Incredible April 29 Best Buy Release Confirmed

Just a few hours ago we gave you your first look at the HTC Incredible User’s Guide. Confirming the specs of the handset, it is looking to be one stellar Android device. Well, the Incredible news continues to break as PhoneArena has gotten a hold of some leaked shots of a few documents circulating around Best Buy confirming the launch date as April 29th.


There is still a chance that Verizon will officially launch their newest Android phone on Sunday, April 25th, with the Incredible making the trip to Best Buy’s shelves a few days later. Either way the bevy of new information about the device confirms that the release is only a few weeks away, and those eager to get their hands on one of these bad boys can sleep a bit easier.

[via PhoneArena]

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  • Curtis

    I got a Verizon Rep to confirm the April 29th Best Buy date!

  • Uncle Ruckus

    About Time!!!! I was waiting for this or the N1! But with the issuse going on with the N1 I’m leaning heavily in favor of the Incredible. Plus store support will be better for this phone! Thanks Phandroid!

  • jesus

    Stupid post. This is simply the images already uncovered yesterday by the forums. Someone just printed it out and snapped a camera phone picture.

  • Sean


  • @Flatline5

    Happy to hear such great news, I have been waiting for the Incredible since rumored for Verizon, however This will suddenly become the LONGEST MONTH EVER!!!

  • kaiyen

    just hoping best buy will take pre-orders…would love this phone before I head off to some travels.

  • jimbobk

    Eww best buys in houston don’t sell verizon phones anymore

  • Quentyn Kennemer

    This is a good date for Verizon as I don’t really see anything making a splash between now and then. They will be the carrier to keep an eye on for the next couple of months.

  • dbutts

    any idea on pricing? and will the /root be locked?

  • http://Panriod mike

    Will this phone properly sync with 2003 exchange server (small business server). The droid did not unless you purchaed a 3rd pary ap. If anyone has this info, please post it.

  • Sean

    It’s about time Verizon released a descent smart phone – their selection has thoroughly sucked!

  • Tim

    And still no news on quality AT&T Android phones…very disappointing.

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  • shawn

    i just got the droid devoure and i dont like it. too big too heavy. i want the new incredible. any tips on how to exchange on the 29th.

  • Bennett

    Shawn, checked with Verizon myself because I just got my Eris a week ago and they said that I could just tell Best Buy I need to do a worry-free guarantee when I go into get my Incredible. They will verify with Verizon that I’m eligible, sell me the Incredible at discounted price but I will be responsible for sending the phones back to Verizon, BB will not take them. Went in today and got our 2 $50 gift cards toward Incredible phones for me and the wife today, now just gotta wait!