Feb 19th, 2010

In a logical turn of events, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that its looking to add their MOTOBLUR application to TV boxes as early as next year. CEO Sanjay Jha admitted the company is looking for ways to combine the features of set-top boxes and mobile phones soon after the 2 units were, together, separated from the wireless networking business as 2 separate entities. It SEEMS logical, but Motorola hasn’t always acted logically, and Sanjay Jha seems to be making yet another move to help a blossoming yet recently struggling Motorola.

motoblur-tvIf you’re wondering why the heck anyone would want their television to run MOTOBLUR, you should know that the future of home entertainment is based on connectedness, with products and services like Boxee. If your television is equipped with all the media from your home computer, your contacts from your phone whether docked or connecting via bluetooth or Wi-FI, the purpose of your television can be re-thought and re-invented to take into account previously unimaginable scenarios.

In a way… that last sentence is exactly what Android is all about. I hope Motorola pursues this aggressively and I’m eager to see what solutions they bring to market.

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