The Final Blow: Dell Thunder Completely Outshines the Flash and the Smoke


There’s a boatload of pun in that title and I didn’t even mean it! Anyway, the big Dell explosion (at least on the Android side of things) caps off with a monster of a device that made me wet my pants just a little bit. The Dell Thunder looks to be the third in a series of high-end devices that Dell has coming up in the pipeline.

It has a 4.1-inch WVGA OLED screen – something we were hoping the previously leaked Flash had – and the same custom UI that we’ve seen on Dell’s other two recently leaked offerings. It would be foolish to assume that this thing is running anything other than Froyo 2.2, especially considering the two lower-classed devices are poised to run it as well.


With the help of Flash 10.1 – which is currently in beta, and Adobe is expecting to bring out at the end of Q2 – there may also be a dedicated Hulu client making its way to the Thunder. There weren’t as many specs available for this gem, but an 8-megapixel camera makes us hopeful for more good news about the devices other components.

According to Engadget, you can look for this thing headed to AT&T (why are you guys getting all the Dell goods?!) in late 2010, with CDMA versions scheduled to release in 2011. Dell really did create a huge storm with all of these leaks (get it? Flash, Thunder, Lightning, Smoke? Lame?) and it’ll be fun to uncover this device piece by piece over the coming months. Head over to Engadget for more slides.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wow, as if i wasnt already regretting buying the nexus one.

  2. should keep the bladder control problems to yourself man. doesn’t work too well with the ladies =P

  3. kinda sad that they call the weaker phone the flash. considering light is so much faster than sound (thunder).

  4. There’s one more device – The Dell Looking Glass. This is a 7″ Android tablet with a Tegra 2 processor 4gb of ROM AND 4gb of RAM. It also have a microSD card slot that will support up to 32gb cards. It also have a USB port and a 1.3 megapixal Webcam. 3g is OPTIONAL. The release date for this is November!

    The WiFi only version is mine when it is released in November!!

  5. Q4 is too far away. Looks like dell is building similar hw for Windows mobile also.

  6. Dell is stupid for making this an ATT exclusive…ATT is going to be the new Sprint meaning they’re going to be bleeding contracts. I know I will never even consider going back to ATT unless they do some major overhauling of their network and customer service.


  8. now that’s a nice handset!

    but again, wtf?!?! why is AT&T getting all the best devices with that crap service. seriously Dell, partner up with Verizon and/or Sprint.

  9. I have to agree that this is a seriously sexy piece of tech. But if they hook up with AT&T and allow them to f*ck up the phone with AT&T crapware and a crippled Android experience I’ll personally track Michael Dell down, toss him over my knee and spank his dumb ass in public!

  10. Verizon is smart to stay away from Dell’s first go around in the Android market. Bugs, glitches, lockups, over-heating, you watch. Why do you think Dell Computers has dropped from #1 to 3rd in world-wide sales in the last few years?

  11. If there is an AT&T version, doesnt that mean it can be unlocked and put on T-mobile? But it wouldn’t have 3g? support? Hmmm. Why put such a nice phone on AT&T?

  12. What proof says this is going to AT&T?

  13. It’s amazing!
    And people are upset about their Hero not having 2.1
    The pace of new and exciting Android devices is almost blinding to me…there isn’t an Android phone that will be considered the “high end phone” for more than a few months before something newer, more powerful, slicker, or a 2.3, or 2.4, or 3 version comes along.
    Wish I had the $ to get a new phone every quarter.

  14. Pretty cool. It’s nice to see how, when Dell gets an idea, they run with it. They’re coming from nowhere to bigtime Android innovation in no time at all. Apple takes a year just to deliver one tablet and one new phone.

  15. Okay this is a great streak for DELL not only are they going to AT&T (The Nations Fastest 3G Network) & are (Rethinking Possible) but they are choosing the right path with a cell phone provider. I have been with every cell phone company and AT&T has been the best by far. I am excited that Dell is coming out with such a powerful punch in the cell phone industry! Dell just needs to take control and not let AT&T mess up Android and this phone with this company will demolish the rest!

  16. Ok I’m a little more impressed…but not enough to wipe the drool from my face as I stare at the Evo. Good thing I have some time to wait till my contract is up so I can take my pick of the Android cornucopia of devices. :D

  17. I’m not about to wait until 2011 for my first Android device. Already been waiting to long as it is.

  18. Hey stop all the hatin’ on AT&T getting some good phones. Until these come out the one and only phone AT&T has is the iPhone. ALL the good smartphones being made now are going to everyone but us.

  19. @boogerbomb well if its true what people are saying about at&t then that means its just the truth and not hate right? Anyhey yeah for Verizon not to be the first to snatch this phone on up…makes me wonder.

  20. Could someone please explain what the big deal is? It doesn’t look any sweeter than the Droid Incredible, and definitely not better than the EVO 4G or the Samsung Galaxy S. Plus, it looks kinda thick.

  21. As for AT&T getting it, it’s possible Verizon still wants to lock down connectivity until they nickel and dime their customers to death. Apple’s fairly open customer deal with AT&T is one reason why they didn’t go with Verizon.

  22. It only makes sence for companies to align themselves with AT&T. They get the people to buy their phones on AT&T and can then release them after the contract expires on verizon so people can switch back but have to buy a new phone. More sales will be expected. It’s about to happen with the iPhone.

  23. Ok all you morons, cdma is not AT&T, secondly AT&T does have the fastest 3g+ network, thirdly Androids freeze up because of the network they are on, not the software. What you ignorant people don’t know is that 99% of the time when a phone freezes, it’s because the software tells the phone to update information of the network before moving on, which means if it’s on a slow network like verizon, t-mobile, or sprint it will eventually freeze. Ever hear stories about the iphone freezing up and needing resets constantly? How bout the Blackberry bold? Didn’t think so. You may not like At&t or if you live in New York or San Fran you may have had a bad experience with those networks in the past, but the people who make the phones go with the company that’s going to get them the most money-At&t. At&t didn’t put adroid on their network at first because of the Apple deal. Since renegotiating their contract, they can now release smart phones that don’t have fruit on them. Now you all are in trouble. Oh and learn to think for yourselves, Verizon may have the largest 3g network, but smart people who actually have smart phones know which network actually works. Keep on with your old outdated 3g cdma, I’ll take my hspa+ any day of the week and twice on fridays…go at&t.

  24. @Wam 3g speed doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get it in your area. This is one of the reasons Verizon is the nation’s largest network. Checkmate.

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