HTC Incredible Pictures Reveal Red Buttons, Delayed Until May?

Verizon Wireless fans are eagerly awaiting many upcoming Android devices including the Nexus One and HTC Incredible. If you’re awaiting word on both, the 55+ page “Official HTC Incredible Thread” is starting to reveal a LOT of goodies.

First of all, remember that nasty Nexus One multi-touch mixup we told you about yesterday? Verizon is always stringent on their testing and the current rumor (stress: rumor) is that Big Red is delaying the Nexus One until the end of this month or later to try and fix the problem. Here is where it gets really interesting.

The upcoming HTC Incredibly is rumored to have the exact same screen that is in the Nexus One and HTC Desire – the screen causing the problems. While we’ve heard “March 23rd” thrown around before, the month of May is also being given some lip service. This rumor is given a bit of support based on the fact that its source also posted three pictures of the HTC Incredible in red-buttoned glory:


Gorgeous. And I’m sure this will be a dividing factor but I’m loving that red.


Notice at the VERY TOP of that picture the red peice above the phone? Does the Incredible also have a red back cover?


Side by side with the G1 – you can see the optical trackpad as well.

Stay glued to that thread on AF and of course Phandroid as we bring you the latest developments with the HTC Incredible!

[Thanks Ruben, woop, GregGDS and everyone else who contributed/tipped this!]

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  • Jean-Loup

    On that last photo it’s really starting to look like an iPhone… :/

  • Darrell

    Just a thought on the Red back cover. HTC often release demo’s and samples with different coloured back covers (maybe to allow for identification of leakers).

  • Tom Bee

    I am tired of waiting for Verizon to come out with a decent smart phone.

  • Bob

    Why are we watermarking photos that are publicly available?

  • Gerusz

    Red buttons FTW :) But a red cover would ruin it, red is best for accentuation.
    @Jeal-Loup: that’s until it’s touched and the Android buttons light up :)

  • Devdroidian

    you really should credit me for the pics, and I can confirm it has the same screen as the Nexus.

  • Devdroidian

    My bad you did, didn’t click the link :)Thanks keep up the great work, and thanks for picking up the story I thought nobody cared about the Incredible :)

  • wayne

    who care’ if they’re water marked, cheers phanroid for keeping us up to date! loving the black and red

  • Joel

    I really wish it had a dedicated camera button.

  • DB

    Personally – I’m digging the red. In a world where all touch screen phones are starting to look pretty much the same, I think this is a cool way to differentiate one. I would think that if they deliver it in red, they will eventually come out with a black one, or maybe some other color too, who knows. Bring it on :)

  • BreckDroid

    The red buttons look great in contrast to the black phone. I am even more sold on this phone after these new pics. It sucks to hear that they may be pushing back the date, but I’d rather wait, than have a malfunctioning screen. VZW, get the problems worked out and bring us this phone.

    peace, b.

  • hector

    Gorgeous! It’ll have Sense in it? Then, I’m off

  • Jojie M.

    This phone IS starting to look like the iPhone. Which leads me to believe THIS is why Apple might be suing HTC!

  • Rehnhart

    Who cares what color the back cover is. Most people put a case cover on anyways. I am really hopefull for this phone, the droid is bulky, the eris underpowered, the Devour is thick and has a small screen. If I get a Android phone on Verizon, this would be the one.


    Wow, I see that we have someone confirming that the Incredible has the same FAIL-SCREEN as the Nexus. HTC needs to seriously reconsider releasing another phone with multitouch issues just b/c they refuse to use a different screen. If this Apple lawsuit doesn’t end up crushing HTC they’re gonna end up killing themselves with their crappy hardware.

    It’s really time to step up and put together a QUALITY phone. What are they afraid of, people not wanting to pay??? If they were to put out a phone that had quality all the way through, people would pay a steeper price for it, guaranteed.

    If this crap keeps up with Android phones (Droid = underpowered/poor keyboard, Nexus = crap screen/trackball, Others = failboats) I’m going to have to seriously consider going with an iPhone and just jailbreaking it. This is really infuriating.

  • J Dub

    Droid is underpowered???

    Last time I checked it was running at 1.2 ghtz which just so happens to be a beast in a mobile device.

    If you look into the chip set in the Droid you would see it is a very powerful platform and I don’t even own a Droid.

  • Ben Carroll

    @failscreen, you sir and an idiot. The multi touch issue doesn’t effect performance very much.

    If your not satisfied with android now I don’t think you will ever be, so it’s time to move on and get an iPhone. Every day I show up my friends with my droid, and they are all extremely jealous of that phone now.

    So I just went to this link, scrolled down to the “Technology” section, and to my disbelief I read “PROCESSOR SPEED
    Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 550 mHz” and NOT “1.2 ghtz, a beast in a mobile device”. Weird right? Clearly you know something I don’t so please shower me with your immense wisdom. Just b/c I’m curious, WHERE did you last check the Droid specs? I’m betting either in Narnia or Never Never Land; I hear all Droids run way faster there! If you’re talking about jailbroken, overclocked Droids, don’t try to make it sound like an all-encompassing statement.

  • Akshun

    @fail screen, agreed, you are an idiot. Just because it doesn’t have your magical snapdragon processor doesn’t mean its under powered. if you feel like jailbreaking an iphone, why not just root the droid and overclock it to 1.2? the droid is an ugly duffer but it is a good phone and can do a lot.


    @Ben, your powerful “you sir” lead in and crushing name calling calling have destroyed my spirit and argument! Ok, now back to reality. Like I said before, more powerful components are available right now (and when the Droid came out). Quality hardware IS out there. I will say this; at least the Droid doesn’t experience the multitouch issues that the Nexus does, so it looks like that screen is a little better. Unfortunately they chose to sell the Droid clocked at 550 mHz. They could’ve easily given the Droid more power and probably could’ve come up with a better keyboard. Your iPhone friends (and the ppl I know) are jealous of the Droid mainly b/c of the network.


    And yes, I meant to type “calling” twice in a row. Ok, maybe I didn’t.

  • YOU (FAIL SCREEN) my good sir… are a TARD

    Wow.. its called overclocking. Where have you been? Fanboy much? Droid users have been doing this for months. Welcome to the wonders of Android.


    @Akshun, I’m glad you agree with a clown who has difficulty expressing himself at a 3rd grade level; congrats. To briefly address what you said, here are the reason I’d get an iPhone to jailbreak instead of a Droid. #1, superior screen on iPhone (I don’t believe there’s much dispute here). #2, no crappy physical keyboard (if it was a good one I wouldn’t mind). You can jailbreak the iPhone to multitask and can overclock it from what I understand. This means the Droid and iPhone are similar when it comes to overclocking. Thus, iPhone wins based on #1 and #2.
    The Nexus would win if they had taken the time to put in a screen that didn’t have multitouch issues. If you really wanna know why the multitouch thing is such a big deal, swing over to the engadget article on the Nexus screen problems and read through the comments there.
    My point is that HTC COULD have iPhone killers (not just the Nexus) but they chose to use lower quality hardware. That’s what has me so frustrated.

  • ToVachea Nealy

    yea the htc incredible has a red back cover i saw a video of some guys showing it off


    @really-long-name, yes, I actually consider myself more of an Android fanboy to be honest. You’ll notice I’m knocking the phone manufacturers, not Android itself (jk, YOU probably didn’t notice). I am very aware that overclocking has been going on for quite some time. I’d also be willing to bet that not even half of Droid owners do it. AGAIN, my main point is that HTC could beat the iPhone easily if they wanted to put in better hardware. I’m assuming you were trying to defend the 1.2GHz comment so I’ll leave it there.

  • mark palmos

    Without a front facing camera on ANY 1ghz Android phone, I will almost certainly be jumping ship to the new iPhone (yechh) BUT I cannot believe HTC, Sony etc have NOT got this feature, and in this day and age where Skype/Video conferencing is so prevalent.


  • NecoSino

    @ everyone flaming “Fail Screen”

    A fan of Android can still be critical, over demanding, and had to please. It doesn’t make him an iPhone lover or anything just because he compared it to one, he just feels that HTC can do better.

    My opinion: Pushing the release date back in order to get their screen straightened out is a wise decision, and I know I will be picking up an Incredible the day it’s released :D

  • luke

    Uh oh, I think the douchebags at Apple patented the color red…


    @Mark, I agree a front facing camera would be a wonderful thing to see. I think Saygus is planning one but the rest of the specs weren’t all that impressive unfortunately.

    @NecoSino, I’m glad you can understand where I’m coming from; thanks for trying to explain to the rest of the readers. Question for you: Are you still planning on grabbing the Incredible asap, even if the screen is the same one the Nexus uses? Personally, I will be first in line to get the Incredible IF they use a different screen OR they release a screen driver that eliminates the problem completely.

  • cloudyview

    Uh, maybe I’m blind, but the picture of the back of the phone looks more like a phone with the back cover off….

    My thought is that it’s just missing the back cover, and it still has the red to match those buttons….especially since the bottom part of that red connector is still white….

  • me

    @fail screen. What do u mean the iPhone has a better screen? Last I checked the Droid and N1 kills it in resolution if you mean by touchscreen then that is your opinion I for one think the touch on the iPhone is way too sensitive for my liking to many things get pushed when I don’t want it to and there is no setting I have found to get any vibration when you text or push buttons at least on Droid I have an option.


    @ me, I’m sorry I didn’t clarify properly. I was indeed referring to the touch performance of the screen. The iPhone seems to easily best the Droid and Nexus in it’s response to both single and multitouch. This article does a good job of visually proving my point and explains it more ->
    I have experienced both the Droid and the iPhone first hand and the need to press things multiple times on the Droid and the way it misreads touches sometimes really becomes taxing. I didn’t have this issue with the iPhone, it was much more accurate and responsive most of the time. Also, the multitouch is just flat out better on the iPhone. I think anyone who does an unbiased comparison of the two will have similar findings. I haven’t played with the Nexus, but the tests (the link above) and the reports of the screen faults (multitouch) easily prove my point. You were obviously right in stating that the Droid and Nexus win the resolution contest.
    Anywayssss, I think this will be my last response here, so if there are any more naysayers or flamers out there that have been waiting to attack me, but didn’t want to get clowned on, now would be the time. Enjoy!

  • J Dub
    “Frequency from 600MHz to 1GHz and above”

    Maybe look into the processor…

    The chipset in the Droid is a beast. I know…I’d feel bad if I bought an iPhone too. A crappy phone on an even crappier network.

  • Nathan

    I own a Droid and an Omnia 2. Omnia 2 for grown-up work and Droid for gps and internet speed. Personally I never considered overclocking my Droid because it runs much faster than any phone I have ever used(which includes every HTC model released in the US)including my O2 with it’s 800mhz standard processor.

  • Nathan

    By the way the Droid has the highest rated display. iPhone has the brightest display while AMOLED phones have the highest color marks and deepest contrast. Droid provides the most accurate color.,2817,2358083,00.asp

  • http://none Edward

    I believe apple will aways have the cutting edge and thats why they offer so much to choose from 100% developer apps top 10 grade app user friendly. they think about you, and how you function daily.

    when you get a Processor thats un-restricted you’re going to want to do more than 1 thing. for instance run games, hack over wifi, open a word document, listen to music and what not. – i suppose twitter, and what have you.

    Most people don’t know how to omit these instances. make life easier on you’re self and get an ipod touch, its an un tap-able market no one controls the corruption really.

    save that Htc for a computer Desktop not even a laptop with 3G. go home.

  • Biotite

    How come you guys have posted this latest rumor about the Incredible? There’s rumblings that the Incredible may be released April 1 and is replacing the Droid Eris.

  • brandon

    Lol, so true, sure the iphone is a great device but look at the shit for a network its on, ATT SUCKS!, in case you never noticed that, so what of their plan pricing, where’s their android phones? Still not there, where’s the wide 3g coverage? Nope not there, you seem to forget,sure ATT has an iphone but that’s the only factor that’s going for them, plus, android phones are in development, there’s always going to be mistakes, over time a phone will be developed that will blow away every phone out there, in my opinion the droid is absolutely great, the keyboard isn’t even so terrible, people are being babies because it doesn’t fit their exact likings, is it perfect? Nope, but still not so bad, the one thing I don’t like and the ONLY thing I don’t like is the little rectangular scrolling key, although all of this can be adjusted to.androida overclocking and extreme customization,ability, widespread use on many networks and vast amount of apps being used and multitasking make it the best mobile platform regardless of device, and there probably more to boast about android that I have probably left out.

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  • Jon

    I’d rather see this thing released with a so-so screen than delayed two months.

  • http://here don

    I am sure iphone is nice, the specs are good, the phone can do almost anything, but, it is an atnt phone, which is a crap carrier. I have a touch pro 2, while it may not have the specs of an iphone, it does work in 98% of the places i visit. I take my agents out in the country with their iphones and smart phones from other carriers, and it just doesnt compare. My phone smokes them for service. I know I have the unwanted Verizon, but I got a phone that works everywhere, I flash many roms to it, and I never have problems. It dont matter how great your phone is if your carrier is crap, IMO. I would take a new iphone in a heartbeat if it was verizon, i refuse to switch carriers because of what i have seen with atnt, tmobile, sprint, and others. the verizon coverage is the bomb, atleast in kansas and everywhere i travel in the usa. Just sux we cant get top of the line phones. I was holding out for the incredible, cuz my contract is up, now i dont know.

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