Motorola’s First iDEN Android Phone Surfaces?


The guys over at BGR have received a few pictures of what they’ve been told is the first Motorola iDEN handset for Android – called Opus One.  I don’t know who is doin’ the telling but BGR is pretty good about what they post. Not a thing other than the pictures themselves are available.

Oh and by the way:

“iDEN stands for integrated Digital Enhanced Network:

  • Five integrated services in one single device give users more choices on how to communicate.
  • All digital technology provides a solid network platform for ongoing system enhancements, so users always have the benefit of the newest technology.
  • By having access to an enhanced multi-site network, users have wider area coverage where they do business.
  • A true wireless network approach provides two-way radio customers with many advantages not found on older Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems.

iDEN handsets streamline communications by providing a five-in-one solution that combines the capabilities of:

  1. a digital wireless telephone,
  2. nationwide and international two-way radio,
  3. packet data for Internet access,
  4. two-way e-mail and text messaging, and
  5. wireless modem capabilities.”

Might this find its way to Boost Mobile? AndroidandMe thinks it may.

[ BGRMotorola ]


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  1. Well i thought iDEN was on its last legs. Seems like moto is using android as there trump to resuce them from the depths wireless hell

  2. This is good news for those who have iDen and the fact that Android is going everywhere.

  3. I have been in iden for years and stay ONLY because i know my coverage for phone calls in the DC metro region. When I get a text message it can take several minutes to download. If I get the message at all. If a text is sent to me when I am on the phone it can be hours before I am notified. (Once notified you have to select download…) I have to reboot my phone every few days or odd things happen.

    I have had 5 iden phones and they all worked like this. I could not imagine being able to use the web. but I could be way off.

  4. if they make it work it would be great.

  5. does anyone know when this might be available on BOOST?

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