Clearwire Confirms 2 New 4G-Ready Androids On The Way


The HTC EVO 4G is expected to be available soon, and one of its biggest draws is the fact that’s America’s first 4G-enabled phone. Without getting into the debate regarding WiMax 4G vs LTE 3G, we’re already starting to wonder about the next batch of 4G devices headed our way, and Clearwire’s got the goods. The phones would be donning Clearwire’s branding, but it’s not sure what markets they’ll be targeting or which carriers they’ll be pushing the phone through (they have a pretty big footprint in all forms of telecommunication).


HTC and Samsung are said to be the manufacturers of each device, respectively. The Samsung will be “an Android-based 3G/4G/WiFi device optimized for heavy video and video communications use,” while the HTC device will similarly be targeted as “a 3G/4G/WiFi enabled phone”. It’s suggested that – thanks to the lack of “Android-based” in the HTC device’s description – their device would actually be running the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series.

We’re set to see these devices sometime later in the year, but Clearwire hasn’t dropped any more details. Are you ready for the 4G invasion? It all begins this summer with the EVO 4G.

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  1. wouldn’t these come on sprint since they are the only wimax network? or is clear starting their own 4g network and will put att or verizon 3g and lower bands on it… that would be interesting… an att phone PLUS sprint’s 4g band

  2. Sprint owns majority stake in Clearwire, who owns the WiMax spectrum that goes out to 140-million people. It’s possible they could launch phone services with Sprint, and Data-only services with internet providers they have stake in (such as Time Warner).

  3. Clearwire uses T-Mobile bands right? or no?

  4. I have faith in Ma Man Dan Hesse. He Probably has these same Phones in the Oven For Sprint Later in the year.

  5. Mr. Hesse is proving to me that he is invaluable to Sprint. They are making a comeback, slowly but surely.

  6. Dan Hesse is proving himself. Definitely a comeback for Sprint like yall said. Sprint will rule

  7. Bring on the 4G devices and faster internet speeds in general, with all the HD content plus overly done flash web site, web surfing for power user’s (you know folks who have more than six tabs open in Firefox) seems slow these days…… maybe I should move to Europe or Asia??? -_-

  8. I’m almost certain the HTC device is the EVO. Check the Clear announcement: the cities rolled out in central Pennsylvania last week are the same cities Sprint rolled out 4G to last week. Not to mention Sprint is a major stakeholder in Clear.

    I have Clear for my home phone. I’ll be very interested in their pricing when the phones are released.

  9. I’m not that big of a fan of sprint but ya got to hand it to them for being the first 4g carrier.

  10. @Tallbruva Clearwire mentioned specifically that the EVO wasn’t the device in question.

  11. @2FR35H – Clearwire absolutely does not use any T-mobile bands. If T-Mo decides to enter the 4G arena they could most definitely ride on top clear’s infrastructure, same goes for any other provider out there. Clearwire is just infrastructure and Sprint is currently the only carrier that’s leveraging them.

  12. While I too have never been a big fan of Sprint, 4G and the EVO in particular are going to get me to switch back to them if TMO doesn’t step it up or a TMO compatible tablet doesn’t come out some time soon.

    I need a device with a larger screen for times and purposes when my laptop isn’t suitable and this is one of two smartphones with a very large screen. The other being the HD2 but given the fact that I cant even update it to WP7, I wont bother with it, especially since, ya know, I love Android!

  13. From what I’ve read- Sprint is misinforming the market- their “4G Network” is actually more equivalent to 3.5G’s

    JUST FYI- google it – don’t take my word for it

  14. Technically, nothing is 4G since nothing’s been certified as such. However, Sprint’s speeds are in range for the specification.

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