Nexus One Car Dock Spotted, Looks Awesome!


When I heard the Nexus One Car Dock accessory was coming I wasn’t at all surprised – the Motorola Droid had the same thing and it became necessary since Google Navigation was featured on Android 2.o. But I just watched the Nexus One: Day One video and… guess what was spotted in it? The Nexus One Car Dock:


That isn’t ANYTHING like I expected. At first glance I thought that metal rod had a different phone – not the Nexus One – attached to it. But after closer examination it seems the Nexus One Car Dock features a suction cup on one end, a swiveling Metal Rod that moves in any direction connected to it, with a “frame” on the other end to which the Nexus One “snaps” in.

I’m hoping the suction works well and frame holds the phone sturdily. It also appears as if the metal rod MIGHT be telescopic, allowing you to pull the nav unit closer towards you or push it further away, depending on the preferences of the driver and the specific vehicle. I really like that idea/concept.

Here is the video – fast forward to 1 minute and 9 seconds in to see the glimpse screen-shotted above:

So Google… when can I buy this, buddies?

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Nexus One: Day One (VIDEO)

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  1. Cool, i want one

  2. maybe they should air some of these on TV to get some attention to the nexus one seems to let everyone know what the android os can do as well as what the N1 can do.

  3. Apart from the car dock, most disappointing video yet..

    Car dock looks odd to me – where’s the cable for the charging? Hiding in the metal rod?

  4. YOu can see it in in at about 3:30 from the front and all the other docks too

  5. I really hope (and assume) the car dock charges. From the Design video posted by jake, I assume that the car dock has a similar mini usb power jack to the desktop dock – ie you can unplug the cord at the back of the dock.

    But seriously Google, why the blanking wait? This is annoying.

  6. hey, anyone else notice at 1:32 the screenshots they show us im pretty sure are from the Google map for iPhone. there is a push pin in the picture, which as a g1, MT3G and N1 owner HAVE NEVER SEEN in android, also the “info” button is blue… so yeah lol thats not android either haha

  7. Wow thomas good eye!

  8. Seeing how the Nexus Phone began is just amazing. From the moment it was conceptualize, until it hits our doorstep. There’s still some questions that lingers, on how does the nexus phone really looked like from the beginning. Surely these series of vids are very informative. A review:

  9. Let’s hope the Nexus Two will fit in these cradles/docks aswell.

  10. If I can figure out how to modify the dock for my motorcycle I will be happy.

  11. Why buy an official dock when there is one out there that works with almost any GPS or just about any phone?

    I use this adjustable cradle from Gomadic:

    I know it says nuvi 755T, but trust me, it is adjustable and will hold your phone. I use this when I use my GPS, and it’s a monster compared to the Nexus One. It clips onto the vents, and I live in CA, so the laws are rather strict.

  12. @Thomas – Go in to Maps, search anything, (I searched Seafood) the pin pops up under the results with labels and labeled a,b,c ect.. this is true on my N1 and G1.

  13. Other universal car docks are clunky. That’s why I want this one. It looks pretty light and would fit perfect rather than having to fiddle with it ever time.

  14. i just recieved the desktop dock today (love it). i believe when you put it in ythe car dock it’ll open the “steering wheel” app. plus it will sit sidways witch will give you a “widescreen” look!! who would want one of those squeese-to-hold aftermarket weak phone holders anyway :P

    “if you dont have android… you dont have squat :P”

  15. The important thing is that they need to make it available. I’ve been checking for it daily for over a month now. I won’t go much longer before breaking down and buying an off brand car dock. Seriously! Any day now Google.!

  16. We are end of March now….?

    How long does it take to deploy something that looked pretty much done in January?

    Unless I’m missing something it’s just molded plastic with a power adapter right….?

    Have we got a date yet?

    Maybe this is normal for product launches and my expectations are too high? Perhaps it WAS leaked too early and I’m being ungrateful or maybe I’m just saying out loud what everyone else is thinking?

  17. I hope it uses the gold contacts to charge the phone, like the desktop dock. So I don’t have to plug in a USB cable every time I put it in the dock. It can use Bluetooth to send audio to the stereo, so no need for a cable! Except from cigarette lighter to the dock.

  18. Can anyone tell me were i can buy this from i have hunted high and low

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