Nexus One Unboxed, Briefly Videod

The Nexus One is still alive and kicking although we’ve seen significantly less news on it since the dam broke last week. Maybe Nexus One owners got a little bit nervous after was shut down and everyone assumed they violated an NDA and were hit with a C&D (or worse). At least one other person isn’t afraid to share the goods – they’ve used twitter to show some nice unboxing pics and even record a (very) short video:





In that second picture you’ll notice that the back of the Nexus One has a little Android Robot holding up a sign with a QR code. Scanning that QR code actually takes you to the Memory Game on the Nexus One we told you about awhile back. Kinda cool.

Here is that video we promised:

The pictures are from DJRobRob who now has their tweets protected. It was tipped by Twitter user phillm to TechCrunch and he also has his tweets protected. If these two guys were formerly friends with eachother and following eachother… I wonder if they still are. Hmmm…

UPDATE: and here is another video of the Motorola Droid running Nexus One Android OS build that is a little more revealing in terms of what you can expect from the UI:

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  • jo

    My God.. why do these people video in their cars?! Can’t they wait to get home so they have some decent lighting? that camera light shining off the phone gave me a headache.

  • VoodooPriest

    Man it looks real sluggish on the Droid

  • servo

    same here, and it masked a good portion of what they were trying to shoot.

  • PC

    Notice no carrier tags on the phone and it just says “Google” not “with Google”…. ;-)

  • ty

    except for the Verizon tag at the bottom…

  • Brak

    It’s all in the process guys. Mr. BlurryCam is followed by Mr. SlightlyBetterButNotThatRevealingCam. Then right before release, we get Mr. WhyCouldn’tThisHaveBeenDoneEarlierCam

  • giGGer

    its very laggy i think?! :/

  • Omar Kooheji

    Can someone scan the QR code in the 2nd pic and post the url it points to?

  • PC

    Reply to ty:

    That is the Droid in the last video, dear…. The Nexus One in the pics and video above that has none…Unless I’m completely blind…

  • TK

    Yeah, I think that Google may be pushing this along behind the scenes. All of these horrible quality videos, crappy pictures, etc. are just pushing a “Cloverleaf” experience. Rather than direct marketing, eg. “Droid does,” it seems like subliminal marketing is being used here. Everyone’s dying for this thing, Google knows it, and the people taking the horrible videos/pictures know it.

    All I want to know is if it’ll run on AT&T 3G. I read something saying that it DOES support ATT 3G, and I read another review that says it doesn’t. If Google knows what’s good for them, they’ll have this thing running on AT&T 3G. Those of us with AT&T are dying for an Android phone to come along and save us. I have AT&T, can’t really change, and need an Android phone. And I’m not paying $700-$800 for a Milestone that may not even work on AT&T. Google, help us out please :)

  • skeltonmedia

    @jo I completely agree. This is the worst video I’ve ever seen. And this is the Nexus ROM of 2.1 android so it hasn’t even been optimized for Droid in this build…Looks really nice if this is what Droid is getting soon. This is what 2.0 should have been. I have a feeling this will be the first real upgrade for android 2.x users.

  • Maj
  • Ace


    Very well put! I don’t even have AT&T, and I feel you guys big time! Absolutly agree with the “Cloverleaf” conspiracy. I have been thinking that over the last few days. Again, well put.


  • Kyanro

    I’m in the exact same situation as you. i agree 100%, I’ve been dying for an android!!! My friend just got the droid because I told him to cause he has Verizon. now I’m jealous.

  • davis

    At the risk of being typed at in bold characters, i must ask; Isnt it agreed at this point that there is this phone but there is ALSO the ‘google phone’, both of which are rumored to come out in early 2010? Or is the current assumption that the nexus is THE google phone thats supposed to be google’s own legitimate iphone competitor…?

  • McCabe

    The longest Nexus One video yet can be found here:

    I don’t understand all the “Google Phone” confusion, well I do but let me shed some light. The Nexus One is a Google Phone just like the G1 was a Google Phone when it was announced. It is a phone that is being developed in a close collaborative effort between Google and HTC. This is essentially the G2. It is not at all surprising that the Nexus One is going to Tmobile, like the G1 did. The question now is, do I get the Nexus One the day it comes out or wait awhile for Google to release the developers version like they did with the G1.

  • BearsSuperfan

    >>”Man it looks real sluggish on the Droid”

    Why buy a POS droid when you can buy the real deal? The GOOGLE Nexus One!

  • asqwerth

    Why film in the car with horrible lighting? Maybe so that Google can’t identify who shot this thing! :-)

  • Maj

    or maybe his parents kicked him out and nobody loves him anymore

  • DroidRiffic

    the QR code is a URL for

  • Del

    @BearsSuperfan: The Droid isn’t a POS, just ask anybody here other than yourself. It just can’t efficiently run a ROM designed for a different phone, the same holds true for ANY android phone.

    There are releases of 2.1 that aren’t Nexus specific that rooted users can try that are reported to have speeds even quicker than 2.0.1 on the Droid.

  • chris_van_vel

    So today i got the chance to test the phone for a really short time!
    It´s very thin!
    And i think the phone is great (speed, meterial and so on)
    but for me the milestone (Droid) is better, because i need the hw keyboard! and i hope 2.1 is coming very soon :D

  • AndyH

    @tOmar Kooheji: The QR tag points to which is a holiday ‘Memory’ game if you access it from the Nexus One. You can read more about it here:

  • frankus walter

    So wait, someone jailbroke their droid, and uploaded the nexus UI interface? even the it’s not out yet on the one phone it comes on?

  • Li

    There is already a website that is all about nexus one cases

  • Steve

    I noticed that the Google Voice icon looks updated for 2.1 and now says “Voice” instead of “Google Voice.” Does this mean it comes preinstalled on 2.1??

  • stj

    People, stop calling it the Google Phone. It’s an HTC!

  • thelub

    I got my hands on one last night. A friend works for google let me play with it. It is without a doubt the iPhone killer. I will be auctioning off my left nut to get this phone when it comes out. (Any offers? :-p. ) And THANK GOD its a t-mo phone. It works with ATT but won’t get its 3G signal. Video on this thing is AMAZING. Same size and form factor as the iPhoney but FAR sexier. Enough can’t be said how sweet this thing is. Did I mention its a t-mo phone? And for all you tmo haterz out there. . . .I laugh in your face! Lol

  • David

    Right, and we should also not call the iPhone an apple phone because they didn’t make the hardware, just the software … right? It is likely to be a heavily marketed “Google Phone” so for all intents and purposes it is a Google Phone. I only reserve the phrase “The” Google phone because it likely won’t be the last.

  • jack

    if its going to be tmobile only, it cannot be an iphone killer.. if its att and tmobile then it can kill the iphone imo
    also im on att, and i would kill for this phone if only i could get 3g with it