Feb 19th, 2010

I totally agree with Richard Lai’s suggestion that one of the first things you should notice about the Dell Mini 5 Phone/MID is it’s size – without question. But I have to wonder how he chose to explain its size by holding it in front of his head and saying, “As you can see… it’s uh… pretty much covered half of my face here. So yeah – pretty big”. Hillurious. And sorry but I have to do it – that’s what she said.

Anyways, it’s a pretty informational hands-on and lasts about 13 minutes:

Would you use this as your everyday phone considering how ginormous it is? And if not – would you bother buying it as a secondary device for web browsing on the go, video conferencing, media watching/listening?

And by the way Mr. Lai… who is to say you aren’t TRICKING us? Maybe you just have a really small head!

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