Apr 1st, 2022

The Premier Rechargeable Active Pen from Dell has a clever trick up its sleeve that makes it simpler to locate when misplaced. It has built-in Tile object-tracing technology, which means you can use the company’s app to have the stylus buzz and flash its LED lights to help you find it when it’s nearby. If you lose it further away, Tile claims that its app will be able to show its last known location and use its network to locate it.

The Process

Image Source: Dell

Tile’s latest push into integrating its tracking technology into third-party gadgets is the stylus. Tile’s tracking network can now help discover compatible HP, MSI, and Fujitsu PCs, according to the company, which has been working with Intel for a couple of years to help track missing laptops. Its tracking technology can also be found in Sennheiser and Skullcandy headphones, Fitbit wearables, and even a Qalo dog ID tag. In addition to Tile’s core range of standalone devices, which track personal belongings like keys and wallets, the company is expanding its product line.

The Details

The Premier Rechargeable Active Pen from Dell costs $110 and is currently available for purchase. For that money, you’ll receive a stylus that can last up to 40 days on a single charge and can be re-charged to 80% via USB-C in 20 minutes. Although Dell’s product page makes no mention of wireless charging, the stylus may be magnetically linked to compatible Dell 2-in-1 laptops. The stylus features three shortcut buttons and a pressure sensitivity range of 4,096 levels.

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