Nexus One: Holiday Memory Game

nexus-one-memor-rulesAs if having their very own Nexus One wasn’t enough, Google gave a bunch of lucky employees with the device one more reason to feel extra special. If they visit the Android website from their Nexus one they get to play a little holiday memory matching card game that only they can play.

When they first visit the site they get a welcome screen with rules (see left) that reads:

Welcome to Nexus One!

For some festive fun, we’ve put a new twist on a classic game: “Memory”

Click on “Start Game” and you will have 5 seconds to memorize the placement of 12 pairs of cards. After 5 seconds, the cards will be flipped face down.

Your goal is to find all 12 matching pairs as quickly as possible

Just tap on a card to flip it over

Continue flipping cards until all matches are found

Start Game

If you actually start the game here is a little glimpse of how it looks:


This is cute but odd as all heck – I have no clue why they would go through the effort of making this little game only available to Nexus One owners/testers/users. Oh, and by the way, the browser can tell if you’re using a Nexus One only based on the User Agent Profile which is easily spoofed. Long story short: some tweaking and you can play the holiday memory game yourself.

  • Safari 4 – with developer tools enabled, go to Develop -> User Agent -> Other and type ‘Nexus One’ in the box.
  • Firefox – type ‘about:config’ in the address bar and filtering on ‘useragent’ and setting it there. It’s apparently not quite as easy to do with the Chrome dev tools.
  • Firefox method 2 (AG) – Use the User Agent Switcher extension
  • Chrome – SOL

And as a nice little touch, Google dressed up the robot in some nice little outfits for the game:


Apparently the 2nd of those is “Robo-Ralphie” from A Christmas Story, identified by TechCrunch. It’s nice to see the news take a turn for the merrier and more relaxed as this Google Nexus One Phone stuff has been heavily anchoring everything the past few days.

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  • l3reak

    Chrome is not “SOL”. There is some weird hex-editor way, for one, but the easier way is to just add –user-agent=”Nexus One” to the end of your shortcut target. This only works in newer Chrome versions, I think, but it certainly worked for me.

  • G8D

    What do you do in Firefox exactly?

  • Alberto Vildosola

    u can play it with any browser here

  • CJ

    More useless news about the non existent Google phone.

  • G

    I have the good’old
    Error 404 – Not Found

  • espiritiv

    not interesting at all

  • Derrick

    Google knows how to create a viral marketing campaign that’s for sure.

  • dieselbug

    It exists. I’ve seen it and used it. And it beats the sh!t out of the i(don’t)Phone