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“Camangi WebStation is the world’s first 7-inch handheld device that runs Google Android. The Camangi WebStation brings a new way to enjoy the Internet and your entertainment all under a stylish Internet Tablet.”

Well I don’t know about you but at first glance this thing looks pretty tight to me. For $389.99 I’m half tempted! It could be a bit beefier perhaps, but for that price point I’d be satisfied.  It’s got what you’d expect in it. Web, email, ebook, digital picture frame, etc. Heck, it’s even got its own market.

With a 7 inch screen and 3G support (err.. dongle support) I’d be carrying that thing all around the neighborhood. At only 13.75 ounces I think my arms could handle it too. But you know, that’s probably because it’s only a half an inch thick.

Ok ok, I’ll get outa salesman mode. :P

Seriously though. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment:

Their website has a fair bit of information for you to check out.. it’s pretty thorough. There’s a page for features and one for the full set of tech specs.  Also, tons more pictures.  Be sure to check it out and if any of you decide to try this thing out – let us know what you think.  I’d be very curious to hear how well it works.

Free shipping, will ship before the end of December, and actually accepts (only?) PayPal! Available within Continental US, Japan, and Taiwan.

[ Camangi-webstation.com ]


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  1. I’m not sure this will take off at all. If you think about it we already have computers which do everything this does. Also smartphones do what the computers can’t.

  2. Yeah. Unless this has IR/RF built in so it can be used as a universal remote then I don’t see much point in it though… Its about the same price as a cheap laptop too, so I don’t see what the reason for this would be, but hey, it’s another Android device… So I’m not complaining.

  3. P.S. I really wish there was a way to log in to post comments so we could fix typos! =)

  4. Nice but redundant, what with my Android phone and all. Maybe if I had bags of money laying around I would get one.

  5. BeIA: The Second Coming?

  6. i would be more interested if it was a phone with that size and with those features

  7. Looks like it is running Android 1.5. I wonder how the resolution is?

  8. Google Android 1.5
    CPU: Marvell PXA303 624MHz
    System memory: 128MB Mobile DDR
    Flash memory: 265MB NAND (system)

    Stop => Not enought memory et an old CUP ……… buy a Archos 5It for the same price …… ok it’s got a smaller screen ………. but it worths the price

  9. Other’s may not agree, but a 7″ tablet style android device works for me.

    Media player + portrait e-books + web browser + usable on-screen keyboard + android open loveliness = want.

    Problem here is v. poor specs, and a deal-breaking resistive screen.

    Try again … somebody … please! Just a high-res 7-9″ capacitative screen, thin, with no stupid styling bits around the edge, stable OS, decent browser + flash, a fast CPU, capable media decoder, and good battery life. Steve?

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