Dellicious: Dell Mini 5 Gets Weirdo Treatment By T3

When people get excited they tend to act differently. We’re all excited by the Dell Mini 5 but this video by T3 ranks as one of the more weird gadget reviews. Maybe the guy with the “DellIcious” sign throughout the entire 5 minute video is just star-struck and speechless and resorts to this as a last method, but however you try to spin it I’m a bit weirded out. For real.

But most importantly, it’s a Dell, Dude. And it comes with a media dock with HDMI output.

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  • Phil

    Thats scary.

    Still hoping for a T-Mobile release. Looking at it in their hands it doesn’t look too big to carry around as a phone. I’d just always use bluetooth. Actually the exact size I have been waiting for.

  • grnav

    Hey. This is from a Greek gadget magazine. The guy with the signs … i dunny i guess he’s playing a practical joke. The one sign reads “Pan-european Exclusive”. Anyway, they highlight these:
    – pinch-to-zoom works well,
    – the phone function is pretty good
    – runs android 1.6
    – very speedy
    – very happy with its crystal-crisp screen –
    – video is exceptionally good
    – Dock with HDMI, usb and charger.
    – Solid, beautiful design

    I ‘m actually weirded that it runs android 1.6. I expected it to be running android 2.1

  • nikos

    xaxaxa! bravo sas! yelasa toso bolu

  • lostboykev

    Dude your gettin’ a Dell!

  • Drybones5


    Dell has said it will be 2.x version of android and upgradable.

    Dell said that 1.6 was used for the prototypes. Just like Nexus One’s were.