Business Tariff For HTC Desire Serves Up Unlimited Data, Text, and Voice Minutes on T-Mobile UK


T-Mobile has just sweetened the pot, pairing up the hottest handset in Europe with an unlimited data, text messaging, and voice minutes plan (something you don’t see every day on European carriers). The catch? You need to be a business user. But if you qualify, you’re on your way to all the unlimited goodness you want for £35 a month. And for the cherry on top you’ll get the Desire free.


They are even going so far as to knock down the cost to £20 for the first three months. I will call this one a deal if I ever saw one, too bad that pesky “business user” qualification will keep many from being able to take advantage of it (unless you can obtain a VAT number long enough to successfully complete the purchase online).

[via Eurodroid]

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  1. What happens if you get hit with some type of audit, and there is a record non-business related activity connected to these phones and businesses?

  2. So does running a website qualify you as a business? Sweet deal. that’s even cheaper than what they are offering here.

  3. You can get the Desire free on a 12 month Vodafone contract for GBP30 p.m. at dialaphone. Got mine this week and love it – plus 300 mins, 3000 texts and unlimited (500 Mb) data p.m. haven’t seen anything to beat that offer yet, and a proper chance to upgrade in only a year – none of this 24 month rubbish! Beat that!

  4. You don’t need to be VAT registered to run a business in UK. If you earn or will earn more than £67000 pa, then you must be registered or you can be registered voluntarily.

    Anyone could get this deal really, if you say you are a sole trader under your own name.

  5. 500mb is “unlimited” in europe?

  6. @billobob

    Yeah on vodafone it is at least, they call it fair usage in practice they will only really call you up on it if you continually exceed 500mb by a lot. All broadband and mobile suppliers have it though some have higher “unlimited” allowances than others.

  7. The 3 (Three) Network in the UK have the HTC DESIRE of some good deals and I think they have the best 3G coverage of all the networks, so says ofcom

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