Colorful Dell Streak Earns Flyer, Lands Amazon Partnership


The Dell Mini 5 looked pretty sweet ever since we saw the CEO showing it off. It got all officialized and the specs are set but since then we’ve been playing the waiting game. Introducing some new info: a flyer was just published on Engadget that shows the Dell Mini 5 WILL likely be called the Dell Streak, will come in a multitude of colors, and will rock an Amazon partnership that’ll boost it to new heights.



What a pleasant surprise! All this on top of a 5-inch screen (800×480 pixels), 5MP camera with autofocus/flash, front-facing camera for video chat, capacitative front buttons, and of course Android. I’m not hot. I’m not bothered. But I’m a little bit hot and bothered by the Dell Streak looking mmmm mmmm good.

Rob Jackson
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  1. That thing is beyond-sex. Price point and official provider. Well, I have the only providers worth a shit currently (Tmo/Vzw) so as long as it hits me there and NOT in my wallet, I’ve got about a $500 budget for it.

  2. That is one sexy piece of tech!!! If only Verizon would get it…

  3. @Rob
    Most of the rumors are saying att for a carrier. Hopefully if it is, they won’t cripple it like the Backflip.

  4. This is off topic. But why can’t I view images that are within an email on my android phone. I can only see attached images. I find this very lame.

  5. Dear iPad,

    Please take notes on how to be cool.

    Your friend in Christ,

  6. I really want this thing… Rumors say it won’t have a speaker or mic, though. That makes me very sad.

  7. @Jason
    But it is a phone how can it not have speaker and mic???
    DON’T Listen to rumors!

  8. Kindle “book reader” Applications
    is that mean kindle is coming to Android ,and is the “s” in the applications is typo or what ?

  9. I want it and I want it now!

  10. So is this going to be an actual phone i can make calls with?

  11. nevermind did my own research,

    says it has a mic and speaker

  12. Wait… wait!

    Did I see “Amazon Kindle Reader Application” on that list of features?

    Kindle is the ONE thing I’ve been waiting for before dumping iPhone and going Android full-time!

    I’m going to have to put this on my watch list!!

  13. Yeah, cool device but, the real BIG news here are KINDLE for Android!? So looking forward for it.

  14. This Phone may be my next phone! Front VGA camera for video chat! video skype anyone?

  15. I am not sure on this product.
    I will wait and see how good it really is when its released.

  16. Apple has a patent on uncomfortable names that Dell has just violated.

  17. I’m unclear on whether it requires a provider contract. I hope not…I plan to use it to replace an aging ipaq, not as a phone.

  18. Now this, seems practical. Good Price. I would buy this before one of those mini laptops.

  19. Verizon does have it its called Droid? Do you people live under a rock? Forget at&t and t mobile if you want three g you need Verizon. And if you’ve got $500 to spend get a contract at Verizon and get a Droid for $99. Idiots. What you gonna do buy the phone and have shitty service? Don’t forget you also have to make phone calls on it. Choose Verizon.

  20. i cant believe i get to try out this phone for a whole month and it comes in 2 days yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

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