Mar 3rd, 2010

Complaints of multi-touch problems on Apps and Games have been quite predominant with the Nexus One. Many people directed complaints to developers of the specific app or game but it appears that could be misguided criticism. Robert Green of Battery Powered Games decided to do a little test and created an app that only intends to identify where your touchscreen THINKS your fingers are when using multi-touch.

Here are the results, recorded by AndroidAndMe:

The Droid is on point and the Nexus One has a pretty significant axis-flipping problem. What gives? While you might THINK this could be a problem solved with an OTA update it isn’t looking like a likely outcome based on a Google Employee response by Diane Hackborn:

“Sorry I meant exactly what I said: this is how the touch screen hardware on the Nexus One works (which is essentially the same screen as on the G1 and myTouch).  The Droid has a sensor from a different manufacturer, with different behavior.  Other phones will likewise have different sensors.”

Are our Nexus One owners in the crowd reporting the same results? The testing application is called Multitouch Visible Test and is available on Android Market.

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