Nexus One: Day One (VIDEO)


We’ve finally got Episode 5 – the final of a five part series on the making of the Nexus One (view them all here). This one is called “Nexus One: Day One” and pretty much just acts as a 2-minute “Day In The Life Of” type of commercial:

In many ways, you could view this as the “extended play”, Nexus One version of Google’s Parisian Love commercial that aired during the SuperBowl. Very similar style and they’ve made a bunch more of these for their search team. Did they purposefully follow in the footsteps of that ad?

Personally, I would have loved to see the Nexus One commercial air rather than the Google Search commercial but I liked the Parisian Love one more than the Nexus One Day One spot.

PS: Have you used all the apps/features seen in this video? Can you name them all? (Shouldn’t be too hard)

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  1. Everytime I try and play these videos from my nexus one it tells me video not available. How else am I supposed to get my fix while at work.

  2. This would be a good commercial but obviously needs to be cut down to size, also I would like to see the ninja’s unboxing as a commercial :)

  3. Clock, for the alarm and night clock. Then he was just browsing the web i think reading the Times. Then he gets a call and you get to see the blinking LED in the trackball. Then he records a video and uploads to youtube. Then he gets directions, Google goggles, picture and galeries. Then speech-to-text to send a text message, finally google skymap.

  4. Yeah, this would make a nice commercial. Too bad they decided not to air it. :(

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