Dec 22nd, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:23 pm

The Nexus One is still alive and kicking although we’ve seen significantly less news on it since the dam broke last week. Maybe Nexus One owners got a little bit nervous after was shut down and everyone assumed they violated an NDA and were hit with a C&D (or worse). At least one other person isn’t afraid to share the goods – they’ve used twitter to show some nice unboxing pics and even record a (very) short video:





In that second picture you’ll notice that the back of the Nexus One has a little Android Robot holding up a sign with a QR code. Scanning that QR code actually takes you to the Memory Game on the Nexus One we told you about awhile back. Kinda cool.

Here is that video we promised:

The pictures are from DJRobRob who now has their tweets protected. It was tipped by Twitter user phillm to TechCrunch and he also has his tweets protected. If these two guys were formerly friends with eachother and following eachother… I wonder if they still are. Hmmm…

UPDATE: and here is another video of the Motorola Droid running Nexus One Android OS build that is a little more revealing in terms of what you can expect from the UI:

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