Xperia X10 Mini Coming to O2 June 2nd, Mini Pro Coming June 24th

We heard that ┬áthe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini would be launching on various carriers in June (with various bundle options showcased in the official unboxing video), and it should already be available in Sweden through a few channels, but aside from Vodafone we weren’t sure who else would be getting this tiny Android handset. It looks like O2 will also be among the first to carry the X10 Mini, which should be ready for purchase on June 2nd. The hardware-keyboard-laden X10 Mini Pro will be getting a launch later in the month on the 24th.

Check out our hands-on video from Google I/O to get an idea of what the X10 Mini is all about:

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog]

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  • AndyMac

    T-mobile (UK) are advertising the x10 mini pro for July’10 arrival. Expecting SE to put it back another 4 times yet, perhaps a November release? Just in time for Christmas. If it does get put back AGAIN, maybe it’s for good reason i.e. O/S upgrade from 1.6 to 2.2? Seems like the kind of thing SE would be investing their time and.. ha ha ha! SORRY! sorry! I almost did it without laughing then, so close. They’ll probably just put it back as they need more time to ponder on how multiple SMS works.

  • si_lance

    I want one.

  • Kevin

    Too dang small. Like the theory behind it and all, that it is totally customizable – but a 340X240 screen? That is only 20pixels taller than my Blackberry curve display.

    They should have left off the hardware buttons and left it totally a touchscreen display.

  • Mikael

    Living in Sweden, I got one two days ago. Not to small, I can tell you. Everything working quick, slick and fine. Hopefully this will give SE a break. I just threw the X2 out the window ’cause it was crap, so don’t mistake me for a designated SE fan…. :-) I only hope that an update of the Android is imminent, ’cause the 1.6 is too darn old….

  • AndyMac

    I agree with Kevin, the loss of hardware buttons would have left room for increased screen size, thus making the phone a more impressive unit. I just wish these companies would ask people like us before they manufacture these things. However, I still think its good enough ‘at current spec’ to completely sink the pre plus out of the market. Palm better hope its not released any time soon….

  • Steve

    Gee could they make that phone any thicker ?? What a piece of crap !!

  • Nightshade

    With the imminent release of the EVO 4G, they can keep these too little too late sorry excuses for Android phones. SE = A day late, a dollar short, and Android version behind (or two)

  • J

    If you think it is too small there are lots of alternatives that are larger. I guess SE aims the product at people like me, who have been saying “too large!” about all Android phones till now (and to the Iphone).

  • Pete Murrell

    iPhone sucks. They break all the time and before the x10 mini came out, all these damn phones were too massive. I have a computer at home to keep me up to date on all my internet stuff. I don’t wanna be carting around a lap top in my pocket. It’s a phone. Well done SE. And Nightshade, if you don’t like Android, don’t leave comments on an Android phone forum, nobody cares what you think. Oops. I think your shepherd is leaving, better go follow.

  • Pete Murrell

    Sorry, thought the Evo 4g was an iPhone cousin. Sorry Nightshade.