Dell Mini 5 Video: “Pretty Much Covers Half My Face”


I totally agree with Richard Lai’s suggestion that one of the first things you should notice about the Dell Mini 5 Phone/MID is it’s size – without question. But I have to wonder how he chose to explain its size by holding it in front of his head and saying, “As you can see… it’s uh… pretty much covered half of my face here. So yeah – pretty big”. Hillurious. And sorry but I have to do it – that’s what she said.

Anyways, it’s a pretty informational hands-on and lasts about 13 minutes:

Would you use this as your everyday phone considering how ginormous it is? And if not – would you bother buying it as a secondary device for web browsing on the go, video conferencing, media watching/listening?

And by the way Mr. Lai… who is to say you aren’t TRICKING us? Maybe you just have a really small head!

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  1. Well, If I had to choose between that and Apple’s iMaxipad, it would be the Dell no question. It’s huge yes, but manageable and would probably easily replace a mini-notebook for most tasks.

  2. this thing is definitely ment to be used with a blue tooth head set if used as phone cuzs theirs no way anyone would feel right having that huge thing on the side of his face..
    but i cant but cant wait for it to come out i want it now

  3. That is gigantic. It appears that it is supposed to be used in landscape (to big to be used with one hand). Not very convenient phone. I consider it more of a tablet than a phone.

  4. what are its other features?

  5. I’m 6’5 with big hands so this would probably fit just like a phone for me.

  6. I have a calculator that is the same size, thickness, and weight, and have been having it in my pocket for a week in Jeans and shorts, and it fits very well.

    I thin the size is perfect and the it being so thin makes it great.

  7. Oh trust me, I do have a phat face. Most glasses tend to be a tad tight for me!

  8. When it launches and t-mobile is for sure an option ill be giving my nexus to my girlfriend “which she swears she doesn’t want” and buying a mini 5 as my new phone like Shawn I’m also 6’5 so a phone this size is perfect for me.

  9. Wow. It looks like a sweet device, but I dont see people actually using something this large as a phone. As it is people gripe about the iPhone being large. So this Mini 5 is just ludicrous. The display appears very attractive, but I just dont know…Its more of a mini computer than a phone. It reminds me of the P Series Sony laptop…It also appears the charger is similar to the iPhone. Overall, a nice thought, but I dont see this catching on. Dell has been too inconsistent with their devices (Dell Jukebox) and in a time when slimmer and lighter is all the rage, I dont see this huge phone/computer being a hit. PS, Mr Lai’s accent is awesome.

  10. @xx5strider – Slimmer and lighter all the rage? Intersting point of view, given all of the 3.7 and 4.3 inch touch screens on the market. It looks to me that the “rage” is fast becoming the all in one device, a phone which is large enuff to replace your laptop for all but extensive writing, one that makes calls without dropping them, and one that (almost) fits in your pocket.

    Everyone I know is waiting for that device, the closest thing to that right now for me is the Droid, but with a 3.7 inch touch screen, it is def too small. High hopes for the Supersonic on Sprint…

  11. Does the Dell 5 Mini have GSM connection? Edge and so on?

  12. that’s what she said

  13. it’s -> its

  14. I wanted that phone until I watched the video. Seems like every second gesture does not get recognized – and animation is choppy.

    Thanks but my HTC Dream does that already.

  15. I would use this as my all-in-one without question! Seeing as how almost all of my communications are done via email, web, etc… This would be perfect! I only make/receive about 2 phone calls a week anyway so no big deal… LOVE IT!

  16. I think the features=Big win! the size=holy crap that sucker is huge! I probably wouldn’t mind the size with all it can do though. I would just have to find somewhere to put the darn thing since my pocket might be out of the question.

  17. When AT&T announced they had five Android phones coming this year, I knew one would be my next phone. I think their first, the Motorola Backflip is too small. I like the HTC Desire that looks like it may be the first HTC Android on AT&T, but I really like this Dell Mini 5. This may be my next phone!!

  18. That’s supper cool…. It screams “Brain Cancer!”

  19. I’m a big guy, I have big hands, and I hate tiny phones and gadgets. This seems perfect for me.

  20. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out. I have kept tabs on it since CES. I would not get it if it does not have a phone feature. Anymore I use my cell phone less for talking and more for multimedia use anyhow. The phone will meet that limited need while the device provides soooo much more. If someone is concerned about the size I find it laughable I still have my first phone which is close to five inches in diameter. Not to mention I really like to see what I am looking at.

  21. I think it is funny that people question how they would carry the Mini 5. I remember having cell phones 10 years ago that weren’t much different in size, and I (and my husband) managed to carry them without any problem. Also, I have a co-worker who has an Archos which also has a 5″ screen, and similar dimensions as the Mini 5. He uses it everyday on his hour long commute. He has never mentioned that he finds i difficult to carry, and he has a nice case for it. During the work day many people who work indoors carry laptop or messenger bags. So, for some people portability will not be an issue for most of the day. For people who don’t tote bags, usually a coat pocket will suffice. And for those that don’t wear coats, then you’ll have to come up with another solution. I don’t recommend putting any device in pants or shirt pockets. That’s almost a sure way to damage it. I like this device, but will wait until it comes out with the WP7 (Windows Phone 7) OS. That interface looks really appealing.

  22. I have had an iphone for a couple of years now and the only thing I really want to change on it is “give me a larger screen!” I carry my iphone in my bag so transporting a larger phone is a non-issue for me. The display on the Mini 5 and the 4 inch Samsung Galaxy look fantastic and make me drool. Smart phones for me involve laying in bed or sitting on the bus browsing the internet, playing games, youtubeing and most importantly reading ebooks which is great on the iphone but the size is just to small. Dell and Samsung are both onto something with these larger smartphones as in my opinion they are the perfect size. :)

  23. Folks, the size of this doesn’t have to be a problem for using it as a phone: get a headset with caller-id display and phonebook, and leave the phone in your bag.

    I’ve used an HTC Advantage as my cell phone for almost two years. The Advantage also has a 5″ screen, but it’s not wide-screen; with a 3″ x 4″ screen, it’s very clunky even without its detachable keyboard. It’s old and slow, weighs almost 3/4 of a pound, and runs WinMobile 6.1, but I haven’t been able to replace it because every other phone screen is just too small. Even the HD2 looks inadequate to me. And with my headset, the Advantage is perfectly usable as a phone.

    My headset is a Jabra BT8010, with the OLED display for caller-id, and its own phone book as well as voice dial if the situation permits. I don’t have to take the phone out of my bag for receiving, returning, or making my usual calls. And the Jabra has a detachable second earpiece for stereo listening too, which I haven’t used much.

    NO, I don’t work for Jabra. Actually, I’d like more headset choices; the BlueAnt V12 is the only other name-brand headset I’ve been able to find with a display on the headset itself, and it doesn’t have a phonebook. I’d especially like a display that could be read in sun (are you listening, Jabra????). I hope that if more of us are using bigger phones and want headsets as remotes, not just handsfrees, maybe headset makers will start making us smarter choices.

    So all of us who think (display) size matters need to unite and campaign for a new generation of headsets to go with the super-sized phones, okay?

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