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The guys over at BGR have received a few pictures of what they’ve been told is the first Motorola iDEN handset for Android – called Opus One.  I don’t know who is doin’ the telling but BGR is pretty good about what they post. Not a thing other than the pictures themselves are available.

Oh and by the way:

“iDEN stands for integrated Digital Enhanced Network:

  • Five integrated services in one single device give users more choices on how to communicate.
  • All digital technology provides a solid network platform for ongoing system enhancements, so users always have the benefit of the newest technology.
  • By having access to an enhanced multi-site network, users have wider area coverage where they do business.
  • A true wireless network approach provides two-way radio customers with many advantages not found on older Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) systems.

iDEN handsets streamline communications by providing a five-in-one solution that combines the capabilities of:

  1. a digital wireless telephone,
  2. nationwide and international two-way radio,
  3. packet data for Internet access,
  4. two-way e-mail and text messaging, and
  5. wireless modem capabilities.”

Might this find its way to Boost Mobile? AndroidandMe thinks it may.

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