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VOTE NOW: Nexus One Video Contest Finalists!


We got 98 submissions to the Nexus One Funny Video Contest, narrowed it down to 27 of our favorites, had admins/mods/guides/premium members vote on their favorites and we’ve arrived at 5 finalists. The winner of this very vote will get the coveted Nexus One, 2nd place will get a $75 Amazon Gift Card, 3rd place a $25 Amazon Gift Card and all finalists receive a complimentary 6-month premium membership to

Please watch all 5 videos in their entirety and vote on your favorite of the 5 below. VOTING ENDS SUNDAY AT MIDNIGHT (EST)!

Droid Does

Hitler Gets Mad At The Phandroid Contest

Dr. Droid

Google Goggles

The Unlucky Shot

[polldaddy poll=2791338]

There were a TON of amazing entries and I want to thank EVERYONE for participating – we hope you had as much fun making them as we had watching them! I personally enjoyed all the animated video entries and was surprised NONE of them made the finals. Although I will say my personal favorite IS among the Top 5 and no… I’m not telling you which one. Goodluck everyone and enjoy watching the videos!

PS: If you’re curious… here are the 27 semi-finalists.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. It really was hard to believe after looking at the 98 – that only the 27 that made it to the staff voting.. made it. It was pretty hard narrowing them down to that. And now just these five? Goodness! There were so many entries I wanted to see as finalists! It’s just too hard to ask everyone to watch 10 or 15 videos to give a fair vote, we felt that was too many.

    My personal favorite didn’t make it but.. one of my top 3 favorites did. :)

    Good luck to everyone, thanks to all for entering!

  2. Well short and absolutely stunning and SO TRUE. The right video at the right time.
    Goggles made it for me. Great. LOL. I need those glasses :)

  3. Goggles :) ..very short!

  4. I demand a recount! I’m from Florida so I’m used to that. But seriously though, my hitler meme was so much funnier than the videos above (maybe dr. droid can challenge it). For real, check it out:

  5. lol i actually do like mubarak’s video the best, i freakin loved the ending! RECOUNT!

  6. I must say i like mubarak’s….its really funny.Shld have made the cut

  7. Dr. Droid, hands down most original/funny.

  8. “Apple -> Evil” made me laugh
    +1 for Goggles :D

  9. I’m going with “Goggles”, i would have chosen “no Phone” if it made the cut.

    And please no more Hitler videos…only because they have been done to death.

  10. wow..there must be a huge gap in what i think is horrible and ppl think is funny…oh well…good luck..i went with the hitler meme

  11. The Hitler one was the best. Great to see Phandroid take some hits for the sake of humor. The others were not as funny, Aple = Evil, saw it coming before it happened, not funny. True, but not funny.

  12. My Ratings, from 1-5

    1. “Google Goggles” – short and accurate..!
    2. “The Unlucky Shot” – liked the sequence…
    3. “Droid Does” – Men & Machine…liked the twist…
    4. “Dr. Droid” – Machine & Men…2 long!
    5. “Hitler Gets Mad At The Phandroid Contest” – ?!@

    thanks for sharing…

  13. I really liked this contest I created my video on the 27th, feel free to hold another video contest I would love to create another one. I am impressed with the time a lot of these people put into the videos. Great job.

  14. wow, i’m really surprised that snowbot didn’t make it in (

    thanks for voting for my video guys! if i win i’ll see what i can do about making a custom bootscreen or maybe even a little app!

  15. Droid Does, Hitler and Dr Droid are all great but decided to vote for Dr Droid

  16. Rob can you explain to me how “steve jobs as hitler” didn’t make it into the top 27, but some weirdo speaking in a robot voice, and some other dude doing a terrible impression of Michael Jackson did? You must of been too afraid to let it get into the top 27 because of the name or something. Wish you would have just said that you didn’t really want a hitler video because of all the complaining about them.

  17. i have to say something.First of all they put MY WORST VIDEO in the contest.My impression are not terrible.It was just a bad video.i hate it that THAT video was picked.I have about 5 video responses and they CHOOSE THIS?..I LOST BECAUSE OF YOU GUYS.OHH and fuck you hunter.

  18. I’m guessing you were the michael jackson video guy? All of your videos were terrible and you should feel lucky that any of them made it to the top 27, considering mine didn’t. The only thing that qualified your video as funny is when “please consider me as a winner” pops up on the screen about half way through the video, because you are so obviously not a “winner” in life, or in this contest. Mine probably wouldn’t have won anyway, so I don’t really care, but I don’t understand why it wasn’t even considered.

  19. @Hunter don’t get mad because yours wasn’t considered.It’s very childish to lash out at people over the internet.Ohh and for your info you can go kiss an ass because i have MANY people who love my impersonations.And you must care because you took the time to make a comment about how terrible my video was.When yours was shitty also.Ohh and i did something unique other than posting some shitty ass hitler video.

  20. Heh. Guys, on the for serious. We tried to offer the staff/premium a variety of the 100 that were submitted. We put what we liked the best of the Hitlers, the animated, the little movies, the random stuff, etc. We had a BUNCHA great entries and are sorry they couldn’t all be in but to ask everyone to watch any more than five to then vote on is unrealistic. We picked 27 that we thought were diverse enough, funny enough, and fair. The votes have done the rest. As for which MJ video we picked.. we used your last one – the one with the best audio and the most entertaining of the five.
    Don’t be too upset with us people – we’re tryin’ to have some fun here and give away a phone. :)
    Thanks again everyone for entering!

  21. Aww, I didn’t get in? Not even the finalist?

    Damn it! How was Hitler ranting about Apple banning “Android” from the App Store not funny?

  22. Heard ‘dat. Thanks all you are doing Phases. Some funny ones in the finals. Dr. Droid is right at the top for me.

  23. That is great I made the finals. Atleast I may get a premium membership to the site. Lame that the votes are more about networking now, but glad everyone gets a chance to see them. Hoping to score my first android device!!!

  24. Droid Does is hilarious. I wish my phone had an attitude like that. It just sits there, and accepts whatever I throw at it.

    Goggles were cool, but just too bland for me. And yea, predictable.

  25. I hesitated a bit between Google Goggles and..wait no, now that I think about it, I didn’t :P. Just wish Google Goggles was a bit longer, or maybe add a whole visual effect of Evil around the apple store area (dark redish smoke?)…but yeah, Google Goggles was good enough.

  26. I still think my NoPhone video should have gotten in… Oh well. Atleast i have the Unlucky Shot. Vote for me and help me replace my phone! :P

  27. Google Goggles won my vote but Dr Droid was almost as good, the rest are not even funny.

  28. I had to write something… these final movies are aweful!!!

  29. I whet for “Dr Droid”

  30. When will the winner be announced, Phases?
    Rooting for “Droid Does” by the way… :D

  31. Monday morning is the plan :)

  32. Can’t people rig these polls? I mean.. just get all their friends to vote for them?

  33. the Goggles one was semi-clever, but so obvious (Apple = evil – har har!) – it had a lot of potential but coulda been waaaaaay better.

    Droid Does FTW.

  34. I dont mean to be a downer, but I really expected a lot more out of this contest. Theres a $530 friggen awesome prize!

    Why did my friends camera have to break :(

  35. How do I vote for
    Hitler Gets Mad At The Phandroid Contest?

    The guy that runs phandroid is a total dickhead for coming uo with this Hitler idea and this video throws it right back at his face.

  36. man..these all my alicia keys photo montage didnt even make the top 27? but the NO PHONE did?

  37. Seriously? Goggles? That was kind of lame if you ask me. I picked “Unlucky Shot” because of decent video editing compared to the rest. Plus it had decent music and an actual storyline. But oh well, I suppose I’m not surrounded by film lovers so I can’t complain. Didn’t see the other videos before the finalists but if any deserve to win I would say “Unlucky Shot” had the best video quality. Dr. Droid would have been my second choice because I’m in an Apple hate mood right now after they are acting like dumb a$$e$; suing HTC and asking the courts to ban the sale of Nexus Ones in the US…screw you Apple, I’m never going to buy any more of your products!

  38. thanks for voting for my video. ps: how is google goggles winning? looks like he’s proxying to me

  39. Google Goggles winning? Lame. That one took the least effort, least creative, least entertaining. What was the point of the video? Looking through Google Goggles Apple is evil, but when you take them off, they are not evil? Really should have thought that through, only reason its winning is because all the lame fan boys out there hating on Apple, but not focusing on the true aspects of what makes a good video. The Hitler one was very creative, very funny, shoot, any of the other videos are better. Not hating on Google, or loving Apple, but cheering on for quality video.

  40. My diagnosis for the weekend is a strong comeback by Dr. Droid. It seems like I am a lot of peoples 2nd choice. What can push me over the top?

  41. How is google goggles winning? People should pay attentiom for a longer period of time than 30 seconds and vote on the highest quality video, which in my opinion is clearly The Unlucky Shot.

  42. ^ Yeah. Atleast watch the whole thing. I spent hours and hours on this…

  43. I can not believe that these vids are the top they all suck! The only funny one is the hitler remake and then the Dr. Droid was okay! But out of almost 100 vids this is what they came up with? WOW!

  44. hi michael

  45. ^ Then maybe you should have entered and you could have *easily* won… right?

  46. LOL! @”What a sucky contest” If all the videos sucked, you shoulda’ made your own, I bet it would have been much better…

  47. I still think people are hacking this. i mean, how did dr droid go from 119 to 194 over night? this is obviously a contest for who either has the most followers or the best hacking tools…

  48. Dude, seriously, hacking? My people are weekend people and on pacific time. I just hope there are more of them. Some really nice videos to compete with, though.

  49. @agent: which entry was yours, again?

  50. That’s my point. This is no longer a contest for the video of the highest quality. This is a contest for who made the finals and has the most friends. I may not win, but i sure hope the winner won by letting the users vote rather than getting people they know to vote for them regardless of the video quality and their opinion. I walked into this competition as a finalist (The Unlucky Shot) thinking that perhaps i had a chance, a 14 year old with a video camera i got for Christmas and a $29 tracfone on an $8 plan. I was wrong. I could never win a competition like this. I would need to be the most popular 14 year old in all the state to win this competition. There’s no hope of victory now. I’m last. I honestly hope that the winner is truly the video that people thought the funniest, not the one that was made by the man with the most friends.

  51. My last post was @diagnosisdroid…

  52. hmm.. seriously doubt Dr Droid got 60+ votes in 4 hours while north america was sleeping.

  53. @Phases…don’t let them get to you. Humor is Very subjective, and you will never get a group to agree on what is funny.

    Having said that…how come you #$%@’s did not choose one of mine??!! LOL just kidding! My three kids and I had fun making my videos and we are looking forward to more contests.

    Keep up the good work…and in the event of a recount please keep in mind that I am your friend :o)

  54. i find it hard to believe that diagnosis droid and google goggles are playing legit. i mean, diagnosis droid just said he’s getting “his people” to spam his video. is that fair?

    droid does has 4,321 views and 62 ratings on youtube. that’s more than diagnosis droid and google goggles combined, in addition to a better rating, and yet somehow more people are voting for them? sorry guys, but someone definitely isn’t playing fair.

  55. someone is spamming from a dynamic ip. i just downloaded the tor browser (which you can do as well here: to see how people were voting. for those who don’t know, tor is a browser that alternates your ip’s whenever you wish to, meaning extra votes. well, someone has already been using it. if you try to vote using tor from any of it’s 30-odd ip addresses, you’ll find that each and every of them have been used.

    this contest is rigged. recount. i suggest the judges just vote on whichever one they want to give the phone to. ps: nice try google goggles, but you keeping a constant 12 votes between you and droid does was a dead giveaway.

  56. I voted for Dr. Droid and am not one of “his people”. Who cares? I think the top 3 right now are what they should be.
    -“sorry guys, but someone definitely isn’t playing fair.”
    Thank you for apologizing.

  57. guess my other post is being reviewed because it had a link in it, but suffice it to say this contest is rigged. someone is using dynamic ips to spam the contest with votes. using a program called tor i was able to determine that someone is using it for mashing votes, as well as a site called xroxy, which someone has used to farm proxys off. this contest is a sham, recount. oh, and for those of you who don’t know, this contest is counting votes based on your ip, which is a number that is given out by your internet. a proxy masks your ip and makes it look like you’re a completely different person, thus allowing you to vote an infinite amount of times.

  58. Now there are 5 (or 4 according to heyguyswhatsgoingon) more people googleing all the programs you just listed!!! This is entertaining.

  59. Why, guys, why? Don’t you feel guilty about cheating the actual winner from a $600 phone? You may or may not believe me, but i haven’t cheated in any way or form throughout this competition, and guess what place i am in? dead last.

  60. Hah! Google Goggles detects the Apple Store as “Evil!” Such wit! The height of comedy. 5 out of 5 stars.

  61. My dad is a highly respected software engineer, and could have easily created a program to let me win this competition. But he didn’t make such a program, because i never asked. This was a contest for who made the best video, not who could make the best voting software or who could get the most friends to vote for them. That is why i didn’t create that software, to retain what this contest was really about: letting people vote on what they thought was the best video. I just wish everyone could have felt the same way, so that all of us at could truly determine which video the public like the most. I salute you other finalists who did not cheat in any way, because your video received more votes than mine. I wish the others had felt the same way about cheating in this competition.

  62. I just had an idea: I think the phandroid staff should vote on the top 5. That would remove the corruption of this poll that “The truth” pointed out…

  63. I’d say using polldaddy for this poll wasn’t too responsible in the first place. Should have just had registered users be able to vote, and be done with it. At least that way the administrators can see the voting histories. This is a total sham, should have just left the voting to the premium members like you guys did to narrow them down.

  64. yeah, what kyse said.

  65. I’m also not sure the poll is an accurate measure anymore. I’m suspicious how some of the entries moved A LOT during the night, while others didn’t move at all.

    Let’s leave it up to Rob to figure it out. I’m confident that the voting system keeps track of IPs, browsers, OS, screen res, cookies, etc… If there is too much of one variable on an entry, it’s easy to spot.

  66. ^ Exactly why the Phandroid staff should vote for the top 5…

  67. “WAHHH my video isn’t winning that means people must be cheating!”

    The funniest video is winning, that’s how it should be.

  68. I know why mine is moving more at night and I am not cheating. Although, I may be all out of magic.

  69. I’m a bit disappointed. I’m far from the most creative person, but I had what I think was an amusing idea, drove out of my way to film it, and learned the basics of After Effects to edit it. It was nominated for top 5 and I was pleased with myself when it was actually consistently cruising along at #1 for some time.

    But I guess when stakes are high and competition is intense, whatever can be done, will be done. The voting system is less than perfect as other have pointed out, and we’ve seen some very shady blips and jumps. I can’t prove anything, but I’d recommend the staff have a look at those logs for suspicious patterns. If there is too much evidence of tempering, it may just make more sense for the site staff to rank the finalists.

    For the future, I would recommend avoiding third party polling tools in favor of an in house solution, with logged in users having voting power.

    Anyway, congrats to the winner, whoever it turns out to be.

  70. zomg. how is dr. droid getting votes.

    1. bobby mcfarin soundtrack. hey, 1987 called and wants its music (and relevancy) back
    2. slow/boring pace – get to the point already
    3. a penis length joke. srsly? if you’re going to “go there” android handheld devices are pretty much the same
    4. someone needs to revoke his medical license

  71. @nuklearswan, just keep telling yourself that sizes are “pretty much the same”. It’ll make you feel better. Now, as to how I got the votes. The contest is over so I’ll fess up. I have a lot of friends/classmates (around 170 or so), almost all of which are now phandroid addicts. We came up with a plan to vote between the hours of 7-10 pm (pacific) on the weekend to have a slow but sure climb to the top. It was going really well until the last 10 min of the voting when Droid Does got 41 votes in 10 minutes. I would like him to explain how. I was cheap, maybe, but totally legit. And the purpose of the contest was served, is now a mainstay in about 1/2 of my friends websurfing. Really fun contest. I want to know how I didn’t win. Great job Rob and Phases, on a lot of things. One day I’ll get an android device and rock the snot out of the forums.

  72. MUD’s are a great source of friends when times get desperate.

  73. hahahahaha … “We came up with a plan to vote between the hours of 7-10 pm (pacific) on the weekend to have a slow but sure climb to the top. It was going really well until the last 10 min of the voting when Droid Does got 41 votes in 10 minutes. I would like him to explain how. I was cheap, maybe, but totally legit.”

    TRANSLATION: “we took time to devise a way to grossly falsify the numbers. but everyone else should NOT have done that and must explain themselves!”

    i’m not saying that the others didn’t do the same. i dunno. i guess that’s up to the guys that run phandroid to address. i had no idea organizing friends with the expressed (and confessed thanks to the previous post) purpose of exaggerating the voting results could be done “legit”.

    and dude. you’re the one that brought up (and keeps bringing up) the “size” thing. i thought this contest was about Android phones. i’m not judging you dude, just sayin’ – you’re the one with phallic obsessions. ;)

  74. It looks like people aren’t satisfied with the results and there may have even been some rigging in this vote.
    I think the only fair thing to do is completely redo the vote in a more secure, hack-proof way, if at all possible. You might consider doing it through Android Forums like you did for the 27 semi-finalists, assuming that the average Phandroid reader has an account on Android Forums.
    Just my two cents…

  75. @Nuklearswan: ditto

    And maybe I missed the contest rules, but was the purpose of the contest to make a funny video about Android devices, or just hate on Apple and the iPhone (granted, Google Goggles was clever, even if [IMHO] too short)? For good or bad, at least Droid Does and the Hitler meme videos focused on Android. Goggles and Doctor just seemed to go the route so many Apple fanboys do of trashing other devices, and failing to focus on their own preferred handhelds.

  76. I vote for Dr. Droid

  77. Gratz to droid does. Was rooting for you the whole time

  78. I hope they decide to have the phandroid staff vote on the top 5, because this contest was clearly unfair in so many ways…

  79. The contest could have been rigged, but the point of it was to drive readers to Phandroid.

    The videos are all on youtube, and here’s some interesting numbers:
    DroidDoes 7,758 views, 76 ratings
    Hitler 2,517 views, 22 ratings
    Dr. Droid 2,177 views, 20 ratings
    Google Goggles 2,490 views, 13 ratings
    Unlucky Shot 1,795 views, 11 ratings

    The fact that Droid Does drove 3x views, and probably some portion of that to is the goal of the contest. It was vulgar but funny, and featured the Droid.

    To be honest, I didn’t make it into the Hitler video too far. Been there, done that. Nothing at all original about captioning that clip.

    Dr. Droid featured the droid but was 4 minutes long. I’ve got the attention span of… oh yeah, just about everyone else on the net. Didn’t make it to the end.

    Google Goggles was short, funny, but what does it have to do with the Droid? Good news is that you can enter that video in an anti-Apple contest.

    I loved the Unlucky Shot – it was filmed very well and it was very interesting to watch. Probably the best video of the 5 (w/ Droid Does 2nd) but not relevant to Droid.

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