SlingPlayer For Android Secretly Jumps Into Private Beta


Back in March, we heard at gdgt Live that Sling Media would be bringing out a version of their app for Android. SlingPlayer Mobile allows users to watch their television on their phone over a 3G connection (granted they have a SlingPlayer box in their home). They’d announced summer to be its landing date, and it sounds like they’re right on track: the app has just gone into private beta. The information comes to us through a tipster (who shall remain anonymous) that received an email damning them to hell if they were to share this information with the public.

Hi ,

The wait is finally over! A new private beta is available for the SlingPlayer Mobile for Android. Since your beta profile is a good match for testing, you have the opportunity to join the new beta program.

Please note this is a special invitation so do not share this email or the below URL with anyone else. Also, do not mention you received an invitation, that the beta is starting, or anything that’s related. Due to the overwhelming demand for this program, we’d like to keep things as quiet as possible. Just think of it as a secret club! ;)


So maybe they weren’t that harsh in threatening them, but they do insist on keeping this as much of a secret as possible. Unfortunately, our readers and tipsters are just way too awesome to keep this kind of stuff from us as soon as they get their hands on it. For that, we thank you (really, we wanted to send some M&Ms for your help, but anonymity forces our hand from doing so).

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Do we know which slingboxs it works with?

  2. Looking good thank goodness I have a slingbox player already but it seems outdated. Hope it works. BTW they pretty much failed their secret email lol.

  3. Slingbox is fantastic. I already pay plenty per month for cable tv. My pet Droid will soon get to watch what I want to watch whether we’re home or not. Alternatively, Verizon’s $15 per month mobile tv access has only a tiny handful of channels compared to my home cable service content that my Slingbox will soon will be slinging to my beloved Droid.

  4. I can’t wait for this app!

    Original reports said that the android slingplayer app will only work with newer Slingboxes. That rumor will probably be true.

    Another rumor is that this app was contingent on Adobe releasing their latest version of flash, 10.1, which would be Android-compatible.

    But if this private beta has been released into the (semi)wild before flash – then it destroys that rumor. This app must be stand alone and does not rely on Adobe Flash.

    ……….or the android slingplayer app has flash 10.1 somehow embedded in it……..

  5. arggh why does slingmedia keep leaving out the older slingboxs!!

  6. I’ve been waiting for this since the Motorola Droid was announced for Verizon.

    I wonder if someone may leak the beta so that others can unofficially test it out.

  7. Where is the link? Am I missing something?

  8. I want to PERSONALLY thank the blabbermouth idiot that BLATANTLY ignored the directions in the e-mail. What part of “secret”, “do not mention”, or “quiet” did they miss?

  9. Jay,

    Why are you offended by this?

  10. Will the sling app work over 3G or will it require Wifi connection like Iphone app?

  11. Mike, Jay is offended because Sling have now terminated the beta, which may mean that the official release will be delayed because they have to test internally with obviously more limited resources.

  12. Please , anyone has a link to download the SLING PLAYER beta ?

    I have been looking for this beta version everywhere and I only find the APK file on websites that requires you to sign up and pay for it…. but I thk that it is a scam.


    thanks a lot


  13. If you guys honestly believe that they canceled the beta program because of one guy sharing the private email with phandroid you’re nuts!

    They may have terminated the private beta simply because it was a short term beta to stretch its legs before an upcoming public beta sometime in the next 90 days.

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