won’t have to worry about paying for shipping.


It sounds like the off-contract pricing will vary depending on who you buy the phone through. Best Buy is expected to sell the phone for $600 without a two-year contract, while we’ve learned Sprint might just be charging $449.99 (we confirmed that with a Sprint PR rep not too long ago). Radio Shack, however, looks to be selling it for $499.99.

If you’re looking to buy the phone with a two-year agreement, though, most of these retailers are offering it for the same price after their instant or mail-in rebates, putting it at $199.99. The only thing differentiating these retailers, then, would be any side-offers they’re willing to throw in (such as Radio Shack offering a $20 gift card toward accessories for your new phone).

So where will you pre-order your EVO 4G?

[via GoodAndEvo]

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  1. So IS there something called off-contract pricing as far as the sprint monthly plans? If so, how much less is it compared to on-contract pricing?

  2. I like the sound of buying it off contract :D

  3. Unless Sprint offers cheaper monthly pricing people who pay full price for the phone (like Tmo), then paying full price is insane. Your better off just signing the 2 year contract and cancelling it an paying the $350 ETF, if you eventually need to get out of the contract. You’d be almost paying the same price total, without the huge up-front money.

  4. I’ll buy it for $275 w/one year contract. It works out to $50 cheaper to change after 1 yr. (early term fee is $120 after 12 months on a 2yr contract)

  5. When does HTC guarantee delivery?

  6. Don’t forget about the worthless $10 EVO tax. People need to boycott the fee. check out explainthefee dot com

  7. To bad this is on Sprint . I am waiting for the = or better to show up on VZW

  8. +1 on explainthefee.com!

  9. People complaining about the fee should look at buying a metro pcs or boost mobile phone or some crap like that … Get over it this is a great phone at a decent company(sprint) who let’s u upgrade every year and also has some of the cheapest uncapped plans available compared to AT&T VZW and TMO… Go buy the incredible and then a year from now let’s compare bills and total cost and fees on similar plans and even with the EVO tax I’ll still save more then u!…hands down gaurenteed

  10. whats with the trade-in value option?

  11. Sorry for the noob question. I understand this phone is designed for WiMAX. But, is it possible to run this phone on VZW’s network?

  12. I did Best Buy first, but they used up all their pre-orders, so I went to Radio Shack, didn’t realize they were even offering it or did the instant rebate as well.

  13. DJ… Verizon doesn’t have a 4G network in place and won’t have for another year. Verizon is also a CDMA network, so down the line you might be able to jailbreak the EVO for use on Verizon. Sprint’s plan pricing kicks everybody’s ass, however.

  14. I have obviously done allot of research on this phone and its features and really was impressed that Sprint has started to really excel in what I need in the service I have had for a long time. When I noticed that Sprint was expanding into 4G service I was so excited but to me this was tunnel vision. The tunnel vision I refer to is to enhance the network in areas people receive 3G service while forgetting about the huge businesses tat have factories and plants in a roaming network, keeping making what makes Sprint popular to more customers not just the 4G “New” Network.
    Evo, sweet Evo, I will buy you and worship all your features that you can achieve and do while I’m in roaming at work but wait I have to pay $10.00 extra per month to use an outstanding phone (that is perfectly made for me) and not be able to see the benefits of a “Premium Data” usage? I agree with all the websites and personnel who want this phone but don’t see the point of the $10.00 fee for having this phone.
    I see it like this: Sprint will not be able to afford to build up the 4G network in all areas so what they will do is fee everyone that is buying this phone that is not in a 4G area already and use that money to help fund their expansion. I will be sprint here “So with all the fee’s we have received lets focus on building the 4G service in areas we can get more new customers or where the most “Fee” money is being paid in” That’s how I see this going.

    Thanks again and make the fee optional!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Whats the advantage of buying this off-contract? I have to sign up for service with Sprint anyway, considering they are the only ones offering 4G in limited areas! The only other CDMA provider would be Verizon but then again those guys might be using LTE for 4G instead of Wimax.

    So basically… why the heck would you pay full price unless you need a paper-weight!

  16. Why do some people comment, “too bad it’s on Sprint”? Sprint and Verizon have identical networks, Sprint was rated slightly ahead of Verizon in call quality. Not to mention Sprint has better and cheaper plans than Verizon. If you’re waiting for the EVO to land on Verizon, you will be waiting a very-very long time. The EVO (or a variant) is not going to Verizon.

  17. My brother uses Sprint and has never had any problems with their service. I was shocked to see Sprint had twice ATT’s 3G coverage and fourteen times that of T Mobile. That’s most probably why my iPhone sucks when it comes to downloading pages. I will definately look into the Evo when it is launched. The specs make me want to drool and I don’t think Apple can match launch anything that will come close to the Evo’s specs, so I think it is about time I consider changing carriers.

  18. From what i understand to access the phones wifi you have to buy the mobile hot spot for 30 a mo. Can anyone shed some light on this issue. Thanks

  19. Reggie, from what I understood was that you can use the wifi normally, but in order to use it as a hot spot, that would cost the $30.

  20. Use this code get 25 bucks off 25RAFPCVER1

  21. Reggie, what Boozer said is correct, however when HTC finally puts out the 2.2 update for their new phones hotspot/tethering should be free, unless HTC modifies it so that you can’t use it for free(for reasons like carriers going “Whahhhh, we’ll lose profit if people won’t have to pay for it”)… considering the popularity of the phone, all the geeks will jump on it and hopefully will get it rooted. (Mind you, no offense meant by “geeks,” I’m a geek too – my expertise is engineering though, not software)

    As for the $10/month premium data fee, a guy at BestBuy I was talking to this weekend said that a Sprint rep told them that 4G should be coming to our area (NY/NJ/Tri-State area) on September 1st. Granted he’s a salesman, but it seems believable considering that a lot of sources say that 4G should be rolling out in new areas in the later half of this year.

  22. I’m getting it for $125 after two credits ($50 in my bill and $25 instant i think) thru a sweet deal that StudentRate is offering, free activation too. Only downside is it’s online only, but they throw in free overnight shipping so you get it next monday and save some $110.

  23. Just to make it clear – the phone does not use a sim card, right?

  24. Found out from a Sprint store rep yesterday that the Evo will only be offered on Friday in store to first time customers-so what about those loyal to sprint? I ended up reserving mine from Radio shack-first-I do not have to wait for 8weeks to get the rebate-it is instant plus I get $20 towards accessories.

  25. I love how you all complain about a 10.00 DATA Fee when Sprint is giving you unlimited 4G Data use on the fastest cellular network there is so far! I dont get it if you have an issue with it go buy yourself an IPhone an pay AT&T’s 25.00 a month 2 gig Data Service Fee and yes they now cap you and charge you data overage fees. Our you can pay 30.00 data service fees with Verizon and I beleive they are still doing unlimited but knowing them they will follow suit. Sprint offers you unlimited data in there data plans which are allready cheaper then both major providers and gives you unlimited mobile to mobile calling to any network. So what there chargeing you 10.00 more a month for 4g big deal there still cheaper then both when you so the math so quit your bitching!

  26. The current Verizon Equivalent to the EVO (-) Front Facing camera (-) 4.3″ screen (-) 8 node WiFi hot-spoting (-) the 4G radio/sw; is called the Droid Incredible.

    Stay tuned, I have a feeling something else from other manufactures is coming to Verizon real soon! ;-)

  27. Is it possible to buy this phone off contract for international use (with no warranty of course)? I’d like to try and purchase it for use (will definitely root it!) in South Africa.

  28. I wasn’t upset about the extra $10 per month fee until I found out the truth! I was told I had to pay the extra fee b/c of the 4G service…..what anyone FORGOT TO MENTION is that I live in po-dunk IOWA and we don’t even have 4G in our area!!!!!!!!! so thanks to the stinkin sales rep I am paying extra for a feature that I don’t have; then I was given another explanation….”YOU have to pay the extra fee b/c of all the extra features of the phone”…ahhhh HELLLLOOOO isn’t that why I paid for an “UPGRADE”…..either way I LOVE MY EVO!!!!!!!!!! IT is super duper Fun; still figuring it all out; but it isn’t anywhere near as fast as it could be b/c we don’t have a 4G network. I feel in the future….this info should be provided to their very “loyal and paying on time and don’t complain” customers!

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